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Fishing Report
ARCHIVE - 2011

Ron Mancuso of San Jose showing off his 34 pounder to the Queen he caught on April 15, 2003

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Sat., Nov. 26 - 32 anglers, 315 rockcod + 5 cabs (limits), 6 lings to 8 lbs.
Tue., Nov. 22 - 11 anglers, 107 rockcod + 3 cabs to 11 lbs. (limits), 3 lingcod
Sat., Nov. 19 - 17 anglers, 136 rockcod, 1 lingcod
Thu., Nov. 17 - 15 anglers, limits, 4 lingcod
Wed., Nov. 16 - 14 anglers, limits, 4 lingcod
Sat., Nov. 12 -
Fri., Nov. 11 - 9 anglers, went out, too rough, came back, wait for tomorrow
Tue., Nov. 8 - 13 anglers, 130 rockcod (limits) to 7 lb. vermillion
Sun., Nov. 6 - 17 anglers, little better weather, little better fishing, around 3/4 limits
Sat., Nov. 5 - 23 anglers, rotten weather, tough fishing, about 1/2 limits
Sun., Oct. 30 - 10 anglers, 100 rockcod (limits), 6 lingcod to 13 lbs., 1 halibut
Sat., Oct. 29 - 36 anglers, 316 rockcod, 7 lingcod to 15 lbs.
Fri., Oct. 28 - Day off
Thu., Oct. 27 - 15 anglers, 150 rockcod (limits) to 11 lbs.!!, 3 lingcod to 8 lbs.
Wed., Oct. 26 - Day off
Tue., Oct. 25 - Day off
Mon., Oct. 24 - 12 anglers, just a few fish shy of limits, 2 lingcod
Sun., Oct. 23 - 25 anglers, around 8 per rod average, 21 lingcod to 12 lbs.
Sat., Oct. 22 - 31 anglers, limits, 6 lingcod to 18 lbs.
Fri., Oct. 21 - Waiting for info
Thu., Oct. 20 - 16 anglers
Wed., Oct. 19 - 18 anglers
Tue., Oct. 18 - 21 anglers, 206 rockcod + 4 cabs to 12#, 5 lings to 15#, 1 halibut
Mon., Oct. 17 - Scheduled day off
Sun., Oct. 16 - 25 anglers, need to get info from crew
Sat., Oct. 15 - 20 anglers, 200 rockcod (limits), 3 lingcod
Fri., Oct. 14 - 32 anglers, about 8 rockfish per rod
Thu., Oct. 13 - 22 anglers, 220 rockcod (limits), 2 lingcod
Wed., Oct. 12 - Scheduled day off
Tue., Oct. 11 - Scheduled day off
Mon., Oct. 10 - Scheduled day off Sun., Oct. 9 - 20 anglers, 200 rockcod (limits), 2 lingcod
Sat., Oct. 8 - 28 anglers, 280 rockcod (limits), lings?
Fri., Oct. 7 - 18 anglers, 180 rockcod (limits), lings?
Thu., Oct. 6 - Cancelled...wait one more day for weather to calm down
Wed., Oct. 5 - Cancelled...definitely made the right choice
Tue., Oct. 4 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Mon., Oct. 3 - Cancelled...storm's a-brewin'...
Sun., Oct. 2 - 24 anglers, nice day but didn't get score; will update later
Sat., Oct. 1 - 25 anglers, 250 rockcod (limits)
Fri., Sept. 30 - 16 anglers, 160 rockcod (limits)
Thu., Sept. 29 - 28 anglers, 197 rockcod, 3 lingcod
Wed., Sept. 28 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Tue., Sept. 27 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Mon., Sept. 26 - Day off
Sun., Sept. 25 - 35 anglers, about 8 fish per rod
Sat., Sept. 24 - 28 anglers, 280 rockcod (limits)
Fri., Sept. 23 - 12 anglers, 120 rockcod (limits)
Thu., Sept. 22 - 15 anglers, 150 rockcod (limits)
Wed., Sept. 21 - 19 anglers, 190 rockcod (limits), 1 lingcod
Tue., Sept. 20 - 12 anglers, 120 rockcod (limits), 4 lingcod to 8 lbs.
Mon., Sept. 19 - Day off
Sun., Sept. 18 - 18 passengers, 9 fishing, limits for those fishing, 4 lingcod
Sat., Sept. 17 - 28 anglers, 280 rockcod (limits), 2 cabs, 2 lingcod
Fri., Sept. 16 - 13 anglers, 128 rockcod + 2 cabs (limits), 4 lings to 12#, 1 halibut to 10#
Thu., Sept. 15 - 14 anglers, 139 rockcod + 1 cabezon (limits), 3 lings to 15 lbs.
Wed., Sept. 14 - Off for PFMC meeting
Tue., Sept. 13 - Off for PFMC meeting
Mon., Sept. 12 - Off for maintenance
Sun., Sept. 11 - Cancelled due to southerly winds forecast
Sat., Sept. 10 - 33 anglers, nasty weather, gave it the old college try
Fri., Sept. 9 - 18 anglers, weather not nice, limits for those fishing
Wed., Sept. 7 - Day off...we're getting too old to do this 7 days a week!
Tue., Sept. 6 - 12 anglers, 120 rockcod (limits), need to get info on lings and cabs
Mon., Sept. 5 - 30 anglers, 300 rockcod (limits), need to get info on lings and cabs
Sun., Sept. 4 - 37 anglers, about 8 per rod, decent quality bottomfish, couple lings, cabs
Sat., Sept. 3 - 25 anglers, found the salmon late, landed 11, lost at least that many
Fri., Sept. 2 - 19 anglers, 190 rockcod (limits), need to get info on lings and cabs
Thu., Sept. 1 - 14 anglers, landed 3 keeper salmon, lost and shook several more
Wed., Aug. 31 - 16 anglers, tough day, fish had lockjaw, somewhere around half limits
Tue., Aug. 30 - 19 anglers, 187 rockcod + 3 cabs to 6 lbs. (limits), 3 lings to 5 lbs.
Mon., Aug. 29 - Day off to give the crew some much needed rest
Sun., Aug. 28 - 28 anglers, 280 rockcod, 2 lingcod
Sat., Aug. 27 - 25 anglers, 250 rockcod, 2 lingcod to 16 lbs.
Fri., Aug. 26 - 12 anglers, hooked 10 salmon: lost 7, shook 1, kept 2 to 13 lbs.
Thu., Aug. 25 - 30 anglers, 300 rockcod including 4 cabs to 5 lbs., 4 lings to 9 lbs.
Wed., Aug. 24 - 23 anglers, 227 rockcod + 3 cabs to 6 lbs. (limits), 3 lings to 8 lbs.
Tue., Aug. 23 - 33 anglers, 330 rockcod including 1 cab, 6 lingcod to 9 lbs.
Mon., Aug. 22 - 11 Fishing Fools, landed 6 salmon to 20 lbs., lost 5 others
Sun., Aug. 21 - 34 anglers, 298 rockcod, 3 lingcod to 12 lbs., 4 cabezon to 8 lbs.
Sat., Aug. 20 - 36 anglers, 359 rockcod + 1 cab to 14 lbs. (limits), 4 lingcod to 17 lbs. Fri., Aug. 19 - 25 anglers, 250 rockcod (limits), 1 lingcod to 9 lbs.
Thu., Aug. 18 - Research charter...tag and release only, no keeping
Wed., Aug. 17 - Research charter...tag and release only, no keeping
Tue., Aug. 16 - 17 PAL anglers, limits and a 29 lb. halibut!
Mon., Aug. 15 - 35 anglers, around 8-1/2 per rod
Sun., Aug. 14 - 35 anglers, limits, lings?, cabs?
Sat., Aug. 13 - 24 anglers, 15 salmon, lost 10+ more, 1 barracuda (!)
Fri., Aug. 12 - will update when I get back in town
Thu., Aug. 11 - will update when I get back in town
Wed., Aug. 10 - 28 anglers, 274 rockcod + 6 cabs to 8 lbs. (limits), 7 lings to 15 lbs.
Tue., Aug. 9 - will update when I get back in town
Mon., Aug. 8 - Day off to replace a faulty gauge
Sun., Aug. 7 - 34 anglers, 340 rockcod (limits), 2 lingcod to 8 lbs.
Sat., Aug. 6 - ?? anglers, 18 salmon to 10#, 28# striper, 1 thresher, 1 halibut
Fri., Aug. 5 - Don't have info, will update at later date
Thu., Aug. 4 - 19 anglers, 189 rockcod + 1 cab (limits), 6 lingcod
Wed., Aug. 3 - 34 anglers, 339 rockcod + 1 cab (limits), 3 lingcod
Tue., Aug. 2 - 9 anglers, 9 salmon to 28 pounds (with a 22 and 26 pounder, too)
Mon., Aug. 1 - Don't remember how many anglers, but limits of rockcod
Sun., July 31 - 25 anglers, covered lots of territory, found one salmon
Sat., July 30 - 24 anglers, conditions looked right but only found one salmon
Fri., July 29 - 21 anglers, 210 rockcod (limits), good mixture of fish
Thu., July 28 - Day off
Wed., July 27 - PALs charter...
Tue., July 26 - 26 anglers, don't have exacts, but it was limits plus some lings
Mon., July 25 - 22 anglers, 11 salmon landed to 9 lbs., 5 more lost, couple shook
Sun., July 24 - 34 anglers, 330 rockcod + 10 cabs to 13 lbs., 6 lings to 9 lbs.
Sat., July 23 - 26 anglers, 244 rockcod + 16 cabs to 9 lbs., 6 lings to 8 lbs.
Fri., July 22 - 25 Friends of Rollo, caught a mess of fish
Thu., July 21 - 36 anglers, 290 rockcod, 2 lingcod to 7 lbs.
Wed., July 20 - 18 anglers, 14 salmon to 10 lbs.
Tue., July 19 - 20 anglers, 195 rockcod + 5 cabs to 8#, 2 lings to 15#, 1 halibut
Mon., July 18 - 20 anglers, limits of rockcod, 5 lingcod
Sun., July 17 - 25 anglers, 17 salmon to __ lbs., lost way too many
Sat., July 16 - pm - 25 anglers, 5 salmon to 15 lbs., shook 4, lost a few more
Sat., July 16 - am - 34 anglers, 289 rockcod, cabs?, lings?
Fri., July 15 - 25 anglers, have to get info for update
Thu., July 14 - 17 PAL anglers, 168 rockcod + 2 cabs (limits), 5 lingcod
Wed., July 13 - 25 anglers, hooked well over 60 fish, landed 20 salmon to 11 pounds
Tue., July 12 - 13 anglers, 23 salmon to 15+ pounds...easily should have been limits
Mon., July 11 - 11 Fishing Fools, 22 salmon (LIMITS!!) to 17 lbs.
Sun., July 10 - 29 anglers, 290 rockcod (limits), 7 lingcod to 12 lbs.
Sat., July 9 - PM - 15 anglers, 150 rockcod (limits), ? lingcod
Sat., July 8 - AM - 35 anglers, 350 rockcod (limits), ? lingcod
Fri., July 8 - 15 anglers, 127 rockcod, couple lingcod
Thu., July 7 - Day off for crew appreciation day
Wed., July 6 - 24 anglers, 240 rockcod (limits), 5 lingcod to 10 lbs.
Tue., July 5 - 20 anglers, 186 rockcod, 4 lingcod to 12 lbs.
Mon., July 4 - 20 anglers, ocean not nice at all, back by noon
Sun., July 3 - 34 anglers, ocean still rotten, fishing tough, cut it short
Sat., July 2 - PM - 35 anglers, fish biting but ocean still nasty
Sat., July 2 - AM - 33 anglers, lots sick, half limits, 4 lings, 4 cabs
Fri., July 1 - 35 anglers, 350 rockcod (limits), 10 lb. lingcod
Thu., June 30 - 13 anglers, 130 rockcod (limits), 2 lingcod to 11 lbs.
Wed., June 29 - 11 anglers, 110 rockcod (limits, lots of browns and reds), 1 lingcod
Tue., June 28 - 18 anglers, 179 rockcod + 1 cabezon (limits), 5 lingcod to 15 lbs.
Mon., June 27 - 15 anglers, 150 rockcod (limits), 10 lingcod, 1 halibut
Sun., June 26 - 35 anglers, 302 rockcod, 1 lingcod, 8 cabezon
Sat., June 25 - 21 anglers, 210 rockcod (limits), 9 lingcod, 4 cabezon
Fri., June 24 - Too nasty of an ocean; day off
Thu., June 23 - 13 anglers, 77 rockcod, 5 lingcod to 10 lbs., 1 cabezon
Wed., June 22 - 32 anglers, 269 rockcod, 8 lingcod, 3 cabezon, 13 lb. halibut
Tue., June 21 - 33 anglers, 310 rockcod, 9 lingcod to 10 lbs., 6 cabezon to 8 lbs.
Mon., June 20 - 15 anglers, 150 rockcod (lots of browns and reds again), 4 lings to 9 lbs.
Sun., June 19 - 34 anglers, 204 rockcod (lots of browns and reds), 4 lings to 9 lbs.
Sat., June 18 - 32 anglers, 190 rockcod, 9 lingcod to 12 lbs.
Tue., June 14 - 33 anglers, waiting for score
Mon., June 13 - 15 anglers, 150 rockcod (limits), 9 lingcod
Sun., June 12 - 36 anglers, 273 rockcod, 9 lingcod to 12 lbs.
Sat., June 11 - Cancelled due to high winds
Fri., June 10 - 35 anglers, rotten weather, around 5 per rod, 3 lings, 1 cab.
Thu., June 9 - 16 anglers, 132 rockcod (25+ vermillion), 4 lingcod to 9 lbs.
Wed., June 8 - Trip cancelled
Tue., June 7 - 10 anglers, 100 rockcod (limits)
Mon., June 6 - Fishing Fools, released bunches of salmon, took one home
Sun., June 5 - 25 anglers, 250 rockcod (limits)
Sat., June 4 - Trip cancelled...too much wind
Fri., June 3 - Trip cancelled
Thu., June 2 - salmon trip...details will be updated
Wed., June 1 - Trip cancelled
Tues., May 31 - Day off
Mon., May 30 - 14 anglers, usual silvers and shakers and a 13 pound keeper
Sun., May 29 - Cancelled due to the howling winds
Sat., May 28 - 22 anglers, silvers, shakers and two keepers
Fri., May 27 - Day off
Thu., May 26 - 17 anglers, hooked dozens of salmon but not a keeper in the lot
Wed., May 25 - Scratched...wait for tomorrow
Tue., May 24 - 14 anglers, 61 rockcod with lots of reds to 6 lbs.
Mon., May 23 - Cancelled, too much wind
Sun., May 22 - Cancelled, too much wind
Sat., May 21 - 24 anglers, 5 salmon landed, several lost, shook and silvers
Fri., May 20 - Salmon, score will be updated
Thu., May 19 - 11 anglers, 5 to 6 rockcod per rod, 4 lb. cabezon
Wed., May 18 - Cancelled, but hope for tomorrow
Tue., May 17 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Mon., May 15 - 9 anglers, hooked 19 salmon, got to keep 3 of them
Sun., May 15 - 34 anglers, around 250 rockfish, didn't get exacts
Sat., May 14 - 25 anglers, 5 HUGE salmon to 27 pounds, over 30 shakers
Fri., May 13 - 15 anglers, 8 salmon to 14 lbs., good action
Thu., May 12 - 16 anglers, landed 20 salmon to 16 lbs., lost or shook LOTS and LOTS!!
Wed., May 11 - Day off, but we're fishing tomorrow
Tue., May 10 - Day off; ocean forecast looks great for tomorrow
Mon., May 9 - 9 anglers, gave it a try but had to turn around
Sun., May 8 - 8 anglers, 8 salmon to 16 lbs.
Sat., May 7 - 33 anglers, about 6 rockcod per rod average
Fri., May 6 - Day off
Thu., May 5 - 12 anglers, counting rockfish as I type, 2 lings to 9 lbs., 2 cabezon
Wed., May 4 - 11 anglers, couple of keepers to 13 lbs., couple of shakers, lots of jelly
Tue., May 3 - Day off...too much wind forecast
Mon., May 2 - 8 Fishing Fools, 8 salmon to 13 lbs., 4 more got away
Sun., May 1 - 35 anglers, 214 rockcod, 3 lingcod to 9 lbs., 1 cabezon
Sat., April 30 - 23 anglers, tough weather, no salmon in the box
Fri., April 29 - Cancelled; too much wind...looks like we'll make tomorrow
Thu., April 28 - Cancelled; too much wind
Wed., April 27 - 6 anglers, hooked 13 salmon, lost a nice keeper, kept 2 others
Tue., April 26 - Day off
Mon., April 25 - 9 anglers, shook a dozen or more, landed 3 to 19 lbs.
Sun., April 24 - 11 anglers, 4 keepers landed, 4 lost, dozen+ shakers
Sat., April 23 - 25 anglers, 6 keepers to 18 lbs., lots more under 24"
Fri., April 22 - 19 anglers, 26 salmon under 24 inches, two over 24 inches
Thu., April 21 - 6 anglers, limit style fishing, landed 8 keepers to 26 pounds
Wed., April 20 - 5 anglers, hooked 30 salmon, fishermen 4 keepers, sealion 3
Tue., April 19 - 9 anglers, lots of action, 5 salmon in the box to 12 lbs.
Mon., April 18 - 6 Fishing Fools, hooked 8 salmon, landed 3 to 10 lbs.
Sun., April 17 - 20 anglers, lots of action, landed 12 quality keepers 10-15 lbs.
Sat., April 16 - 14 anglers, tough weather, 15 shakers, 4 keepers to 12 lbs.
Fri., April 15 - 7 anglers, 12 salmon to 14 pounds, lots of smiles onboard
Thu., April 14 - 10 anglers, 2-16 lbs., 2-10 lbs., 1-9 lbs.
Wed., April 13 - 17 anglers, looks right, found one, more to come?...
Tue., April 12 - Day off
Mon., April 11 - Day off
Sun., April 10 - 25 anglers, sealion got 4 keepers, we got 3, shook lots
Sat., April 9 - 25 anglers, 6 salmon landed to 15 lbs., 6 more lost, 20 shakers, 20+ more hooked
Fri., April 8 - Too much wind...cancelled...but we're going tomorrow
Thu., April 7 - Too much wind...cancelled
Wed., April 6 - Too much wind...cancelled
Tue., April 5 - Wind blowing a gale...gonna be off the water a few days
Mon., April 4 - 17 anglers, hooked 2 salmon, lots of good signs
Sun., April 3 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Sat., April 2 - Opening Day 2011 - Took a look and threw in the towel

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WHOPPERS (20 lbs. and over in bold):
Tue., Nov. 22 - 11 lb. cabezon
Tue., Nov. 8 - Jose - 7 lb. vermillion - San Gregorio
Sun., Oct. 30 - Russell Stewart of San Francisco - 13 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sat., Oct. 29 - Tim Johnson of Chico - 15 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Thu., Oct. 27 - Rich Bassi - 11 lb. vermillion - Pescadero
Sun., Oct. 23 - M.A. Dittman, Sr. of Manteca - 18 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sat., Oct. 22 - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Tue., Oct. 18 - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Tue., Oct. 18 - Lee Poston of San Mateo - 12 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Fri., Sept. 16 - 12 lb. lingcod
Fri., Sept. 16 - 10 lb. halibut
Thu., Sept. 15 - 15 lb. lingcod
Sat., Aug. 27 - Wallace Lee of San Mateo - 16 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Fri., Aug. 26 - 13 lb. salmon
Thu., Aug. 25 - 9 lb. lingcod
Wed., Aug. 24 - Vincent Yu - 8 lb. lingcod - Martins Beach
Tue., Aug. 23 - Cedric Wilcox of East Palo Alto - 9 lb. lingcod
Mon., Aug. 22 - 20 pound salmon
Sun., Aug. 21 - Jack Ware - 12 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Sat., Aug. 20 - Johnny Lam - 14 lb. cabezon
Tue., Aug. 16 - 29 pound halibut!!
Sat., Aug. 6 - 28 pound striped bass!!
Tue., Aug. 2 - 28 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Sun., July 24 - 13 lb. cabezon!
Sat., July 23 - Bill Page - 9 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Fri., July 22 - 6 lb. vermillion - Martins Beach
Tue., July 19 - Tobias ____ - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Mon., July 11 - Libby Cobb - 17 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Wed., July 6 - Erling Wubower of Chicago - 10 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Tue., July 5 - Stan Wong of San Jose - 12 lb. lingcod
Sat., July 2 - Vincent Ma of So. S.F. - 5 lb. vermillion - San Gregorio
Fri., July 1 - David Mangham of Colorado - 10 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Fri., July 1 - 7 lb. copper rockfish
Thu., June 30 - "Birthday Boy" Chris of San Jose - 11 lb. lingcod - Martins Beach
Wed., June 29 - Chuck Melber of Mountain View - 5 lb. vermillion - Martins Beach
Tue., June 28 - Gregory Christie of Paradise - 17 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Mon., June 27 - Matt Squiers of Fremont - 9 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Sun., June 26 - Ernesto Guillen of Daly City - 11 lb. lingcod
Sat., June 25 - Denise Nordenstrom of Suisan - 8 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Thu., June 23 - James Nolan of San Lorenzo - 10 lb. lingcod - Three Rocks
Wed., June 22 - Tosh Okano of San Jose - 13 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Tue., June 21 - Steve Franco of Pacifica - 10 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Mon., June 20 - Ali Katanani of Foster City - 8 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Sun., June 19 - Troy Green of Pacifica - 12 lb. lingcod
Sat., June 18 - Jim Vaux of Palo Alto - 8 lb. lingcod - below Pigeon Point
Wed., June 15 - Joachim Bucher of Daly City - 9 lb. lingcod - Martins Beach
Tue., June 14 - Nasser Omary of Granite Bay - 8 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Mon., June 13 - Jim Ashley of Felton - 7 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sun., June 12 - Farid Guizani of Redwood City - 7 lb. lingcod
Fri., June 10 - Raymond Ruiz of San Jose - 6 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Thu., June 9 - Samuel Lee of San Francisco - 9 lb. lingcod - Ano Nuevo
Tue., June 7 - Philip Lavelle of Brentwood - 6 lb. brown rockcod - Franklin
Mon., June 6 - 6 lb. salmon - Deep Reef area
Sun., June 5 - Wayne Chu of San Francisco - 6 lb. vermillion - Franklin
Wed., June 1 - Gino Timpano of Millbrae - 11 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Mon., May 30 - David Cuellar of Belmont - 13 lb. salmon - SW Deep Reef
Sat., May 28 - John Sutter of Sparks, NV - 19 lb. salmon - SW Deep Reef
Tue., May 24 - Roger Tom of Millbrae - 6 lb. vermillion - Ano Nuevo
Sat., May 21 - Megan Gomez of Olympia, WA - 15 lb. salmon - 7 miles off Pesc.
Fri., May 20 - Nick Maybanks of Iowa - 13 lb. salmon - Weather Buoy
Sun., May 15 - Michael Sigala of Redwood City - 6 lb. vermillion - Pigeon Point
Sat., May 14 - John Eckert of San Jose - 27 lb. salmon - SW Deep Reef
Fri., May 13 - Sherman Yee of San Leandro - 14 lb. salmon - SW Deep Reef
Thu., May 12 - Joseph Lane of San Francisco - 16 lb. salmon - below Deep Reef
Sun., May 8 - Gene Coombs of San Mateo - 16 lb. salmon - outside Deep Reef
Sat., May 7 - Shinichi Fukushima of Tokyo - 6 lb. vermillion - below Pigeon
Thu., May 5 - Terry Fong of San Francisco - 9 lb. lingcod - New Years Island
Wed., May 4 - Victor Gomez of Livermore - 13 lb. salmon - southwest of Deep Reef
Mon., May 2 - Oliver McComas of Cupertino - 13 lb. salmon - southwest of Deep Reef
Sun., May 1 - Dan Anello of Palo Alto - 9 lb. lingcod - New Years Island
Sun., May 1 - Hideko Duschi of Fremont - 8 lb. lingcod - New Years Island
Wed., April 27 - Max Boureille of San Francisco - 9 lb. salmon - below Deep Reef
Mon., April 25 - Leon Favre of Moss Beach - 19 lb. salmon - below Pigeon Point
Sun., April 24 - Jose Pereda of Newark - 8-1/2 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., April 23 - Davud Sirani of Foster City - 18 lb. salmon - Ano Nuevo
Fri., April 22 - Darren King of Montara - 11 lb. salmon - Ano Nuevo
Thu., April 21 - 13 year old Haley of Cupertino - 26 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Wed., April 20 - Velma McCarter of Newport, TN - 14 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Tue., April 19 - Zach Ostrom of Danville - 12 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Mon., April 18 - Archie Frick of Cupertino - 10 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Sun., April 17 - Dennis Allio of San Francisco - 15 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Sat., April 16 - William Thomas of Walnut Creek - 12 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Fri., April 15 - Mike Cardenas of Tracy - 14 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Thu., April 14 - Velma McCarter of Newport, TN - 16 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Thu., April 14 - Gene Coombs of San Mateo - 16 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Wed., April 13 - Harcharan Gill of Stanford - 9 pound salmon - Pigeon Point
Sun., April 10 - Jim Collins of Livermore - 12 pound salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., April 9 - Jim Ciarola of Modesto - 15 pound salmon - Deep Reef
Sun., Jan. 23 - How much does a gray whale weigh??

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Thursday, December 22 - Last day of the season for us on the Queen of Hearts, and even though the wind decided to kick up its heels a tad, we were still able to bring in limits for all onboard including two cabezon and nine more lingcod. Don't have the exact score, but I know that brings it to over 100 lingcod caught this month alone! Not a bad way to end the season, if I must say so myself. We're now officially done fishing for this season and are off to enjoy the holidays with our friends and family. We'll start up whale watching trips in January, will be on hold for the Mavericks surf contest, and will be back fishing when the seasons open hopefully by April or May. Until then, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Tuesday, December 20 - Wow, the lings are definitely biting! 22 more lingcod landed today! Looks like we're going to go out with a bang this year. Lots and lots of room available tomorrow on Wednesday, but we are definitely going fishing, so if you'd like to join us, don't worry about calling or making a reservation...just come on down to our shop and check in by 6:15 a.m. We're definitely fishing on Thursday, too, but go ahead and give us a call on Wednesday if you'd like a spot on Thursday so we know you'll be joining us and can put you on the books.

Saturday, December 17 - Chalk up another 13 lingcod today to bring the four day total to 35 lings, with some whoppers coming in today: top three lings weighed in at 15, 16 and an impressive 21 pounds. It was an absolutely gorgeous day on the water, almost way too nice for this time of year. Some folks had a great day of catching, like Richard who ended up with a big ling, two cabezon, a few reds, a couple of chinas and some big blacks to round out his limit, and Jack, who has grown up and matured throughout the year and has become a heck of a fisherman and landed the 16 pounder today. Mother Nature continues to crank out the nice days on the water and the forecast looks absolutely fine for our last three trips scheduled for tomorrow on Tuesday as well as on Wednesday and Thursday. And Thursday is it...last rockfishing day on the Queen of Hearts until the season reopens next year on May 1, 2012.

Friday, December 16 - Not bad: 22 lingcod in the last three days! Crazy thing is the best score was yesterday on Thursday when, contrary to the foreast, the wind was absolutely howling after the front passed through. We ended up with 14 lingcod for 20 guys along with 131 rockcod on that trip, and we had limits of rockfish today and on Wednesday. Nothing fast and furious, and a mixture of fish with some nice ones and others just barely worth taking home, but with four days left to take fresh rockcod home, we'll take 'em. Still have room available for our last weekend trip of the season tomorrow on Saturday; if you wake up early and decide you'd like to go fishing, come on down and check in by 6:15. After that, we have three more days scheduled to run on this coming Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and then we pack it in for the season. And time is running out: Looking for an easy holiday gift for that hard to buy for person? Buy them a Queen of Hearts gift card! Purchase online at: www.fishingboat.com/merchandise.html, give us a call to order by phone, or come by our shop which is open from at least 8am to 4pm daily. Our gift cards are good for our fishing trips and anything we sell at our shop, and there's no expiration date so they can be used at the recipient's convenience. Online and phone orders must be received by no later than December 20 so we have time to ship them out to you in time for Christmas.

Monday, December 12 - We had another good weekend of rockfishing this past weekend, landing limits on both Saturday and Sunday with some nice quality fish in the mix along with 13 lingcod and 8 cabezon. And, with the commercial crab fishing at full strength, those folks who want to take home some crab just simply walk over to the commercial boats and pick out and pay for the dungies they want when we get back to the dock, nice and simple. The weather continues to be unbelievably cooperative for this time of the year, and, even though the sky may be gray, the ocean forecast looks pretty decent overall. This Saturday is the last weekend date we'll be running as our trip for Sunday has been scratched, so if you want to get one last weekend fishing trip in on the Queen of Hearts, this Saturday is the day. We are also available on weekdays this week and next through Thursday, December 22, as long as we have enough interest to pay to put the crew on the boat and burn the fuel.

Thursday, December 8 - Two weeks and counting!... Just a reminder that the last rockfishing day on the Queen of Hearts is two weeks away on Thursday, December 22. Then we're taking off to enjoy the holidays with our family, and the rockfishing season officially closes in our area on December 31 and will remain closed for four months until it reopens below Pigeon Point on May 1, 2012. We had another great today, topped off by some "humungo" fish at the end of the day, a word Capt. Bob doesn't use often. We've crossed off our trip for tomorrow on Friday but will be back fishing on both this Saturday and Sunday. Saturday looks like the better of the two days weather-wise if you have a choice.

Wednesday, December 7 - Flat, flat ocean usually means good fishing, and that's exactly what we've had the past three trips, even though we were just a handful or two short of 17 limits today. The unbelieveably calm weather is forecast to continue tomorrow on Thursday and on Friday, and we have lots of space available. If you'd like to join us tomorrow on Thursday, you're more than welcome to just show up in the morning at our shop by 6:15 a.m. to grab a spot or two or three. If you're interested in the rest of the week, please give us a call so we can put you on the books.

Monday, December 5 - Wow, the ocean forecast for this coming week couldn't get any better, especially since it's supposed to be wintertime. The forecast is calling for only a 3 to 5 foot swell all week and very little if any wind, with 12 seconds between swells forecast for Tuesday. Where was this all year? After getting beat up a lot this season with a pretty mean ocean at times, we'll take it when we can get it. The fish were cooperative this past weekend, too, with 32 limits of rockcod for 33 people, as we were 9 fish shy of 24 limits on Saturday.

Thursday, December 1 - The wind is dying down and our trips are definitely on for this Saturday and Sunday...and after this weekend there are only four more weekend days to join us fishing before we pack it in for the season. And, at long last, the commercial crabbers have reached an agreement with the buyers. The boats have splashed their pots and, with the wind dying out tonight, fresh dungeness crab should be for sale at the docks by Friday afternoon. So, for any of you waiting to join us fishing and want to bring home some dungeness crab at the end of the trip, your wait is over! Put your day in fishing with us and just simply walk over to the commercial boats and purchase the crab you'd like to take home with you when we get back to the dock.

Monday, November 28 - There were a bunch of dads who brought their kids out this past Saturday, so I was real glad to hear at the end of the day that they had a great day on the water, caught lots of fish (as in limits for everyone onboard, 320 rockcod including a handful or so of cabezon and lingcod for 32 people), and hopefully will have some good memories of their 2011 Thanksgiving weekend fishing trip. The wind machine is supposed to kick into gear during the week this week but thankfully it looks like it will die down again by the weekend. We've made other plans already for tomorrow and Wednesday so we've crossed off those two days, we're keeping a close eye on Thursday and Friday, but it looks like we should be in good shape for rockfishing by this weekend.

Tuesday, November 22 - The fish were pretty cooperative today, and we were heading back to the dock by a little after noon with 11 limits of rockfish including three cabezon to 11 pounds and three lingcod. We'll be off on Thursday for Thanksgiving and have scratched our trip for Friday since we won't be around to man the phones on Thursday. The ocean forecast for Saturday sounds absolutely fine with very little wind out of the northeast and a small swell for this time of year. Plenty of room available for Saturday. Give us a call if you'd like to join us or feel free to just simply come down Saturday morning by 6:15 a.m. and check in at our shop. We'll be off on Sunday, so, if you'd like to go with us this weekend, Saturday is the day. One month and counting: The rockfishing season is open through December 31, but the last rockfishing day on the Queen of Hearts this year will be on Thursday, December 22.

Monday, November 21 - We'll be out rockfishing tomorrow on Tuesday; plenty of space still available if you'd like to just show up in the morning. The swell is forecast at 4 to 6 feet with 5 to 15 knots of wind, so we should be in good shape weather-wise. Unfortunately the commercial crab season that was set to open on November 15 has been put on hold as the fishermen are still negotiating their price with the buyers. We're all hoping they come to an agreement soon so folks can start buying crab directly off the boats at the dock. As soon as we receive news that an agreement has been reached, we'll pass on the word.

Wednesday, November 16 - We're back out rockfishing today and will definitely be out tomorrow on Thursday, too. On a different note, this is the time of year we get a lot of inquiries about whether we run crab combo trips. Well, in Half Moon Bay there is a large commercial fleet that sells crabs right off the boats. So we simply tell folks to come on out fishing with us and just stop by the commercial boats after we hit the docks to purchase how many or how few crabs you would like to take home with you with the extra money you would have paid for a combo trip. Cost-wise it works out to just about the same price, depending on what the market rate price is for crab from the commercial boats, as passengers generally pay about an extra $30 for a combo trip and are allowed to take home up to 6 crab, the daily individual charterboat bag limit. A big plus simply buying the crabs from the commercial boats is that you get to pick out the crabs you would like to take home with you without spending any of your fishing time watching a deckhand pull crab pots, a process that you have virtually no involvement in. So, the answer is no, we don't offer the traditional crab combos, but you can pretty much accomplish the same result going fishing with us and buying crab to take home from the commercial boats at the end of our trip. The commercial crab season "opened" yesterday on November 15, but unfortunately the boats haven't officially started crabbing as they are still negotiating the price with the processors. The guys are chomping at the bit to get out there, so the crabs should start hitting the docks real soon. I'll definitely post an update with any info we receive as soon as I get it.

Friday, November 11 - ...or also known as "11/11/11"... We gave it the old college try today, but after just getting past the southern buoys outside the breakwater it was completely obvious today was not a day for fishing, so we turned tail and headed back in. Thankfully this system is supposed to back off as quick as it came in. The forecast is calling for the wind and swell to lay down after midnight tonight, and tomorrow we're supposed to have very little wind and only a 3 to 5 foot swell, so, as long as they don't change their mind on us, it looks like we're in good shape for tomorrow on Saturday. We will be off on Sunday, so, if you'd like to join us this weekend, tomorrow is the day. Give us a call if you'd like us to save a spot or two or three for you.

Tuesday, November 8 - It took a while to get located, but once the morning breeze settled down and the tide slowed the fish started coming over the rail. There were a few nice bottomfish in the mix, with a couple of 6 and 7 pound vermillions topping today's catch, and we ended up with limits for all anglers onboard. We've got a little project to take care of tomorrow, but, weather and interest permitting, we'll be back fishing on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Please remember: This time of year it really helps a lot if you can call before 2pm if you'd like to join us for the next day's trip.

Monday, November 7 - It was a mean, tough weather day on the ocean this past Saturday with a sharp swell and a lot more wind than was forecast. Our anglers were real troopers, though, and hung in there to take home an average of five or six rockfish per person. Sunday the weather was a little bit better and so was the fishing, with an average of seven or eight fish per person. The weather is backing off and it looks like we'll get a little break with the forecast calling for only 4 to 6 foot swells and a northerly wind of 10 knots tomorrow on Tuesday, so we'll be fishing tomorrow. If you're interested in joining us, we still have plenty of space available. Give us a call if you'd like us to put you on the books, or if you don't get a chance to get a hold of us, feel free to just come on down in the morning and check in by 6:15 at our shop. With a little less than two months left for the season, take advantage of the breaks in weather if you can!

Monday, October 31 - Great weather and great fishing is what Capt. Bob reported for Saturday's trip. It started off a bit on the slow side, but by the end of the day the fish were really chomping with the quality, as-big-as-they-get brownies coming over the rail two at a time. Even with the nice weather, there were probably at least 6 or 7 folks not fishing at any given time which resulted in a day with a few fish shy of limits, but don't let the numbers fool you...it was a good day. We were hoping the wind would hold off for our private charter on Sunday, but unfortunately it kept nipping at our heels all day. Chartermaster Eric was one of the highliners, landing three nice vermillion and a lingcod as part of his catch. Eric's friend, Russ, brought with him and proudly displayed his big-fish trophy from last year's trip, and then he proceeded to catch the biggest fish again this year and take home his second trophy in a row. There'll be no living with him now, I'm sure. Thanks, Eric, for joining us again, and we hope you'll continue to keep the Queen of Hearts at the top of your list next time you get the itch to go fishing. Capt. Bob is off to Costa Mesa for the final Pacific Fisheries Management Council meeting for 2011, so the Queen will be off on Monday through Thursday. The weatherman is talking about the possibility of a system or two coming this direction by the end of the week, but, weather permitting, we're scheduled for rockfishing this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The salmon season is now officially closed off our coastline, but the rockfishing season will be open through the end of the year, and we plan at this point on continuing to offer rockfishing trips throughout November and December, weather and interest permitting.

Thursday, October 27 - Good mixture of fish today, with nice brownies, big blacks and blues and one of the biggest vermillions Capt. Bob says he's seen in a looooong time, an honest-to-goodness 11 pounder, along with three lings. Hopefully I'll figure out how to download the picture Bob took of the vermillion and post it in the next day or two. We'll be off tomorrow on Friday, only have a few spots left for Saturday, and we have a private charter on Sunday. If you sent an email reservation request for Saturday and haven't spoken with us, don't hesitate to call us first thing in the morning if we don't get to you first. Remember, reservation requests are just that until confirmed.

Monday, October 24 - So, Sherry, what's your excuse for the lack of reports this past week, huh? Well, I've been recuperating from an operation last Wednesday and have just not been up to even turning on the computer much let alone trying to put a report together. But I'm on the mends and slowly getting back up to speed and should be better than ever soon hopefully. Sounds like there have been some bright spots this past week out on the fishing grounds, with the best news being that the lingcod finally showed up in good numbers this past weekend. Between Saturday and Sunday, over 40 lingcod were hooked on the QH, with 21 landed on Sunday to 12 pounds and 6 landed on Saturday including an 18 pound whopper. The quality rockfish have been biting off and on, too, with more bottomfish than school fish some days and vice versa other days. There's a little system blowing in on the ocean this afternoon bumping up the swell and bringing with it a little too much wind for our liking that should move through on Tuesday, so we've crossed off our trip for Tuesday and will wait for Wednesday for the winds to switch back around and the swell to calm back down. Plenty of room on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but, as always, please give us a call in advance if you can to make a reservation. There's another rounds of meetings coming up that will take Bob away in about a week and a couple of other things coming up on our agenda, so be sure to take a peek at our Schedule webpage to figure out when we'll be off the next couple of weeks.

Tuesday, October 18 - The quality fish decided to bite today, and it was almost like the good old days: limits of rockfish for all onboard with lots of quality black and yellow rockfish, belly-busting blacks, a few vermillion, along with 5 lingcod to 15 pounds, 4 cabezon including a huge 12 pounder, and a halibut. Now that's more like it. Plenty of room still available for tomorrow on Wednesday. If you'd like to join us, just come on down in the morning and check in at our shop, Half Moon Bay Sportfishing, between 6:00 and 6:15 a.m.

Monday, October 17 - I was working at the shop all day on Saturday, and one of the guys who checked in in the morning came back in the afternoon to let me know what a good time he had. He said the deckhands were great, the captain was great, and he'll be back. That's what we like to hear and why we've been doing this so long. We'll be back on the rockcod grounds tomorrow on Tuesday, and still have plenty of space available. A pretty low swell is forecast and not much wind, so with the weather gods cooperating, it's all up to the fish gods.

Thursday, October 13 - I checked in with Bob midday, and he reported that there was definitely a bit of leftover from the big swell that rolled through yesterday but it was coming down all day. After receiving this afternoon's marine forecast, it looks like we're in good shape all the way through the weekend weatherwise. It sounded like the blacks and blues were chomping for those who were happy to have them, but for those looking for some bottomfish to bring home it sounded like it was a little more of a struggle. Didn't get the final report, so hopefully Bob will still be awake when I get home so I can get more info. Still plenty of space open for our trip tomorrow on Friday; if you'd like to join us, just simply check in at our shop between 6 to 6:15 a.m.

Sunday, October 9 - Just a quick update: Limits of rockcod the last three days, with a couple of nice fish in the mix here and there and a couple of lingcod. We'll be off Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday; with the forecast calling for south winds and a good sized swell, doesn't look like we'll miss much. Our next available rockfishing trip is on Thursday, October 13, and we're also available Friday, Saturday and Sunday, the 14th, 15th and 16th.

Thursday, October 6 - The clouds are finally parting, the wind is supposed to die out tonight, the swells are laying down and we'll be back out rockfishing tomorrow on Friday. Lots of room open for Friday, so if you'd like to join us, just come on down in the morning and check in by 6:15 a.m. We have a private charter on Saturday, but this Sunday's rockfishing trip still has lots of room. We always recommend reservations for weekend dates, especially this time of year when weather becomes more of an issue, so give us a call if you'd like to join us on Sunday.

Monday, October 3 - Wow, what a nice weekend at the coast! Unbelieveably gorgeous weather on the beach and on the ocean. Fishing this past weekend was good, too, with limits on Saturday with lots of gophers and other assorted bottomfish in the mix fishing well down the coast below the Pigeon Point area. Don't have the exacts for Sunday as Capt. Joe was filling in to allow Bob and I to have some fun and go tailgate and yell at the Patriots. I know the weather was still real nice on Sunday so I thoroughly expect they had a good day on the water. Guess this past weekend was the calm before the storm, because it definitely looks like it's moving in. Nothing huge storm-wise, but the skies are clouding up and you can tell it's on its way. Since most folks don't like going out in the rain nowadays, we're going to go ahead and cross off our trips for tomorrow and Wednesday and wait for the rain to pass. We have a private charter on Thursday, but we're open and available on Friday with light northwesterly winds and not too bad of a swell.

Friday, September 30 - Gave Capt. Bob a call on the cell around 11:30 to see how the day was going, and it surprised the heck out of me when he said they only needed five more fish for 16 limits. He said he tried a different spot today and some nice blacks were chomping, so they made quick work of putting fish in the boat. The ocean forecast looks about the same through the weekend, so hopefully the fish will keep biting like they did today. Yesterday was a different story, though. Even though the swell that rolled in earlier in the week had died down, the south wind was howling making for tough conditions. We ended up with right around 8 rockfish per person, 197 fish for 28 anglers, along with three lingcod. The systems are starting to set up out on the Pacific, and it looks like we'll be back to ducking and dodging the weather beginning next week. There should still be lots of good days to come, but we'll probably have to pick and choose the days it's worth heading out. We are planning on heading out this Monday, October 3rd, but we've decided to cross off Mondays after that unless someone would like to book a private charter. We still have space available for tomorrow on Saturday as well as on Sunday so, if you'd like to join us this weekend, give us a call so we can save a spot or two for you.

Wednesday, September 28 - The ocean is settling back down and we'll be back out rockfishing tomorrow on Thursday, and it looks fine through the weekend, too. Plenty of space available for tomorrow and on Friday, there's currently five spots left open for the trip on Saturday, and lots of room still for Sunday. A lot of folks are confused about when the different seasons close this year, so here you go: The rockfishing season in our area, which includes rockfish, lingcod and cabezon, is open through December 31 this year. The salmon season in our area, north of Pigeon Point to north of the Golden Gate, is open through October 30, the last Sunday in October, even though we're pretty much done with salmon already as there just aren't big numbers of salmon in our area this late in the season. The salmon season below Pigeon Point, as in Santa Cruz, Monterey and points south, closed as of September 19. DFG has a webpage that makes easy work of seeing what is open and what is closed along the entire coastline: http://www.dfg.ca.gov/marine/fishing_map.asp.

Monday, September 26 - The ocean forecast for tomorrow on Tuesday is calling for 7 to 9 foot swells coming from the west at 11 seconds, along with 3 to 4 foot swells from the south at 14 seconds, and NW winds 10 to 20 knots. That typically is what we refer to as "washing machine" weather. So, based on that forecast and the current offshore reports, we've made the executive decision and cancelled tomorrow's trip and will wait for things to calm down a bit rather than going out on what could be a rotten, beat-you-up kinda day on the water. It's one of those days we could probably make the day, but it's just not worth it. I haven't got the final count for yesterday's trip yet, but we did end up with limits on this past Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The lingcod still just don't want to come out and play much, with just a couple of lings caught here and there. We have a private charter on Wednesday but are available Thursday through Sunday. The wind is supposed to back off on the ocean on Wednesday and the swell on Thursday, so, as long as there aren't major changes in the forecast, we should be good to go the rest of the week.

Wednesday, September 21 - Bob called in around 2 o'clock and reported limits, 190 rockcod for 19 anglers, with "a fair number of brownies" mixed in, some of the really nice quality bottomfish we've been seeing this season, along with one lingcod. I asked him if there was anything that was working better than others, and he said it was all just a matter of being at the bottom. Guys were catching brownies using shrimp flies, while others were catching them using plastics or bars, while there were other guys that just weren't getting them but were catching some of the Half Moon Bay rockcod assortment. We still have plenty of space for tomorrow's trip on Thursday. If you'd like to join us tomorrow, just come on down and check in at our shop by 6:15 a.m.

Tuesday, September 20 - Capt. Bob is back where he belongs behind the wheel of the Queen of Hearts, and he picked up right where the crew left off, finding limits for all 12 anglers today, 120 rockcod, along with four lingcod. The weather forecast for this week was a bit scary a few days ago but it's switched around and now looks pretty decent through at least the end of the week. We'll be running and still have space available every day this week except for this Saturday as we have a private charter that day.

Monday, September 19 - Capt. Joe and Heather did a great job as usual keeping things rolling right on along on the boat while Bob attended another round of Pacific Fisheries Management Council meetings last week. Joe has been running trips out of Half Moon Bay even longer than Bob, but Joe was smart and got a "real" job long ago and fills in for us now and then when Bob needs to attend meetings or other events during the season. Joe is one of a select few who we trust to run our boat and take care of our customers, and he does a fine job stepping in and connecting fish and fisherman. We really appreciate Joe helping us out and enabling us to continue to run while Bob attends these very important meetings that literally decide the fate of when, where and how recreational anglers are allowed to go rockfishing along the entire Pacific coastline. Bob's meetings are over for now, and thankfully they were pretty uneventful for the recreational groundfish fleet this time. No inseason adjustments were made, which gives us hope that the rockfishing season off our coastline will continue as scheduled through the end of this year. On a different note, now that summer is over, we've arrived at that time of year where the weekday crowds are generally gone and we're back to running weekday trips weather and interest permitting. That means it's more important than ever to make reservations if you'd like to join us so we know we have enough folks on the books to run and so we can let you know if there is any change in plans. It's really helpful if you can give us a call at least by no later than 2pm if you're thinking about going out the next day. We are fishing tomorrow on Tuesday and it looks pretty good for the rest of this week, too.

Friday, September 14 - Limits again today, along with two cabezon to around 6 pounds, 4 lingcod to 12 pounds, and a 10 pound halibut. Pretty much same conditions as yesterday with thankfully no wind again on the ocean. We have private charters the next two days and are off on Monday, so our next open trip is on Tuesday, and we're available the rest of the weekdays next week as well as on next Sunday, September 25.

Thursday, September 15 - Some days you've gotta work a little harder, and today was one of those days. It paid off, though, with limits for everyone onboard along with a cabezon and three lingcod to 15 pounds. Heard there was a real mixture of fish, with some nice vermillions down to the schoolie blacks. There was a good size swell that rolled through today, definitely more than the 5 to 7 foot forecast, but it's supposed to back off tomorrow and stay pretty consistant...if there is such a thing...the next several days. The wind forecast the last several days has been way off, so I would just take that with a grain of salt right now. We have plenty of room available for our trip tomorrow on Friday, but we have private charters on Saturday and Sunday so we're not available this weekend. If you'd like to join tomorrow's trip and don't get a chance to get a hold of us, feel free to just come on down and check in at our shop, Half Moon Bay Sportfishing, by 6:15 a.m.

Monday, September 12 - Last Thursday the fish were still chomping fast and furious. Then the south wind came up on the ocean this past Friday and Saturday with a vengence and made the conditions along the coastline absolutely miserable, so bad that we suggested our charter set to go out yesterday on Sunday not take the chance and reschedule. Friday those who were left standing did land limits, but on Saturday, even though the Nestle gang hung in there and gave it the college try, the fish were hanging tight to the bottom and just didn't want to come out and play. Thankfully the south wind that made for those rotten conditions has switched back around to a westerly wind and we should be back to fishing as usual when we get back on the water this Thursday. The only days we are open this week is on Thursday and Friday, and both are rockfishing trips. If you'd like to join us on one of those days, just give us a call.

Wednesday, September 7 - Once again I'm laggin on my reports...I'm sorry. It's not for lack of fish, just for lack of time as usual. Fishing this time of year is pretty consistent and productive, even though every once in a while we'll get a day where we're reminded that fishing is not guaranteed and have to work at it a bit more. Overall it's been limits or close to limits every day on the rockcod grounds. Bob keeps working his magic to find as many quality bottomfish as possible, but there's been a mixture of fish filling out the sacks. We're available for rockfishing tomorrow on Thursday. If you'd like to join us, just give us a call.

Friday, September 2 - Labor Day Weekend...wow, where has the year gone? I was warned the older you get the faster it goes by, and they sure weren't lying! Anyway, as far as fishing this past week, here's the rundown: Yesterday on Thursday we were on the salmon hunt again and headed to the Channel Buoys, the main salmon "hot spot" for the past couple of weeks (even though it's really not that hot but it's been the best thing going). Nothing was happening pretty much all morning, so Capt. Bob started heading back towards the Half Moon Bay direction and found a spot of fish the last hour of the trip that produced several shakers, several more fish that won their battle, and three salmon that went home with a few happy anglers. We'll be giving it a go for salmon one more time this Saturday and then we'll throw in the towel. Our rockfishing trip on Wednesday was a struggle. Capt. Bob tried well over a dozen different spots all the way down to below Pigeon Point but the fish just didn't want to come out and play, primarily thanks to the southerly swell and wind rolling through, and we were lucky if we ended up with somewhere around half limits. Tuesday they scratched and they clawed and squeeked out limits for all 19 anglers plus three lings and three cabezon. We gave the crew a breather and marked the day off on Monday, after a very productive weekend that produced 53 limits of rockfish along with a few more lingcod and cabezon. We have a bunch of private charters on the weekends this month, so after this weekend we'll be available most weekdays, but our next available weekend won't be until the end of September on Sunday the 25th. Oh, by the way, tomorrow on Saturday, September 3, it's the second Free Fishing License Day of the year courtesy of the State, which means you can fish anywhere in the state without purchasing a fishing license. So take advantage of it and take someone fishing who wouldn't be going otherwise...go out, put a line in the water and have fun. That's what it's all about.

Friday, August 26 - We had heard that the salmon boats had been having a tough time keeping the fish on the hook this week, and today it was our turn to give it a try. We ended up hooking 10 salmon for 12 guys, but unfortunately 7 of those salmon won their way to freedom and we had 1 undersize fish that was released, so we ended the day with two keeper salmon to 13 pounds. We have two more salmon trips next week, one on Thursday, September 1 and the other on Free Fishing License Day, Saturday, September 3. Those may just be the last open salmon trips of the season for us unless something busts wide open, so if you want to give the salmon one more shot on the Queen of Hearts, you might want to join us on one of those two days. As far as this weekend, we still have space available on our rockfishing trip this Sunday; give us a call if you'd like a spot or two or three.

Thursday, August 25 - It's been limits of rockfish daily this week along with a sprinkling of cabezon and lingcod every day as well, with a total of 13 lingcod and 9 cabezon the past three days to be exact. I ended up playing deckhand on Wednesday's trip, so I got a chance to see firsthand what's been going on. First of all, it was pretty foggy and overcast all day, but it was an extremely nice ocean with not much of a swell and no wind to speak of, and when the sun did peak through, it got real hot real fast. We had the same mixture of rockfish they've been seeing all week, so I got to see some of those big brownies and gophers the crew has been talking about as well as lots of the blacks and blues the kids onboard had a ball catching two at a time. There was no real magic spot that pumped out oodles of fish, but one by one they just added up as the day went on. Without a doubt, the shrimp fly rigs with a strip of squid...not strips with an "s" or clumps or tenticles, just simply a strip...caught more fish than anything else used. The biggest red was caught on one and so were some of the big brownies. Guys with the bars caught fish, too, but they had to work at it. The best part of playing deckhand for the day was that it reminded Bob and I why we do this stuff. We both really enjoy being on the boat together, and without a doubt it's where we belong. It was a very fun day. But, alas, back to the regular job and back to reality....

Monday, August 22 - Our Fishing Fools charter hooked 11 salmon today, a fish per rod, but unfortunately five of those got away, so we ended the day with six salmon in the box to 20 pounds. Don't have much more detail, other than I'm pretty sure Bob made a hard right when he left the breakwater and headed up the coastline. I also heard him grumbling on the radio early in the morning that they were finding lots of jellyfish and were going to pick up and run, and then as soon as they started winding in the lines they ended up putting one in the box. This past weekend we were rockfishing both days, and no matter how many different spots Bob tried, it was mostly school fish biting everywhere he went, but they did land a huge 14 pound cabezon and a nice 17 pound lingcod on Saturday. The current marine forecast is calling for virtually flat calm weather for the next several days with only a 2 to 4 foot swell and very light wind. They've teased us with that kind of forecast a few other times this year just to change their mind, so we'll see if they're telling us the truth this time or not. I know the crew would sure appreciate a stretch of real nice weather for a while. They definitely deserve it because Bob and Heather have both been working their butts off this season, pretty much going seven days a week nonstop and having endured a lot of bouncing around this year. Through it all these two keep grinding away and giving it their all day in and day out, proving over and over why they're one of the top crews around. Proud of them? You betcha.

Friday, August 19 - Okay, so much for updating when I got back. Wow, what a joke. I've been over the top swamped ever since I got back in town, so I haven't even had a chance to look through the paperwork. I guess that's my punishment for going away for a week. Eventually, some how, some way, I'll get caught up...I hope. In the meantime, fishing is still very good. Pretty much limits or close to limits on the rockfish daily with some real quality fish making up a good portion of the catch, along with a few lings, cabs and even a halibut here and there. On Tuesday, the PAL group finished off their season with a bang with a 29 pound halibut hitting the deck to end the day. We were tagging and releasing fish on Wednesday and Thursday with the folks from Moss Landing Marine Lab, and today on Friday we have a private charter out rockfishing. On the salmon grounds, there seems to be a sprinkling of salmon up and down the coastline, and a good group of fish just north of the Golden Gate. We're primarily sticking to rockfishing at this point, but we do have a few more salmon trips on the books. Next two salmon trips are now scheduled for next Friday, August 26, and Thursday, September 1. I haven't heard any tuna news, so that usually means nothing is going on offshore.

Saturday, August 13 - Well, so much for trying to keep the updates coming this past week. But I'm on my way back, and have returned to the modern world with internet and cell phone access again, so figured I'd give a quite note with a little info I've received. Sounds like rockfishing has been chugging right on along and there are still salmon swimming around waiting to be caught and several going home. Today 15 salmon made it onboard and somewhere around another dozen won their way back to freedom. That's the last salmon trip with us for the next week or so as we have several private charters coming up and are scheduled for rockfishing on our open days. As soon as I get back in town and put the paperwork together, I'll update our daily scores and whopper info, so check back in a day or two if you'd like to see the rundown.

Sunday, August 7 - Told you last update that I'm going to have limited internet access for the next week...boy, it is real limited. Bob is in town but I'm away on a family trip right now, so the happenings on the QH are being relayed to me via quick emails...which means my reports this coming week are going to be real spuratic, so bear with me. As far as yesterday's trip, last I knew we were supposed to have 25 people going out salmon fishing on Saturday. Sounds to me like they had one very interesting trip, and we must have been fishing close to shore, because we ended up with 18 salmon, a 28 pound striper!, a thresher shark and a halibut. Boy, what a mixed bag trip that was! I don't think we've ever had that combination on the QH before all on one day in the 20+ years we've had the boat. This coming week the plan is to stick to SWLT rockfishing on the days we are open. While I'm away, please be sure to give us a call, DO NOT EMAIL, if you'd like to check our availability and to make a reservation. Also make sure to call during the day, before 4:00 p.m., to speak with the folks at our shop, as no one is around the phone after the shop closes. And as I've said several times recently, it has been crazy busy around our place at times, so please be patient when you call. If you do end up leaving a message and you don't hear back within a reasonable time, please give us a call back since sometimes messages end up in voicemail heaven. Hope you all have a great week, and I'll try my best to keep the updates coming.

Thursday, August 4 - This is what a love about rockfishing in our area...it's real consistent this time of year. Pretty much limits every day for everyone onboard. Today was no exception. 19 anglers, 19 limits consisting of 189 rockcod, 1 cabezon and 6 lingcod. FYI, I'm going to have limited access to the internet through the end of next week, so I can't promise how often I can update our website. So, if you don't see an update for a couple of days, it just means I can't get online. No worries, though...the boat is still running 7 days a week and I'm sure fishing will keep on trucking along just like is has been the last couple of weeks. If you're wondering what's up, don't hesitate to give our shop a call anytime after 7am up until 4pm. Still plenty of room for tomorrow's rockfishing trip on Friday. If you'd like to join us, just simply come on down to our shop, Half Moon Bay Sportfishing, and check in by 6:15 a.m.

Wednesday, August 3 - The day started off on the slow side but they found a spot that kicked out some of the biggest china and gopher rockfish we've seen in a while that loaded up the boat in no time flat. We ended the day with limits for all 34 anglers, 339 rockfish plus one cabezon, along with three lingcod. My schedule continues to be absolutely insane so I apologize that my reports are still spuratic. Hopefully life will settle down within a week or two and get back to something close to normal. Here's some pictures from some recent trips:

Tuesday, August 2 - After scouring the ocean this past weekend to find one salmon on Saturday and one more on Sunday, we headed up to Duxbury where a few salmon have been landed recently with a couple of lunkers in the mix here and there. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and we ended up with a very respectable score for this salmon season with 9 salmon landed for 9 anglers, with three absolutely huge salmon landed: a 22 pounder, a 26 pounder, and top honors was a 28 pounder.

Friday, July 29 - Sounds like our private charter had a lot of fun out there today. And it doesn't hurt that they all went home with limits of a good mixture of rockfish, 210 of them to be exact for our 21 anglers. The fish were biting like maddogs all day, so they did a lot of moving around to find more quality fish towards the end and were rewarded with some of the biggest brownies and vermillions our crew has seen in a long time to cap off the day. Several undersize lingcod were released, but they didn't find any that broke the 22 inch minimum size limit. Not a big deal today, though, as there were lots of smiles all around after a great day on the water. This weekend we're salmon fishing both tomorrow and Sunday; last check we only have one spot open on Saturday but we still have a handful of spots for Sunday. I'm often away from the computer on weekends; if you'd like to join us, please be sure to give us a call instead of an email.

Thursday, July 28 - Sorry for the lack of updates the last couple of days. Just crazy busy with the phones, emails, the shop, the boat, and, oh yeah, my job, too. To recap quickly the last few days: We were salmon fishing on Monday. Weather offshore was not very nice, but they still landed 11 salmon for 22 anglers, lost 5 more next to the boat for one reason or another, and had a few shakers. Tuesday the weather was still not very nice, but thankfully the rockfish were biting and all 26 anglers had their limit along with a handful or so of lingcod...I have pictures I'll try to post later. Wednesday we had our second rockfishing charter of the season with the kids with the San Mateo Police Activity League, but I was so busy I didn't get the info on how the trip turned out. We're off today, have a private charter tomorrow on Friday, and we'll be hunting down salmon on Saturday and Sunday. There's currently four spots left for Saturday's trip and still plenty of space at this point for Sunday. The Riptide is out salmon fishing today, and one text did come through early in the morning (cell reception is virtually non-existent on the salmon grounds anymore) that they put two fish in the box within the first five minutes. So for those of you wondering if there are still any salmon out there, yes, there are.

Sunday, July 24 - Another fantastic day on the ocean. For the second day in a row, Capt. Bob was able to work his magic in the "super" shallows, fishing areas where he can only get to on the best of days. And they were rewarded with limits for everyone and several extremely nice fish, including a "bull-frog" of a cabezon weighing in on at 13 pounds. The color of the lingcod in the super shallows can be amazing as they tend to take on the color of their surroundings, as evidenced by one of the pictures below of amazingly brilliant blue-green lingcod. A total of 10 cabezon and 6 lingcod topped off our days' catch. Sounds like salmon fishing picked up again with fish both below and above us, giving us lots of hope for our salmon trips this coming week. Also heard a rumor of some albacore starting to show up out at The Guide and Pioneer areas. Don't have any exacts yet, but we'll keep our ears open and pass on any info we hear. The only open rockfishing trip we have this week is on this Tuesday, and it is filling quick. Only about half a dozen spots left, so if you'd like to join us, definitely a good idea to call and make a reservation.
072411 cabezon
072411 13 lb. cabezon - Click pic to enlarge
072411 lingcod
072411 blue-green lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
072411 vermillion
072411 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
072411 lingcod
072411 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
072411 lingcod
072411 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
072411 rockfish
072411 rockfish - Click pic to enlarge
072411 vermillion
072411 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
072411 vermillion
072411 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge

Saturday, July 23 - Our cream of the crop gang put together by Ernie, owner of Hayward Commercial Door, are some of the best of the best. And, just as we'd expect, these guys never let us down. Everyone onboard is a true sportsman, both the men and women, and having them onboard always rejuvinates the crew and reminds us why we love the sport of fishing. It's flat out a fun day, and the fish are just a bonus in this gang's book. A very nice bonus, though, since limits of lots of quality fish is usually the rule with this group. Today was no exception. With some of the best conditions of the season so far, Bob was able to hit spots he rarely gets to explore, fishing depths at times as little as 12 feet out to no more than 60 feet. Now that's shallow water light tackle rockfishing at its finest. Everything was working, flys, plastics and bars, with only a couple of ounces needed to quickly get to the bottom not far below. We ended the day with limits for all onboard, 244 rockfish for 26 anglers plus the most cabezon we've seen in a while, 16 cabezon to a whopping 9 pounds (congrats, Bill), along with a half a dozen lingcod to 8 pounds, with lots of quality in the mix. And Happy Birthday, Harry! Didn't get to say it to you in person but my thoughts were with you. Hope you enjoyed your day.

Check out the color of this lingcod!

Friday, July 22 - So what is that "Friends of Rollo" thing we did today, anyway? Friends of Rollo is a non-profit organization founded several years ago in memory of Rollo Heyn who loved introducing kids to the joy of fishing. So, even though Rollo is no longer with us, he continues to introduce thousands of kids to the world of fishing through the Friends of Rollo organization which sponsors trips for groups to go out on charterboats up and down the California coastline. The majority of kids today had never been ocean fishing before in their life, and, thanks to the generosity and efforts of the Friends of Rollo, chartermaster Herman Young and the gang here on the Queen of Hearts, the kids went out and caught a mess of fish. Today was not a day where we were worried about catching limits for everyone, even though several did catch their 10 fish limit, and biggest fish was a nice six pound vermillion. All we hope is that the kids had a good time and a few future fishermen were created.

Thursday, July 21 - We made the fuel dock happy today and headed down below Pigeon Point. The weather was a little on the sloppy side in the morning and the fishing started out slow but got better as the day went on. We ended up with an overall average of just over 8 rockfish per person plus two bonus lingcod to 7 pounds. Those that were on the ball when the fish were biting went home with limits, and as has been the case more often than not this season, several nice vermillions were caught along with a good number of gophers and other quality bottomfish mixed in. We have private charters the next two days and Sunday's trip is just about full. Next week the only available day for rockfishing is on Tuesday, July 26, and we're open for salmon fishing on Monday, Saturday and Sunday, July 25, 30 and 31.

072111 vermillion
072111 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
072111 lingcod
072111 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
072111 vermillion
072111 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge

Wednesday, July 20 - Salmon fishing today. With the horrible cell phone coverage offshore nowadays, I just briefly got through to Bob who's still paddling towards home as I type. Sounded like they had an issue with too many tangles to start off, but they ended the day four fish shy of a fish per rod with 14 salmon landed for 18 anglers. I know they were fishing the main body of salmon somewhere out towards the Farallons, about 20 miles from the harbor last I knew. More details in the morning....

071911 vermillion
071911 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
071911 cabezon
071911 cabezon - Click pic to enlarge
071911 vermillion
071911 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
071911 vermillion
071911 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
071911 Quality Limit
071911 Quality Limit - Click pic to enlarge
071911 lingcod
071911 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
071911 lingcod
071911 Open Wide! - Click pic to enlarge

Tuesday, July 19 - I know I promised an update yesterday, but I've just been swamped. So here's the quick rundown: rockfishing has been excellent with a lot of real nice quality fish landed and a handful or so of lingcod every day, and salmon fishing picked back up on Sunday after a couple of slower days on Friday and Saturday, and limits of salmon were landed again yesterday on Monday (the Riptide has 7 limits of salmon before noon). As soon as I get the time, I'll give a better report and post some great pictures taken by deckhand Jimmy...who, by the way, is a professional photographer and is available as a freelance photographer when he's not working onboard. If you'd like to join us this week, we're available for salmon fishing tomorrow on Wednesday, and we are rockfishing on Thursday and Sunday. Our trip for Sunday is just about full, with just four spots open at this point, so call sooner than later if you'd like to come out on Sunday.

Monday, July 18 - On the rockcod front, we've been catching some bomber rockfish along with a few quality lings here and there, and the salmon were located again yesterday on Sunday, with charterboats reporting anywhere from 15 to 50 salmon. More details on their way along with some great photos...check back later today....

071811 lingcod
071811 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
071811 vermillion
071811 ringleader - Click pic to enlarge
071811 vermillion
071811 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
071811 vermillion
071811 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
071811 china cod
071811 china rockfish - Click pic to enlarge
071811 vermillion
071811 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
071811 lingcod
071811 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge

Thursday, July 14 - Didn't get a chance to give the final update for yesterday's trip, so here it goes: definitely a day of salmon fishing with lots of "POOP"...plenty of opportunities provided. By mid-morning they were back into the salmon hot and heavy, and they'd have 3, 4, sometimes even 5 fish on at once. Unfortunately lots of those ended up being shakers, silvers or won their way to freedom, with a keeper making it onboard here and there. Without a doubt, way more than 60 fish were on the hook during the course of the day, and we ended up landing 20 salmon to 11 pounds. It seems like the bite is getting a little later every day, so we might just have timed our afternoon trip for this Saturday just about perfect. Back before the salmon closures we offered afternoon salmon trips that were extremely successful...it sure looks good for this Saturday so we've got our fingers crossed. As far as today, we had our first of four charters with the kids who join us with the San Mateo Police Activity League. It took a little doing, but Capt. Houdini came through, worked his magic and found a spot of belly busting brownies that filled the kids' sacks and sent everyone home with quality limits along with a couple cabezon and 5 lingcod. We have another private charter tomorrow, and we're down to just four spots open for our morning rockfishing trip on Saturday. Still about a dozen spots left for Saturday's afternoon salmon trip. It's really looking like it should be a great afternoon on the ocean, and if salmon fishing stays the way it's been this week, it could be one heck of a trip.

Wednesday, July 13 - We're back out salmon fishing this morning, and the first fish was already on the hook by 7:15. With that, we've decided to shift gears a tad and offer an afternoon trip for salmon this Saturday, July 16, as we're already down to only two spots left at this point for our morning salmon trip on this Sunday. So we'll be rockfishing on Saturday morning, unload, reload and then head back out salmon fishing on Saturday afternoon. The ocean forecast looks absolutely fantastic for this weekend, too, with "gentle" seas and "generally light northwestly winds"...direct quotes from today's NOAA Coastal Waters Forecast. Oh boy, almost like the good old days!

Tuesday, July 12 - YES, SALMON FISHING WAS EXCELLENT AGAIN TODAY! It was definitely limit style salmon fishing again. Our private charter hooked plenty of fish to have ended up with limits well before noon, but there was a lot of learning to be done early on and lots of fish that won their way to freedom for one reason or another. By the time Bob pulled the plug, we had 23 excellent grade salmon in the box for our 13 very tired fishermen, and we had waded through dozens and dozens of other fish that were either intentionally or unintentionally set free. It's great to see this many fish again, but the number of sinkers we're going through is prety insane, so be forewarned and plan on going through several weights if the fishing stays the way it is right now. Our trip for tomorrow on Wednesday is now full. Still plenty of room for our rockfishing trips on Saturday, both for the morning and the afternoon, and a just about a handful of spots are open for our salmon trip on Sunday.

071211 salmon
071211 catch - Click pic to enlarge

Monday, July 11 - THE SALMON ARE CHOMPING AT THE DEEP REEF!! Our private "Fishing Fools" charter (a group of retired gentlemen who join us on Mondays throughout the season) picked the right Monday this time. As soon as the lines hit the water it was "FISH ON!". By 10:30 a.m. Capt. Bob reported they had at least 13 or 14 salmon in the box for their group of 10, and they had released well over 12 more king salmon that didn't make the 24 inch minimum and at least twice that many silver salmon we can't keep. Absolutely wide open action. For the first time this year, everyone onboard came home with limits of salmon, 22 salmon for 11 anglers, to 17 pounds. Best thing is it sounds like salmon were also caught south of us which hopefully means we may have salmon in our area for a decent stretch. We are scheduled for salmon fishing this Wednesday and Sunday...with fishing this good, reservations are a darn good idea.

071111 salmon
071111 salmon - Click pic to enlarge
071111 17 lb. salmon
071111 17 lb. salmon - Click pic to enlarge
071111 limits
071111 limits! - Click pic to enlarge

Saturday and Sunday, July 9 and 10 - 80 limits of rockfish landed this weekend! We had absolutely excellent fishing on our morning trip on Saturday. Deckhand Heather reported that it was by far the best rockcod bite we've seen so far this year with some extremely nice sacks hefted off the boat...it was fast and furious limits for all 35 anglers and heading back to the dock by lunchtime. Our afternoon trip also did great and boated limits with ease and were back to the dock before dusk. Sunday was limits again, but they did have to work at it a little more to get them. As we have several private charters this week, our only available rockfishing trips this week are our 7:00 a.m. morning trip and the 3:30 p.m. afternoon trip on on this Saturday, July 16. Reservations, again, are a darn good idea. Here's some pictures from this past Saturday's afternoon and Sunday's trip:

070911 Treefish
070911 Treefish - Click pic to enlarge
070911 Vermillion
070911 Vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
070911 Lingcod
070911 Lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
071011 Lingcod and Brownie
071011 Lingcod and Brownie - Click pic to enlarge
071011 Vermillion
071011 Vermillion - Click pic to enlarge

Friday, July 8 - The ocean forecast is looking really good for our trips for tomorrow on Saturday. We still have a few spots open for our 7am morning departure, and plenty of space available at this point for our afternoon rockfishing trip leaving at 3:30 p.m. We also have about 10 spots left for our rockfishing trip on Sunday. On the salmon front, rumor has it that there are salmon showing up again outside of Half Moon Bay...how about that...just in time for our salmon trips scheduled for next week. We have a couple of private charters on Monday and Tuesday but are open for salmon fishing on Wednesday, July 13 and Sunday, July 17. We have quite a few private charters this month, so be sure to check our schedule or give us a call to make sure we're available on the day you're interested in.

Tuesday, July 5 - Finally had a chance to get all the paperwork together and update our scores and whoppers, so I'm finally up to date with all the info. Whew. As far as today, we have a great group of anglers out and I expect a good report by day's end. I've already received a slew of photos from our onboard cameraman/deckhand Jimmy. Jimmy's doing a great job texting the pictures to me so I hope you all enjoy them. I'll update later with details on how the day turns out. This week's schedule: we're available for morning trips on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday, and we have our next afternoon trip scheduled for this Saturday, July 9. At this point the ocean weather forecast looks way better for this weekend, so we'll keep our fingers crossed it stays that way. Our weekends are usually booking up a couple of days in advance, so it's a good idea to call sooner than later if you'd like to grab a spot or two or three for our weekend trips.

070511 brownies
070511 brownies - Click pic to enlarge
070511 Bill, Jan & Doc
070511 Bill, Jan & Doc - Click pic to enlarge
070511 ling
070511 Stan's ling - Click pic to enlarge
070511 vermillion
070511 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
070511 brownies
070511 brownies - Click pic to enlarge
070511 brownies
070511 brownies - Click pic to enlarge
070511 brownies
070511 brownies - Click pic to enlarge

Monday, July 4 - Happy 4th of July! It was a glorious California weekend...on land...but not on the ocean. Neptune decided to set off his own fireworks in the ocean and made a whole bunch of people pay dearly for venturing out onto his territory the past three days (yep, seasick city). It was a downright nasty, rotten stretch on the water this weekend. I know, hard to believe when it is as nice as it was on land, but I'd just about guarantee that anyone who joined us the last couple of days will whole heartedly agree. There were still some quality fish landed...for those left standing, that is. You'd think by this time of year the weather offshore should be wonderful out there, but we're still having to deal with some pretty rotten conditions at times. Thankfully we get a break every once in a while, and it looks like the next two days is one of those breaks. Hopefully we'll have a rosier report tomorrow. Now off to BBQ some burgers and finish off with a good old American apple pie and vanilla ice cream dessert. Enjoy your evening and steer clear of stray bottle rockets.

070211 red
070211 red - Click pic to enlarge
070211 yellowtail
070211 beauty - Click pic to enlarge
070211 cabezon
070211 Irwin's cab - Click pic to enlarge
070211 red
070211 red - Click pic to enlarge
070211 red
070211 red - Click pic to enlarge

070311 red
070311 Lisa's red - Click pic to enlarge
070411 red
070411 Ed's red - Click pic to enlarge

Friday, July 1 - A boatload of rockfish for a boatload of anglers...limits for all onboard, 350 rockfish for 35 anglers along with a 10 pound lingcod. More of a mixture of fish today with some big, some not so big and some in between, but the big was a very impressive, massive 7 pound copper rockfish. Our morning trip for Saturday is full and we only have two spots available for tomorrow's afternoon trip at this point. Just a reminder, if you're joining us on the afternoon trip on Saturday, either avoid Highway 92 (much better to go up to Pacifica and drive down Highway 1) or allow at least an additional 30 minutes to allow for the stop and go traffic that is typical for Highway 92 heading towards Half Moon Bay during the middle of a weekend day. We still about a dozen spots open for Sunday and lots of room for Fourth of July Monday; as always, reservations a good idea. I was told a picture of the 7 pound copper will be sent to me later...can't wait to see it and will post it as soon as I get it.

070111 lingcod
070111 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
070111 7 lb. copper
070111 7 lb. copper! - Click pic to enlarge

Thursday, June 30 - Capt. Bob was pulling out some of the little hair he has left today. The guys using what was working, as in the good old super flies, were loading up on the big fish two at a time. But then we had the folks who just couldn't take the hint Bob was trying to give that they needed to switch over to the flies. When the big fish are biting, that's the time to do what the crew says to put the quality fish in the bag. One of the most important thing anglers can learn is that if the crew makes a suggestion, take it! The crew is out there day in and day out. They know what's biting, how they're biting, how the bite's been, and what's been working the best. The ONLY reason the crew gives a suggestion is because THEY WANT YOU TO CATCH FISH! That's it. Honest. So, next time you hear the crew give a suggestion, if you really want to catch what's biting, instead of shrugging it off or sticking with the lure you're using that isn't catching anything, take their advice! Fishing for lingcod in a spot where the lingcod aren't hanging around could end up wasting a lot of good fishing time more often than not. Anyway, some how, some way, we still ended up with limits for everyone onboard today, 130 rockcod for 13 anglers, along with two lingcod to 11 pounds. We still have a few spots available for tomorrow's trip on Friday, plenty of room for our afternoon trip for Saturday, as well as for our morning trips on Sunday and Monday. The calls are starting to come in fast and furious, though, so reservations definitely a good idea.

Wednesday, June 29 - One of the ladies joining us today asked me in the morning what the chances were she would catch fish. I told her I don't give guarantees when it comes to fishing, but with the flat calm conditions I knew we had today, I said this was one of the few days I'd just about guarantee that not only would she catch a few fish, but she and her husband would both be coming home with their limit of 10 fish. And by noon, Capt. Bob reported in that we did just that: limits, 110 rockcod, with lots of browns and reds along with one lingcod. The ocean weather forecast has changed, surprise, surprise, and unfortunately it looks like the flat calm ocean we were graced with the last couple of days will be short lived. Oh, well, it was nice while it lasted. We can't control it, so we'll just deal with it. Afternoon rockfishing trips begin this Saturday, July 2! Our first afternoon rockfishing trip in quite a while is scheduled for this Saturday, July 2. It departs at approximately 3:30 p.m., returns around dusk, and the fare is only $65 per person. And, don't forget, this Saturday is also Free License Day, which means anyone without a license can save themselves the normal $14 fee it costs for a one day license. We still have quite a few spots still open for the afternoon trip (our morning trip is now full), so if you'd like to join us in the afternoon, give us a call to make your reservations.

Chuck with a couple of nice vermillions he landed on June 29

Tuesday, June 28 - Well that was good timing. Just as the rain started to come down the last fish went in the bag to give us limits for our 18 anglers, made up of 179 rockcod, one five pound cabezon and 5 lingcod to a hefty 15 pounds, with plenty of vermillions in the mix along with some hefty blacks. The rain is supposed to end tonight and the ocean forecast looks fantastic for tomorrow with only a 2 to 4 foot swell and hardly any wind to speak of. Don't let today's rain scare you away...tomorrow looks like a real good day on the ocean. We have lots and lots of room still open for tomorrow's trip but we are definitely going fishing. If you'd like to join us, either give us a call before 5pm or feel free to just simply check in at our shop in the morning between 6:00 and 6:15 a.m.

Monday, June 27 - The ocean forecast is finally calling for less wind and lower swells overall than we've had recently, so we're looking forward to calmer seas this week as long as the weatherman doesn't change his mind. There is the the possibility of showers in the North Bay tomorrow night, but the ocean looks great in our area with only a 3 to 5 foot swell and not wind at all for both Tuesday and Wednesday. As far as fishing today, we had limits for 15 anglers along with 10 lingcod and a halibut. They say pictures say a thousand words. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

062711 vermillion
062711 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
Halibut and Lingcod
062711 Halibut and Lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
062711 vermillion
062711 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
062711 black rockcod
Jumbo black rockcod - Click pic to enlarge
062711 vermillion
062711 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
062711 lingcod
062711 Lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
062711 double fisted duo
Double Fisted Duo - Click pic to enlarge

Sunday, June 26 - I can't sum up today's trip better than the email we received from one of our customers who joined us onboard, Tim, who said: "Just wanted to pass on what a wonderful time Scott and I had today. Bob as always, a great skipper. Heather and Jimmy treated us first class. Very helpful to us and everyone. Well done to all. We will be back for more fishing and fun. I'll send some pics soon. Thanks again everyone." That's exactly why we're in this business. Those who wanted to go home with a limit did, and those who wanted to kick back still went home with plenty of fish as we ended up with right around 300 fish for 35 anglers plus a few lingcod and cabezon.

062611 grass cod
062611 grass cod - Click pic to enlarge
Sergio's cabie
Sergio's cabie - Click pic to enlarge
Jesse's vermillion
Jesse's vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
062611 yellowtail
062611 yellowtail - Click pic to enlarge
062611 vermillion
062611 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
062611 lingcod
062611 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
062611 Double Reds
062611 Double Reds - Click pic to enlarge

Wednesday, June 22 - Capt. Bob called around 9:30 to report that the first halibut of our rockfish season was just landed by Tosh Okano. As usual, when we do hook a halibut on our SWLT rockfishing trips, they usually tend to be nice 10 pound plus fish, and this one is probably around the 15 pound range. And folks have been asking me what has been working out there...finally remembers to ask Bob. Number one is still the good old feather fly jigs, but with the weather finally calming down yesterday the bars and the plastics are starting to heat up, too. A couple of yesterday's lingcod and today's halibut were all caught on plastics. I'll update with today's results when the day's over. Schedule change: We are now available for SWLT rockfishing on this Friday, June 24. Here's some pictures from yesterday's trip:

062111 vermillion
062111 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
Steve's 062111 lingcod
Steve's 062111 lingcod - Click pic to enlarge
062111 vermillion
062111 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge
062111 cabezon
062111 cabezon - Click pic to enlarge
062111 vermillion
062111 vermillion - Click pic to enlarge

Tuesday, June 21 - The guys today wanted to stick to the shallows, so that's what Bob did. Not positive but I think he mentioned he was working his way all the way down towards the Ano Nuevo area as the day wore on. Most of our 33 anglers walked off the boat with their 10 rockfish limit as we ended the day with 310 rockcod, 6 cabezon and 9 lingcod, and Bob said there was a lot of nice quality fish in the mix. Much nicer weather today than it's been in a while with not much wind but a bit of leftover swell. We're definitely fishing tomorrow on Wednesday. We still have several spots available; if you'd like to join us, check in at our shop, Half Moon Bay Sportfishing, when we open the doors at 6am.

Monday, June 20 - Okay, life is somewhat returning to normal, so hopefully reports will get back on track. So, why was I crazy busy you ask? Well, on top of all the usual stuff I take care of, our daughter has spread her wings and flown away from our nest, and she has moved all the way to the other side of the continent to New York to see what life will bring. The last two weeks were nuts getting vehicles ready, packing, loading, and monitoring the 3,000 mile marathon across-country drive. Anyway, she's pretty much settled in and doing well, so now I have a little more time to try to catch up on the fishing side of our lives. Anglers onboard the Queen of Hearts have been catching some bomber bottomfish this past week, with lots of huge browns in the catch as well as lots of vermillions. In the past three trips, 15 lingcod have also been landed up to 12 pounds. All this is in spite of the weather on the ocean which has been real mean more often than not. It's put a lot of folks down for the count and out of commission at the rail recently, and that really knocks our overall fish scores way down, which is the main reason why you'll see a lot of days where not everyone ended up with limits. So be sure to keep that in mind when you look at the scores, as the numbers don't tell the whole story of what's been going on out there. We are really looking forward to an excellent day on the water tomorrow on Tuesday, as the ocean forecast is calling for very light winds and a very low swell...finally. On the salmon front, not much has changed. The reports we're hearing still indicate there's a lot more releasing going on than keeper salmon being landed, so we'll stick with the rockfishing thing for the rest of this month. We've got a couple of days scheduled for salmon next month, so we'll give it at least another try or two in July to keep it honest. Last, but not least, if all goes as planned, we'll be kicking off our popular afternoon rockfishing trips departing at 3:30 p.m. on Free Fishing License Day, Saturday, July 2. So, for those of you looking to be able to sleep in and still get a shot at catching some rockfish without having to pay for a fishing license, be sure to sign up for that popular trip soon.

061311 vermillion
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061311 lingcod
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061311 cabezon
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061911 reds
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Tuesday, June 14 - I've been outrageously, extremely, crazy busy this past week. I'll explain when I have the time. In the meantime, we are rockfishing pretty much every day right now since the season is now completely open. We are fishing tomorrow on Wednesday and have plenty of space. If you'd like to join us, don't worry about emailing or calling...just come on down and check in between 6:00 and 6:15 a.m. More details when I have a free few moments.

Thursday, June 9 - It's now official...and effective immediately!! The new rockfishing regulations take effect as of today, June 9. What's that mean?? It means our rockfishing season is now in full swing! We are now able to go for rockfish anywhere up and down the coast within our range from the harbor out to 180 feet, excepting, of course, marine protected areas, which gives us oodles and oodles of additional territory to fish. The minimum size limit for lingcod is now officially reduced to 22 inches, and the cabezon limit is now increased by one, so anglers are now allowed to keep three cabs as part of their 10 fish bag limit. Too bad we didn't receive the news until around 1pm, because our crew reported that we probably would have ended up with at least three or four more lingcod we could have kept today if we had just known a little sooner, so we're pretty excited to see how much of a difference the size reduction for the lingcod will make. Our trip today started off slow but ended up in good shape with about 3/4 limits for our 16 anglers made up of mostly all quality bottomfish (browns, over 25 vermillions, gophers) along with four 24+ inch lingcod to 9 pounds. We only have a couple of spots left for Friday's trip, so they'll be first come first serve in the morning. Arrive by 6am to check in. By the way, if you want to check out the official notice from DFG with the news about the new rockfishing regulations, it's at: http://cdfgnews.wordpress.com/2011/06/09/new-2011-2012-recreational-groundfish-regulations-effective/.

Tuesday, June 7 - Looks like the rockcod light switch has finally turned on below Pigeon Point...limits again today for all 10 anglers onboard, 100 rockcod with the majority of the catch nice brownies and vermillions. No lings or cabs in the mix, but hopefully that will change when the areas above Pigeon Point open up. We scratched our salmon trip for Wednesday but are scheduled for rockfishing on both Thursday and Friday. Our salmon trip on Saturday is currently full, but we still have space open for our rockfishing trip on Sunday.

Monday, June 6 - Yesterday's trip on Sunday was the best day of the season so far. You can't do better than limits...and that's what we had. Limits of rockcod for all 25 anglers, 250 fish, with some real nice vermillions in the mix, at least 30 or more of them, chunky brownies and nice size blacks. Weather was amazingly nice, too. Capt. Bob said they had stripped their jackets and sweatshirts early and were down to t-shirts for the majority of the day until the wind picked up just a tad in the afternoon. We were out salmon fishing today, and by 10:00 a.m. Capt. Bob reported lots and lots of action, humpback whales all around, at least 18 fish hooked, and one that made the magic 24 inch mark and is going home with a lucky angler. They ended the day releasing a whole bunch more fish but couldn't find another keeper in the lot. We're scheduled to go rockfishing again tomorrow; if you're interested in going, we are definitely going fishing and have plenty of room available. Feel free to just simply come down in the morning and check in between 6:00 and 6:15 a.m.

Tuesday, May 31 - We had to cancel our rockfishing trip scheduled for this past Sunday as the wind came up again and blew us off the water, but we were able to make it out for salmon on Saturday and Monday. As has been the case more often than not this season, we waded through a good number of shakers and silvers to find a couple of nice salmon to take home, with a 13 pounder landed yesterday and two more keepers on Saturday with a 19 pound beauty taking top honors. According to the ocean forecast for this week for our area, it looks like the winds are supposed to stay fairly calm through the weekend, although rain gear and ponchos may be in order as the sky may spurt and sputter off and on. We'll be salmon fishing tomorrow on Wednesday and have plenty of room if you'd like to just come down in the morning. As far as our schedule for the rest of this week, we're rockfishing on Thursday and Sunday and salmon Friday and Saturday.

Thursday, May 26 - Haven't had much to report this past week, so we were hoping that would change today. We've been ducking and dodging the strong northwest winds that have been plaguing the coastline and picking and choosing the days to give it a try. Last weekend we made it out on Saturday but it was a nasty, rough day, one of those days that will no doubt keep several people from venturing out on the ocean again. But they were troopers and hung in there the best they could, and we ended the day with five nice salmon making it onboard. Next trip out was on Tuesday for rockfishing below Pigeon Point. After all that wind, the water temperature was a frigid 49 degrees and the fish had lockjaw. Thankfully the nice vermillions were hungry, as they made up a good chunk of catch for the day, with some breaking the 6 pound mark. We were back on the hunt for salmon today. It was a great day on the water weather-wise, and from listening to the guys on the radio early this morning, there were humpback whales feeding in the area, one of the really good signs the guys look for when looking for salmon, and by 8am we already had 10 salmon on the hook that they unfortunately had to throw back as they didn't make the minimum size requirement. By the end of the day, we had hooked literally dozens of salmon but not a single one was a keeper. We've scratched our trip for Friday but will give salmon fishing another try on Saturday and still have space available. Our rockfishing trip for Sunday is currently full, but we are taking standbys. We are also available for salmon fishing on Memorial Day Monday. Today the California Fish and Game Commission is finalizing the rockfishing regulations for this year and for 2012. From there, it's on to another State agency, the Office of Administrative Law, for their blessing. Upon final approval anticipated sometime early June, the coastline will be open again for rockfishing above and below Half Moon Bay, the lingcod minimum size will decrease from 24 to 22 inches, which should result in a lot more lingcod ending up on the dinner table, and we'll be able to keep an extra cabezon as the limit will increase from two to three. Rumor has it that the OAL will expedite their review, so hopefully we'll have good news to report real soon.

Monday, May 23 - Sorry for the lack of updates and problems accessing our website. Hopefully we're all back up and running. I'll put together an update as soon as I can. In the meantime, the ocean forecast is calling for the winds to die down and we're planning on going rockfishing tomorrow. Plenty of space available, but still a good idea to give us a call and put your name on the books if you'd like to join us just in case the weatherman changes his mind when we get this afternoon's update.

Tuesday and Wednesday, May 17 and 18 - Is this spring or winter? Looks and feels more like winter if you ask anyone around these parts. We're all breaking back out the winter coats and turning our heaters at home back on. And the south winds we had the last couple of days are being followed up with some hard northwesterly, just as Capt. Bob told me he expected. The ocean forecast has been changing with every report, and we'll have to take it day by day this week to see which days Mother Nature will let us get out. Our trip for Wednesday was scratched but it looks at this point that we'll be able to fish tomorrow on Thursday. We'll wait until we receive the afternoon forecast around 3pm to make the final call for Thursday's trip. If you have a reservation to join us this week, feel free to check in with us for an update, but, rest assured, if we end up making in change in plans we usually start making calls between 3pm and 4pm the day before a trip. The one thing about the weather is that, just as fast as it can come up, it can come back down. We did make it out yesterday on Monday, and the 9 guys onboard hooked 19 salmon, 14 that missed the minimum size requirement as well as two silvers we're not allowed to keep, but three guys ended up taking a fish home and had salmon for dinner. Lucky dogs.

Sunday, May 15 - Salmon yesterday, rockfishing today. By the time we got to the fishing grounds below Pigeon Point, the showers stopped, the wind went away and the fish started to bite. Nothing wide open, but not a bad scratch. Like I've been telling folks all along, you've usually got to work at it all day if you want to take home a limit fishing below Pigeon, and those that did, did, and those who decided to take a breather here and there still went home with a handful of fish, with somewhere around 250 rockfish landed for an overall average of about 7 rockfish per person. Lots of gopher rockfish in the mix and several nice vermillions, as well as the usual mixture of the various rockfish we catch in our area. We're back salmon fishing tomorrow on Monday, and as long as we get the low end of the weather forecast, we should be in good shape. Still plenty of room available; if you'd like to join us, just come on down in the morning and check in at our shop between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m.

Saturday, May 14 - Given the way the fishing had been the past several days this week and with a full complement of anglers onboard, I ended up jumping on the boat at the last minute and playing second deck for the first time in several years. Yep, I was a little rusty and not nearly as quick as I was years ago, but it definitely reminded me why I love doing what we do. It took us quite a long time to get the skunk off the boat, but after releasing several shakers and a enduring a few drivebys, a hefty 15 pounder finally made it from the bow to the stern and into the box. We had a spurt of activity here and there, especially towards the end of the day, although nothing even close to the fast and furious action they saw on Thursday's trip. It was still a very fun day, with a great group of folks onboard who cheered as each of the lunkers made it onboard. We had a good sprinkling of hookups all around the boat, with fish hooked from bow to stern and port to starboard. After giving it all we could, we only found five fish that broke that magic 24 inch mark...the ones that broke the mark, though, did so in fine fashion with not a small fish in the lot. No doubt what we lacked in quantity we definitely made up with quality. Highlight of the day was when John Eckert of San Jose hooked and landed the biggest salmon of the year so far on the Queen of Hearts, an absolutely gorgeous, HUGE 27 pounder, that only gave up after quite a battle. Even though the weatherman had tried to scare us with the threat of "scattered showers and possible thunderstorms," it was an extremely nice day on the Northern California Pacific Ocean with just a low swell, not much wind to speak of, and the usual "Half Moon Bay Grey" sky.

Friday, May 13 - With the 24 inch minimum we are strapped with this year, I thought the idea of landing limits of salmon for a boatload of folks would be a tough order. Well, with yesterday's action, it should've happened. But even though it was limit style fishing, unfortunately more fish were lost than landed. We still ended up in great shape with 20 salmon landed for 16 anglers to 16 pounds, but there were probably at least twice that number of fish that were either farmed due to tightening down the drag (bad boy, Geno!!), putting thumbs on the spool, trying to horse in fish, busting them off due to wrapped leaders, and a few that just simply won the battle and found their way to freedom, as well as several of those pesky 22 and 23 inch shakers. But boy, oh boy, was it fun. Reminded us why we're in this business. It's been way too long since we had that kind of fun. They're back on the water right now, even though the wind came up more this morning than expeced, so I've got my fingers crossed they land on them again today. The area where they're fishing doesn't get cell phone reception, so I won't have any updates until they are on their way back in.

Thursday, May 12 - THIS IS WHAT WE'VE BEEN WAITING FOR! WIDE OPEN SALMON FISHING!!!! - Touched base with Capt. Bob a little after 8:30 this morning and he was out of breath as he reported that the salmon fishing was Wide "Stinkin" Open (slightly edited version). They already had 11 salmon in the box, should have had at least 18 or more, had several they've released and lots and lots and lots of action. They had spurts with four fish on at once, only to lose half of them in the excitement of the moment...REMINDER: DON'T PUT YOUR THUMB ON THE SPOOL TO TRY TO STOP THE FISH FROM RUNNING!!! More big fish are lost unnecessarily that way than we want to count. We haven't seen action like this salmon fishing since 2007. How long will it last? Who stinkin' knows! Capt. Bob also reported that the weather was fine on the ocean, and the forecast for tomorrow is not much different than today, and Saturday looks even better but there's the possibility of a scattered shower. How else can I say it?...GO FISHING!

Tuesday, May 10 - BIG NEWS: The National Marine Fisheries Service (the fishing feds) announced yesterday by email that they have now officially approved and accepted the regulations that were put on hold a few months back for this year and next year's rockfishing season. Now, if the State of California has enough time to get the administrative processes completed in time, here's what will happen: Hopefully sometime between June 1 and June 13, the areas off our coastline north of Pigeon Point will be open for rockfishing for anglers fishing onboard vessels, which means we are no longer required to fish below Pigeon Point unless we choose to, and we'll be back running our SWLT rockfishing trips at our usual haunts such as Pescadero, Martins Beach and the like. In addition, the minimum size for lingcod will be reduced from 24 inches to 22 inches, which should result in a lot more lingcod going home with folks. We will also be able to keep one more cabezon as part of our rockfish limit, as the number of cabezon that can be kept will increase from two to three. Last, but not least, the season will remain open an extra couple of months, all the way through December 31, unless, of course, there's any inseason adjustment made in the future. These regulations will apply to 2011 and 2012, so at least we know in advance what we can expect for next year for a change. After years and years of continuing slashes made to our fisheries, it's almost hard to believe that finally we might actually get a little given back. The announcement will be published in the Federal Register tomorrow, and I'll post the link once it becomes available. Now, keep in mind that this is not official in State waters (coastline out to three miles) until it is approved by the California Fish and Game Commission and other state agencies, so we can't count our chickens before they hatch, but we are sure keeping a close eye on the eggs. We'll definitely let you know of any more news as soon as we receive it. As far as this week goes, the weather looked great for tomorrow on Wednesday, but unfortunately we've scratched the trip as we only had a handful of folks on the books, and the sad truth is that wouldn't even pay for the fuel we'd burn running to Pigeon Point. The forecast looks like we should be able to go out Thursday and Friday, as long as there are enough folks interested. This weekend also looks fine on the ocean even though there is a chance of showers in the forecast. As long as you're not afraid of melting, it looks like we're going fishing. Give us a call if you'd like to be added to the books.

Sunday, May 6 - Quick update: The ocean weather forecast has been rotten the last couple of days but we've been able to make it out and catch fish each day. Today we ended up with 8 salmon for 8 guys to 16 pounds, and yesterday's rockcod produced another 5 or 6 rockcod per person average, kinda the norm for rockfishing below Pigeon Point this time of year. Forecast still looks rotten but we're going to give it another try tomorrow on Monday and see if the ocean lets us make it out again to find a few more salmon. Plenty of room; if you'd like to join us, just come on down and check in at our shop in the morning between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30.

Thursday, May 5 - Sorry I haven't had the time to update this info the last couple of days. A lot of folks don't realize that I have a 9 to 5 job Monday through Friday on top of having the shop and the boat. Sometimes there's just too much to do and not enough time to do it all, and it's been one of those kind of weeks. Got the boat out this morning and have a few minutes before I head off back across the Bay to my job in Hayward, so figured I'd try to get caught up a tad. This past Saturday was Opening Day for rockfishing below Pigeon Point. The past couple of years Pigeon Point has been a tough spot to find cooperative fish early in the season, but this Opening Day we ended up with a couple of hundred fish, about a 6 fish per person average with some folks walking home with their 10 fish limits and others heading home with just a few fish. Capt. Bob said there were several nice reds, some good size browns and gophers, as well as a general mixture of rockfish, along with three lingcod and a cabezon. Nothing to set the world on fire, but we'll take it for now and have hope that the area will crank out some fish as the month goes on. On the salmon front, we had a good day on Monday with the retired Fishing Fools gang landing 8 salmon to 13 pounds for their group of 8, with another four keepers that either won their way to freedom or were lost due to a couple of wrapped leaders (refer back to April 25 info). The wind came up on Tuesday so we crossed the day off. It backed down enough to let us back out yesterday on Wednesday to hunt for some more salmon, but we just never could get out of the jellyfish long enough to give us much of a chance to find some fish. We ended up with two keepers to 13 pounds and shook a couple others. Today we're heading back down the coast to the rockcod grounds below Pigeon Point. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post an update about today's trip later this afternoon.

Monday, May 2 - Not enough time today to be able to give details about the last three days; I'll do my best to post it asap within the next day or two. Our trip for Tuesday was been cancelled as the northwinds are forecast to increase back to 15 to 25 knots. It's supposed to come back down for Wednesday so we're back salmon fishing on Wednesday. Plenty of room for Wednesday's trip; if you'd like to join us, just come on down in the morning and check in at our shop between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m.

Saturday, April 30 - Just a quick update: weather for Sunday's opening day for rockfishing below Pigeon Point looks darn good with the forecast calling for a low 4 to 6 foot swell with very little wind, north 5 to 10 knots. At this point our trip is full for Sunday, but we are scheduled for rockfishing next week Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Wednesday, April 26 - The weatherman lied. Yesterday afternoon the ocean forecast was calling for only 5 to 15 knots of wind, low enough to give us just enough wiggle room between yesterday's and Thursday's winds to squeeze in the day today. This morning, though, the forecast had been bumped up to 15 to 25 knots of wind. We made it out as the guys were troopers and toughed it out, but it was far from a nice day...Thank you, Mr. Weatherman. Bob made it out to the Deep Reef area, put the lines in the water, the weather on his tail and started tacking downhill. The Deep Reef was loaded with jellyfish making it impossible to fish there. So they went to the outside edge of the Reef, got a few scratched baits but not much else. Arriving below the Deep Reef they ended up hooking 13 salmon, 10 of which we had to kiss goodbye to grow up a tad, one definite keeper that spit the hook just outside of range of the net (sorry Mark), and we ended up with two that we were able to keep. Today was Fred's second trip of the season; he's seen lots of action, releasing eight salmon so far, but he's still looking for his first keeper. Like I keep saying, good numbers of fish out there but tough to find those 24 plus inchers we can take home. The wind is supposed to howl on the ocean Thursday so we've cancelled our trip tomorrow, and as it stands right now we're watching Friday real close as it looks about the same. Thankfully the wind is supposed to back down for the weekend, and by Sunday it's looking like we are supposed to have some real decent weather with only 3 to 5 foot swells and not too much wind. Sunday is the Opening Day for rockfishing below Pigeon Point, and there's still 8 spots left. If you'd like to join us for Sunday's trip, give us a call if you'd like us to put you on the books. Hopefully the rockfish will be waiting for us and wanna come out and play.

Monday, April 25 - A couple of keepers were lost yesterday due to wrapped leaders...don't let this happen to you! What's a wrapped leader? Well, let's see if I can explain. When you go to put your bait in the water, a lot of times the sinker and sinker release will spin around a few times before the sinker hits the water. The leader attached to the end of the sinker release, rather than coming straight directly off the back of the release, will get wrapped around the front of the release. All seems fine until you hook a fish and come up with nothing but a one inch piece of fishing line at the end of your sinker release, as the pressure of the fish snaps the line right where the leader wrapped around the sinker release. So, here's your tip for the day: make sure your leader does not wrap around your release as you're putting it in the water. If you're not sure what I'm trying to explain, just make sure the deckhands show you so you know what not to do. We don't want to make it even easier on the salmon to get away than it already is. One of the first fish hooked today didn't get away, thank goodness, as it was a real nice 19 pounder. Cell reception on the ocean is pretty lousy nowadays, but I got through to Bob on the cell phone early this morning and it was very cool to hear something I haven't heard in a long time: "on the hook, gotta go." Boy, I've missed that. Go get 'em, Bob.

Friday, April 22 - We found fish first thing in the morning again, but finding the big fish we're allowed to take home was the tough part today, with two out of 28 fish brought over the rail breaking the 24 inch barrier. So why did Fish & Game set the minimum size at 24 inches anyway? The word we were told is that it's in an attempt to protect as many winter run salmon as possible while being able to keep the season open for as many months as possible. We know it's heartbreaking to release a lot of these wonderful fish that we could have kept in years past. The alternative of not being able to fish is even worse, though, so we'll all just have to live with the hand we've been dealt, know that any fish we take home is going to be an awfully nice fish, and hope the minimum size is reduced next time around. It looks so far like there should be lots of salmon we'll be able to take home this year but they're just not going to make it easy on us. Every day will be different, and we'll see what tomorrow brings. As far as tomorrow, there is a slight chance of showers in the forecast but that won't affect our trip. The ocean forecast looks fine, and, like we always say, the fish don't care because they're already wet. If you have a reservation, bring along some light raingear if you have it and we'll see you at the shop bright and early in the morning.

Thursday, April 21 - They left the dock at 6:15, and at 7:30 I heard Bob's voice over the VHF letting me know they already had the first fish of the day on the hook. And looked like it was a keeper. But then it got away. Darn. Ten minutes later, though, next fish on, and this one went in the box. Five more minutes, another fish on, but it missed the 24 inch mark and was released. They continued to hook, catch, release and hook again, with Geno landing his two fish limit consisting of a nice 10 and 15 pounder by 10 in the morning. Around 1:00, Bob got through on the cell phone and told me that the person I had predicted in the morning to catch the biggest fish of the day had just done exactly that: 13 year old Haley from Cupertino got a fish of a lifetime when she landed a beautiful 26 pounder that hit the deck with a thud to an array of cheers and congrats. We even had a triple header towards the end of the day. They all looked to be keepers but one of them won its freedom. By days end, we went home with a lot of memories after a day of limit style fishing and eight gorgeous salmon including the 26 pound monster. We're really excited about the next couple of days with some great looking ocean conditions coming our way as long as the weatherman don't change his mind. Due to a last minute change, we have two spots open for our trip tomorrow on Friday; you want them, be at our shop when we open the doors at 5am. Still four spots open for Saturday, and about a dozen spots left for Sunday. Reservations definitely recommended for the weekend.

13 year old Haley from Cupertino, California with her beautiful 26 pound salmon she landed on Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday, April 20 - Just like yesterday, there were a lot of salmon caught, but the challenge was getting one of those 24 inch plus fish on the hook that we could take home. Out of the 30 salmon hooked, three fish that would have been keepers were stolen by a very pesky sealion, we landed four and released the other 23 with several heartbreakers that just missed the mark. No doubt there was lots of action, and Capt. Bob was encouraged with the way things looked with a lot of potential for tomorrow. Hopefully we'll find a few more of those 10 pound plus fish we can take home next time. The wind did come up and made for a rough ocean today, but it's supposed to switch around tomorrow with only a 2 to 4 foot swell. Plenty of room to join us tomorrrow...no reservation required...just come on down and check in when we open the doors at our shop at 5:00 a.m. Our trips for Friday and Saturday are booking up, so definitely give a call asap if you'd like to join us on one of those days. We are also running this Sunday on Easter, so if you don't have any Easter Bunny duties and would like to go fishing, we're available. On the rockcod scene, Opening Day below Pigeon Point opens on Sunday, May 1, and we have scheduled that day for rockfishing and have our fingers crossed we'll find some cooperative rockfish that day. Plenty of space still open for May 1st, but, as just about always, reservations a darn good idea.

Tuesday, April 19 - Back from vacation...it was absolutely fantastic. Details later. Quick update: lots of action on our salmon grounds the last few days. Talked to Bob on the boat around 10am this morning. We have 9 guys out fishing, and at that point they had hooked 11 salmon, two of them were over the 24 inch minimum, 8 of them were last years' keepers between the 20 and 24 inch mark so unfortunately they had to be released, and only one was a true-less-than-20-inch-shaker. Good action. Great weather. Looks good for the next several days with very low swells in the forecast. Saturday is filling up quick, but plenty of room the rest of the week. If you want to join us, be sure to give us a call or send an email to put your name on the books. More details later when I get a little more time....

Friday, April 15 - Our daugther Marie reported that today was the day we've been waiting for...the best day of the season so far. T-shirt weather, lots of action, two fish short of limits with 12 fish landed for 7 anglers, fishing in our back yard south of the Deep Reef down to Pigeon Point. Weather looks good for the weekend. If you'd like to join us for a salmon trip this weekend, be sure to call the shop between 8am and 4pm to reserve a spot or two or three. Sounds like there's still plenty of room for Saturday so you can just show up in the morning and check in at our shop between 5:00 a.m. and 5:30. Plenty of room for Sunday, too, but still a good idea to give a call, NOT email, if you'd like an update on how things are going and/or make a reservation for Sunday's trip or a day next week. I'll be returning on Monday and will see what I can do to get a full update together when I return.

Monday, April 11 - Just a quick update as I'm currently out of the country and trying to keep in touch with what's happening back at home with very limited internet access. I'll provide details when I get back.... In the meantime, sounds like the crew did a great job over the weekend and got the skunk off the boat, landing 6 beautiful salmon in the 10 to 15 pound class on Saturday, with another half a dozen keepers lost in the heat of the battle, in addition to another couple dozen shakers. We knew the 24 inch minimum would result in a lot of fish missing the mark, but we're just glad to be back fishing. Sounds like there was lots of action with another couple dozen hookups that won their way to freedom, with a lot of folks onboard on Saturday new to this salmon fishing thing. That's about all the details I have for now. If you want to check in for more detail, just give our shop a call during the day and they'll do what they can to let you know how things are going and our current availability. Our shop is open from at least 8am to 4pm daily. On days we're fishing, we'll have the doors open at 5am.

Thursday, April 7 - Looking at the updated ocean weather forecast from NOAA this morning, it looks like we're in good shape for both this Saturday and Sunday. We still have space available for our trip this Saturday, but Sunday is full at this point. If you'd like to join us Saturday, or for a future trip, give us a call to grab a spot or two or three.

Monday, April 4 - The wind gave us the break we needed and we were able to head out today for the first salmon trip of the season. We started near the Deep Reef area and headed down to below Pigeon Point. A couple of miles below Deep Reef we hooked two salmon, one looked like it was a nice pumper, but unfortunately both of them came off the hook. We found lots of bait on the meter, humpback whale feeding, birds working, but nothing to bring home. It's a big ocean, so we'll just have to keep looking to find the right spot. We were one of the only charter boats on the water, so without many scouts out searching there's lots of territory yet to be explored, including the deepwater canyons where the fish can be hanging out this time of year and the waters above the harbor. Unfortunately, the wind, our worst enemy on the ocean, is forecast to blow the next couple of days, so we've already gone ahead and cancelled our trips through Friday. Hopefully it will settle down and we can get back on the water for the weekend. The one good thing about all this wind is it can bring the upwelling that gets the salmon to bite.

Saturday, April 2 - Well, we had approval from the government to go fishing today, but Mother Nature had a different idea. Yesterday's ocean weather forecast for today had us worried, but after a week of gorgeous weather, we had to at least wait until this morning to see if we might be able to squeek in our trip before the front rolled in. We loaded up the boat and headed out, but it didn't take long to know that the swells and wind were going to be too much, and, as much as we hated to do it, Capt. Bob turned the bow back to the harbor and headed back in long before we even had a chance to put the lines in the water. With the forecast for Sunday calling for more of the same, we scratched our trip for Sunday, too. Now, for the glimmer of hope: One of the other captains that gave it a shot this morning made it out just past the PP buoy, and, after trolling for just a few minutes, they hooked and landed a nice 12 pound salmon before throwing in the towel shortly thereafter and heading back in. Hopefully that's a sign of good things to come once the ocean calms down. And, on that note, last I saw, the weather forecast for Monday looks great, and at this point it looks like the best day out of the next five days. If you were thinking about giving fishing a try on a weekday this coming week, I'd definitely recommend giving Monday a shot if you can. We have plenty of room available, but, as always, we do recommend giving us a call and grabbing your spot if you'd like to join us.

Friday, April 1 - The T's have been crossed and the I's have been dotted, and the 2011 salmon season off our coastline opens tomorrow, Saturday, April 2. Official notice from DFG is now available on their website at: http://cdfgnews.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/ocean-salmon-fishing-season-to-open-april-2/. There is a two fish per person limit with a minimum size requirement of at least 24 inches. We anticipate that the season will remain open through the summer and into the fall, but the final decision regarding when the season will close will be announced after the next fishery management meeting that takes place the second week of April. Still have a couple of spots open for tomorrow's trip, available first come, first serve. If you'd like to join us this weekend, please call at this point, not email, to make sure we are able to confirm reservations. We have space open every day next week, too, but reservations are definitely recommended, not only to make sure we have room but so we are able to get in touch with you if there is any unexpected change in plans. If you call after 5pm for info about the next day's trip, be sure to listen carefully to my recording as I do update it every afternoon with complete details about the next days' trip.

Wednesday, March 9 - The final options from the Pacific Fishery Management Council's meeting this week are unanimous: their recommendation is for the salmon season to open on Saturday, April 2. Once approved, the next step is for the California Department of Fish and Game Commission to approve the PFMC's recommendation on this coming Monday, which sounds like a slam dunk. The final hurdle is then a blessing by California's Office of Administrative Law; as long as they agree, we'll be salmon fishing on Saturday, April 2. So, with all that said, we're going with it: we're now scheduling salmon trips beginning on Saturday, April 2. Obviously if you make a reservation and there is a change to the opening of the season, we'll let you know immediately. So, if you're ready to dust off your salmon gear and see what's swimming off our coastline, give us a call or send an email and we'll put you on the books. As far as the rockfishing season, unless and until we are told otherwise, 2010 regulations will remain in effect for this season, which means the rockfishing season below Pigeon Point will open on Sunday, May 1 and above Pigeon Point on Monday, June 13.

February 2011 - Salmon fishing beginning on April 2?? Sure sounds like it's a real possibility. A press release from DFG was posted: (http://cdfgnews.wordpress.com/2011/02/09/dfg-to-host-public-meeting-on-california-salmon-stocks-and-fisheries/, setting the table for a possible April 2nd opening of the 2011 salmon season. We should know a lot more after the Pacific Fishery Management Council's next meeting that ends on March 10. The word so far sounds real encouraging, with the returning salmon counts coming in at good numbers. As far as the rockfishing season, hopefully we'll know more on it, too, when Bob attends the March meeting. As it stands right now, 2010 rockfishing regulations remain in place until further notice, so, unless things change, we could be rockfishing as of May 1st, but it's far from set in stone yet. Until we can get back to fishing, we're still running whale watching trips here and there, with the next trip scheduled for 1pm on Sunday, February 13 (take your Valentine whale watching?), and we have a trip set for President's Day, Monday, February 21st at 10am. If you'd like to join us, be sure to give us a call or send an email so we can put you on the books.

January 2011 - Not much happening right now, just a little whale watching and one non-contest day to check out Mavericks this month, as the fishing seasons are closed January, February and March along our coastline to boat-based anglers. The whale watching trip was absolutely fantastic, with one of the best showings of whales our crew has seen in several years. The Mavericks trip we ran was in the afternoon on Saturday, January 22, just after one of the surfers narrowly escaped drowning that morning, so folks had a good time seeing Mavericks in its glory but there was definitely a little air let out of the balloon after the mornings' rescue. Other than that, it's sanding and painting time for the Queen of Hearts, a task not easy to do at times in Half Moon Bay with the cold air and moist conditions, even in spite of the extremely nice weather we're having for this time of year. But the old girl is starting to sparkle and shine....

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