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Fishing Report
ARCHIVE - 2005

Ron Mancuso of San Jose showing off his 34 pounder to the Queen he caught on April 15, 2003

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2004 Archive
2003 Archive

Sun., Oct. 30 - 22 anglers,
Sat., Oct. 29 - 14 anglers, 102 rockcod + 1 cab to 8#
Fri., Oct. 28 - 7 anglers, 66 rockcod + 4 cabs to 7#, 6 lings to 16#
Thu., Oct. 27 - 13 anglers, 128 rockcod + 2 cabs to 7#, 5 lings to 12#
Wed., Oct. 26 - 11 anglers, 110 rockcod
Tue., Oct. 25 - 13 anglers, 129 rockcod + 1 cab to 5#, 1 ling to 8#
Mon., Oct. 24 - 12 anglers, 77 rockcod, 1 cab, 1 ling to 9#
Sun., Oct. 23 - 12 anglers, 120 rockcod
Sat., Oct. 22 - 36 anglers, 232 rockcod, 4 lings to 10#
Fri., Oct. 21 - 18 anglers, 126 rockcod + 5 cabs to 6#, 10 lings to 12#
Thu., Oct. 20 - 9 anglers, 90 rockcod, 1 ling to 7#
Wed., Oct. 19 - 12 anglers, 119 rockfish + 1 cab to 4#, 4 lingcod to 12#
Tue., Oct. 18 - Research trip
Mon., Oct. 17 - Rescheduled Fishing Fools for calmer weather
Sun., Oct. 16 - 24 anglers, amazing we caught anything, exact score?
Sat., Oct. 15 - 34 anglers, 302 rockfish + 2 cabs to 7#, 3 lings to 10#
Fri., Oct. 14 - 19 anglers, 173 rockfish + 1 cab to 6#, 4 lings to 11#
Thu., Oct. 13 - 18 anglers, 175 rockfish + 5 cabs to 9#, 5 lings to 12#
Wed., Oct. 12 - 35 anglers, 350 rockfish, 14 lings to 16#, 2 halibut to 18#
Tue., Oct. 11 - 6 anglers, 60 rockfish, 3 lings to 7 lbs.
Mon., Oct. 10 - 20 anglers, 200 rockfish, 12 lings to 19 lbs.
Sun., Oct. 9 - 13 PAL kids, 65 rockfish
Sat., Oct. 8 - Too much swell and too much wind for our liking...cancelled
Fri., Oct. 7 - 10 anglers, 100 rockfish, 2 lings to 7 lbs.
Thu., Oct. 6 - 14 anglers, 91 rockfish, 4 cabs to 8#, 3 lings to 10#
Wed., Oct. 5 - 20 anglers, 145 rockcod, 1 cabezon, 1 ling
Tue., Oct. 4 - 24 anglers, 121 rockcod + 2 cabs to 2#
Mon., Oct. 3 - 6 anglers, 2 salmon to 17 lbs.
Sun., Oct. 2 -
Sat., Oct. 1 - PM -
Sat., Oct. 1 - AM - 23 anglers, 229 rockcod + 1 cabezon, 1 lingcod
Fri., Sep. 30 - Private charter: 59 rockcod for the 6 who fished
Thu., Sep. 29 - 11 anglers, 5 salmon to 20 pounds
Wed., Sep. 28 - 15 anglers, 138 rockcod + 12 cabs to 10#, 30 lings (limits!) to 15#
Tue., Sep. 27 - 18 anglers, 169 rockcod + 11 cabs to 11#, 9 lings to 12#, 30# halibut
Mon., Sep. 26 - 7 anglers, 14 salmon (limits!) to 25 pounds!
Sun., Sep. 25 - 19 anglers, 189 rockcod + 1 cab, 2 lings to 10#
Sat., Sep. 24 - PM - 35 anglers, 350 rockcod, 1 ling to 8#
Sat., Sep. 24 - AM - 24 anglers, 137 rockcod, 3 cabs to 4#, 8 lings to 12#
Fri., Sep. 23 - 13 anglers, 130 rockcod
Thu., Sep. 22 - 10 anglers, 100 rockcod, 7 lingcod to 12#
Wed., Sep. 21 - 14 anglers, 133 rockcod + 7 cabs to 12#, 6 lings to 11#
Tue., Sep. 20 - 19 anglers, 184 rockcod + 6 cabs to 5#, 7 lings to 15#
Mon., Sep. 19 - 14 anglers, 132 rockcod + 8 cabs to 8#, 5 lings to 15#
Sun., Sep. 18 - 15 anglers, 145 rockcod + 5 cabs, 8 lingcod to 9#
Sat., Sep. 17 - PM - 14 anglers, 140 rockcod, 5 lingcod to 10#
Sat., Sep. 17 - AM - 21 anglers, 202 rockcod + 8 cabs to 8#, 13 lings to 14#
Fri., Sep. 16 - 16 anglers, 158 rockcod + 2 cabs to 6#, 3 lings to 9#
Thu., Sep. 15 - 32 anglers, 315 rockcod + 5 cabs to 8#, 10 lings to 16#
Wed., Sep. 14 - 27 anglers, 254 rockcod + 16 cabs to 10#, 26 lings to 26#
Tue., Sep. 13 - 21 anglers, 210 rockcod, 7 lings to 12#
Mon., Sep. 12 - 6 Fishing Fools, 2 salmon to 14 lbs.
Sun., Sep. 11 - 36 anglers, 349 rockcod + 11 cabs to 10#, 9 lings to 14#
Sat., Sep. 10 - PM - 31 anglers, ??? rockcod, 21 lingcod to 16#
Sat., Sep. 10 - AM - 32 anglers, 317 rockcod + 3 cabs to 8#, 12 lings to 16#
Fri., Sep. 9 - 4 tuna hunters, saw two swordfish but no tuna
Thu., Sep. 8 - 14 anglers, 126 rockcod, ll lings to 15#
Wed., Sep. 7 - 27 anglers, 267 rockcod + 3 cabs to 6#, 4 lings to 15#
Tue., Sep. 6 - 9 anglers, 90 rockcod, 6 lings to 12#
Mon., Sep. 5 - 22 anglers, 211 rockcod + 9 cabs to 9#, 22 lingcod to 15#
Sun., Sep. 4 - PM - 23 anglers, report to follow...
Sun., Sep. 4 - AM - 33 anglers, 329 rockcod + 1 cab to 6#, 13 lingcod to 16#
Sat., Sep. 3 - PM - 32 anglers, 320 rockcod, 10 lingcod to 17#
Sat., Sep. 3 - AM - 36 anglers, 345 rockcod + 12 cabs to 8#, 15 lingcod to 13#
Fri., Sep. 2 - 11 anglers, 8 salmon to 25 lbs. (lost another 6)
Thu., Sep. 1 - 25 anglers, 249 rockcod + 1 cab to 5#, 8 lingcod to 9#
Wed., Aug. 31 - 17 anglers, 168 rockcod + 2 cabs to 7#, 1 lingcod to 9#
Tue., Aug. 30 - 8 anglers, 80 rockcod, 1 lingcod to 10# + 1 lingcod to a great white!
Mon., Aug. 29 - 17 anglers, 119 rockcod + 8 cabs to 8#, 16 lingcod to 18 lbs.
Sun., Aug. 28 - 14 anglers, 135 rockcod + 5 cabs to 8#, 15 lingcod to 12 lbs.
Sat., Aug. 27 - PM - 37 anglers, 264 rockcod + 7 cabs to 8#, 13 lings to 15#, 1 - 24# halibut
Sat., Aug. 27 - AM - 22 anglers, 208 rockcod + 12 cabs to 8#, 37 lings to 28 lbs.
Fri., Aug. 26 - 36 anglers, 356 rockcod + 4 cabs to 7#, 42 lings to 16 lbs.
Thu., Aug. 25 - 32 anglers, 320 rockcod, 18 lings to 12#, 27 lb. halibut
Wed., Aug. 24 - 32 anglers, 307 rockcod + 13 cabs to 7#, 19 ling to 12#
Tue., Aug. 23 - 21 anglers, lots of wishing but no salmon
Mon., Aug. 22 - 6 anglers, 1 salmon to a whopping 4 pounds
Sun., Aug. 21 - 31 anglers, 225 rockcod + 23 cabs to 8#, 9 lings to 21#, 4 halibut to 22#
Sat., Aug. 20 - PM - 35 anglers, 237 rockcod, 8 cabs to 6#, 3 lings to 10#
Sat., Aug. 20 - AM - 15 anglers, 137 rockcod + 13 cabs to 9#, 18 lings to 22#, 30 lb. halibut
Fri., Aug. 19 - 6 anglers, 7 albacore to 29 pounds
Thu., Aug. 18 - 28 anglers, 273 rockcod + 7 cabs to 8#, 7 ling to 14#
Wed., Aug. 17 - 35 anglers, 333 rockcod + 17 cabs, 26 lings to 26#, 40# soupfin shark
Tue., Aug. 16 - 32 anglers, 292 rockcod + 28 cabs to 13#, 29 lings to 26#
Mon., Aug. 15 - 29 anglers, 232 rockcod + 7 cabs, 5 lings to 12#
Sun., Aug. 14 - 26 anglers, 248 rockcod + 12 cabs to 8#, 15 lings to 17#
Sat., Aug. 13 - 24 anglers, 238 rockcod + 2 cabs to 8#, 13 lings to 20 lbs.
Fri., Aug. 12 - 13 anglers, 117 rockcod + 13 cabs to 10#, 22 lings to 22 lbs.
Thu., Aug. 11 - 20 anglers, 196 rockcod + 4 cabs to 6#, 20 lings to 17#
Wed., Aug. 10 - 35 anglers, 325 rockcod, 25 cabs to 12#, 46 lings to 29#, 2 halibut to 26#
Tue., Aug. 9 - 34 anglers, 324 rockcod + 16 cabs to 10#, 13 lings to 23 lbs.
Mon., Aug. 8 - 7 Fishing Fools, 14 salmon (limits) to 10 lbs.
Sun., Aug. 7 - 32 anglers, 301 rockcod + 19 cabs to 10#, 10 lings to 15 lbs.
Sat., Aug. 6 - PM - 25 anglers, nice afternoon, but only 3 salmon
Sat., Aug. 6 - AM - 32 anglers went rockfishing...score to come
Wed., July 27 - 24 anglers, 217 rockfish + 23 cabs to 9#, 39 lingcod to 14#
Tue., July 26 - 31 anglers, 202 rockfish, 9 cabs to 8#, 14 lings to 12#, 4 halibut to 16#
Mon., July 25 - 5 Fishing Fools, 10 salmon (limits) + 1 crew fish to 20 lbs.
Sun., July 24 - 16 anglers, 151 rockfish + 9 cabs to 8#, 19 lings to 14#, 26# halibut
Sat., July 23 - PM - 37 anglers, 243 rockfish, 3 cabs to 6#, 5 lings to 15#
Sat., July 23 - AM - 33 anglers, 264 rockfish, 26 cabs to 8#, 31 lings to 18#, 12# 'but
Fri., July 22 - 25 anglers, 12 salmon to 14 lbs.
Thu., July 21 - PM - 11 anglers, 12 salmon to 15 lbs.
Thu., July 21 - AM - 31 anglers, 310 rockfish, 5 lingcod to 15 lbs.
Wed., July 20 - 34 anglers, 316 rockfish + 24 cabs, 27 lings to 10#
Tue., July 19 - 9 anglers, ??? salmon
Mon., July 18 - 32 anglers, 299 rockfish + 21 cabs to 9#, 14 lingcod to 13 lbs.
Sun., July 17 - 26 anglers, 14 salmon to 8 lbs.
Sat., July 16 - PM - 25 anglers, 4 salmon to 20 lbs. (lost several, all big fish)
Sat., July 16 - AM -
Fri., July 15 - 19 anglers, 174 rockfish + 16 cabs, 7 lingcod to 26 lbs.
Thu., July 14 - PM - 18 anglers, 10 salmon to 24 pounds
Thu., July 14 - AM - 12 anglers, 118 rockfish + 2 cabs to 8#
Wed., July 13 - 20 PAL kids, caught some, lousy weather, came back
Tue., July 12 - 29 anglers, 283 rockfish + 7 cabs to 6#, 3 lings to ?? lbs.
Mon., July 11 - 6 Fishing Fools went out, hit brick wall of wind, came back
Sun., July 10 - 24 anglers, 22 lb. salmon to 23 pounds
Sat., July 9 - PM - 26 anglers, 14 salmon to 22 pounds (15 lb. average!)
Sat., July 9 - AM - 21 anglers, 42 salmon (limits) to 23 pounds
Fri., July 8 - 13 anglers, 117 rockfish + 13 cabs to 9#, 13 lings to 20 lbs.
Thu., July 7 - PM - 7 anglers, hooked half dozen, landed one 7 pounder
Thu., July 7 - AM - 21 PAL kids, 168 rockfish, 18 cabs to 8#, 19 lings to 21 lbs.
Wed., July 6 - 37 anglers, 290 rockfish, 6 cabs to 9#, 36 lingcod to 14 lbs.
Tue., July 5 - PM - 15 anglers, landed one and called it quits; too much weather
Tue., July 5 - 16 PAL kids, 93 rockfish, 2 cabs, 4 lingcod
Mon., July 4 - 32 anglers, 296 rockfish + 24 cabs to 8# (limits); 14 lings to 13#
Sun., July 3 - PM: 23 anglers - 26 salmon to 10 lbs. (and another 50 released)
Sun., July 3 - AM: 16 anglers - 4 salmon to 19 lbs. (tough weather offshore)
Sat., July 2 - PM: 26 anglers - 7 salmon to 18 lbs., 4 jack mackeral
Sat., July 2 - AM: 31 anglers - 298 rockfish + 12 cabezon to 8# (limits), 14 lings to 12#
Fri., July 1 - 34 anglers, 309 rockfish + 31 cabezon to 7# (limits), 29 lings to 19#
Thu., June 30 - PM: 25 anglers, 30 salmon to 17 lbs.
Thu., June 30 - AM: 22 anglers, 22 salmon to 21 lbs.
Wed., June 29 - PM: 12 anglers, 6 salmon all 15 to 21 lbs.
Wed, June 29 - AM: 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 28 lbs.
Tuesday, June 28 - 20 PAL kids, 36 salmon to 30 lbs.
Monday, June 27 - 15 PAL kids, 28 salmon to 23 lbs.
Sunday, June 26 - 21 anglers, 42 salmon (limits) to 24 lbs.
Saturday, June 25 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 26 lbs.
Friday, June 24 - 23 anglers, 46 salmon (limits) to 35 POUNDS!!!
Thursday, June 23 - 24 anglers, 23 salmon to 19 lbs.
Wednesday, June 22 - 26 anglers, 52 salmon (limits) to 22 lbs.
Tuesday, June 21 - 4 anglers (private charter), 8 salmon (limits) to 13 lbs.
Monday, June 20 - 8 anglers, 16 salmon (limits) to 18 lbs.
Sunday, June 19 - 28 anglers, 56 salmon (limits) to 18 lbs.
Saturday, June 18 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 17 lbs.
Friday, June 17 - Day off to let system roll through
Thursday, June 16 - 12 anglers, 5 salmon to 8 lbs.
Wednesday, June 15 - 11 anglers, 3 salmon to 12 lbs. (lots of shakers)
Tuesday, June 14 - 10 anglers, 4 salmon to 10 lbs.
Monday, June 13 - Cancelled...going to give it a try Tuesday
Sunday, June 12 - Cancelled - too much wind, swells too close
Saturday, June 11 - Went out, hit wall of wind, came back
Friday, June 10 - 12 anglers, 24 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Thursday, June 9 - 16 anglers, 9 salmon to 19 lbs.
Wednesday, June 8 - 6 anglers, 4 salmon
Tuesday, June 7 - 6 anglers, 2 salmon
Monday, June 6 - Cancelled but hope for Tuesday
Sunday, June 5 - Cancelled again
Saturday, June 4 - Cancelled - too much wind
Friday, June 3 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Thursday, June 2 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Wednesday, June 1 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Tuesday, May 31 - 10 anglers, 17 salmon to 15 lbs.
Monday, May 30 - 25 anglers, 25 salmon to 16 lbs.
Sunday, May 29 - 18 anglers, 23 salmon to 15 lbs.
Saturday, May 28 - 22 anglers, 17 salmon to 22 lbs. (more than 70 hooked)
Friday, May 27 - 14 anglers, 19 salmon to 16 lbs.
Thursday, May 26 - 15 anglers, 3 salmon to 15 lbs.
Wednesday, May 25 - 16 anglers, 10 salmon to 14 lbs. (8 more fed to sealions)
Tuesday, May 24 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast; looks good for Wednesday
Monday, May 23 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Sunday, May 22 - Cancelled due to ocean forecast
Saturday, May 21 - 20 anglers, 16 salmon to 14 lbs.
Friday, May 20 - 10 anglers, 19 salmon to 18 lbs.
Thursday, May 19 - Cancelled due to high swell forecast and south wind
Wednesday, May 18 - Too much wind, cancelled
Tuesday, May 17 - 12 anglers, 24 salmon (limits) to 14 lbs.
Monday, May 16 - 6 Fishin Fools, 1 salmon to 12 lbs.
Sunday, May 15 - 10 anglers, 12 salmon to 11 lbs.
Saturday, May 14 - 16 anglers, 7 salmon to 11
Friday, May 13 - 16 anglers, 4 salmon to 13 lbs.
Thursday, May 12 - 14 anglers, 1 salmon to 9 lbs.
Wednesday, May 11 - 18 anglers, 1 salmon to 9 lbs.
Tuesday, May 10 - 12 anglers, 4 salmon to 11 lbs.
Monday, May 9 - 16 anglers, 1 salmon to 14 lbs.
Sunday, May 8 - 24 anglers, rotten weather and no fish
Saturday, May 7 - 21 anglers, 21 salmon to 16 lbs.
Friday, May 6 - 24 anglers, 42 salmon to 15 lbs.
Thursday, May 5 - 21 anglers, 36 salmon to 17 lbs.
Wednesday, May 4 - 21 anglers, 39 salmon to 13 lbs.
Tuesday, May 3 - 27 anglers, 54 salmon (limits) to 13 lbs.
Monday, May 2 - 8 anglers, 16 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Sunday, May 1 - 15 anglers, 30 salmon (limits) to 19 lbs.
Saturday, April 30 - 26 anglers, 52 salmon (limits) to 18 lbs.
Friday, April 29, 14 anglers, 28 salmon (limits) to 17 lbs.
Thursday, April 28 - 25 anglers, 46 salmon to 20 lbs.
Wednesday, April 27 - 16 anglers, 32 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Tuesday, April 26 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Monday, April 25 - 15 anglers, 30 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Sunday, April 24 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 12-1/2 lbs.
Saturday, April 23 - 23 anglers, 26 salmon to 15 lbs.
Friday, April 22 - 25 anglers, 27 salmon to 12 lbs.
Thursday, April 21 - 15 anglers + 2 crew, 34 salmon (limits) up to 14 lbs.
Wednesday, April 20 - 11 anglers + 2 crew, 26 salmon (limits) up to 15 lbs.
Tuesday, April 19 - giving the ocean one more day to calm down
Monday, April 18 - too much swell + too much wind = cancel
Sunday, April 17 - 18 anglers, 17 salmon to 14.5 lbs.
Saturday, April 16 - 21 anglers, 14 salmon to 13 lbs.
Friday, April 15 - 21 anglers, 10 salmon to 12 lbs.
Thursday, April 14 - 8 anglers, 11 salmon to 12 lbs.
Wednesday, April 13 - 7 anglers, 6 salmon to 12 lbs.
Tuesday, April 12 - 14 anglers, 11 salmon to 13 lbs.
Monday, April 11 - 8 anglers, 7 salmon to 12 lbs.
Sunday, April 10 - 24 anglers, 16 salmon to 16 lbs.
Saturday, April 9 - Cancelled due to ocean conditions
Friday, April 8 - 10 anglers, 13 salmon to 12 lbs.
Thursday, April 7 - 9 anglers, 12 salmon to 13 lbs.
Wednesday, April 6 - 8 anglers, 4 salmon to 14 lbs.
Tuesday, April 5 - 18 anglers, 7 salmon to 12 lbs.
Monday, April 4 - 6 anglers, The skunk is off the boat!! - one keeper!
Sunday, April 3 - 25 anglers, no fish
Saturday, April 2 - 20 anglers, 2 shakers, no keepers

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WHOPPERS (20 lbs. and over in bold):
Sun., Oct. 30 -
Sat., Oct. 29 - Dan Gomez of Sonora - 16 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Fri., Oct. 28 - Mr. Lee of San Jose - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Thu., Oct. 27 - C. Yang of San Francisco - 5 lb. bolinas - Pescadero
Tue., Oct. 25 - Joo Choe of Newark - 8 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Mon., Oct. 24 - Jon Osaki of San Francisco - 9 lb. lingcod - Franklin
Sun., Oct. 23 - Jeff Hare of Woodside - 4 lb. vermillion - San Gregorio
Sat., Oct. 22 - 10 lb. lingcod
Fri., Oct. 21 - Al Hon of Sacramento - 10 lb. lingcod
Thu., Oct. 20 - 7 lb. lingcod
Wed., Oct. 19 -
Sun., Oct. 16 - 24-1/2" lingcod
Sat., Oct. 15 - 10 lb. lingcod
Fri., Oct. 14 - 11 lb. lingcod
Thu., Oct. 13 - 12 lb. lingcod
Wed., Oct. 12 - Tony Nanay - 18 lb. halibut
Thu., Sep. 29 - Steve Grogan of Mountain View - 20 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Wed., Sep. 28 - Bud Stillman of Sunnyvale - 15 lb. lingcod - below Pigeon
Tue., Sep. 27 - Bob Juner of San Carlos - 30 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Sun., Sep. 25 - Jimmy Lau of San Francisco - 10 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Sat., Sep. 24 - Harry Boos of Sunnyvale - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Thu., Sep. 22 - Chuan-Chih Chu of San Jose - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Wed., Sep. 21 - Gene Coombs of San Mateo - 12 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Tue., Sep. 20 - V. Kennedy of Castro Valley - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Mon., Sep. 19 - Paul Nepomuceno of Daly City - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sun., Sep. 18 - Dale Smith of San Lorenzo - 9 lb. lingcod - Pesacadero
Sat., Sep. 17 - PM - Kyung Lee of San Francisco - 10 lb. lingcod
Sat., Sep. 17 - AM - Daniel Gober of Sacramento - 14 lb. lingcod
Thu., Sep. 15 - John Dillon of Hayward - 16 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Wed., Sep. 14 - Ken Alsobrook of San Jose - 26 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Tue., Sep. 13 - Randy Wong of San Mateo - 12 lb. lingcod - Martins Beach
Mon., Sep. 12 - Harry - 14 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Sun., Sep. 11 - 10 lb. cabezon, 14 lb. lingcod
Sat., Sep. 10 - PM - 16 lb. lingcod
Sat., Sep. 10 - AM - Erwin Ocampo of Daly City - 16 lb. lingcod
Thu., Sep. 8 - Chuan-Chih Chu of San Jose - 15 lb. lingcod
Wed., Sep. 7 - Kevin Cheung of San Francisco - 15 lb. lingcod
Tue., Sep. 6 - Kerry Holmes of Sacramento - 12 lb. lingcod
Mon., Sep. 5 - Vincent Ma of So. San Francisco - 15 lb. lingcod
Sun., Sep. 4 - PM - Greg Kaslin of Castro Valley - 20 lb. lingcod
Sun., Sep. 4 - AM - 16 lb. lingcod
Sat., Sep. 3 - PM - John Wright of Castro Valley - 17 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sat., Sep. 3 - AM - 13 lb. lingcod
Fri., Sep. 2 - Bill Evans of ?, 25 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Thu., Sep. 1 - 9 lb. lingcod
Wed., Aug. 31 - 9 lb. lingcod
Tue., Aug. 30 - 10 lb. lingcod
Mon., Aug. 29 - Don't know who, but it was: 18 lb. lingcod
Sun., Aug. 28 - Jeff Jones of Ceres, 12 lb. lingcod
Sat., Aug. 27 - Josh Evans of San Francisco - 24 lb. halibut
Sat., Aug. 27 - Joseph Williamson of San Francisco - 28 lb. lingcod
Fri., Aug. 26 - Rosendo Gallegos of San Leandro - 16 lb. lingcod
Thu., Aug. 25 - Dan Bennett of San Francisco - 27 lb. halibut
Wed., Aug. 24 - Les Cundall of Palo Alto - 12 lb. lingcod
Sun., Aug. 21 - Tim Abbott of Placerville - 22 lb. halibut
Sun., Aug. 21 - Ceazar Milan of Daly City - 21 lb. lingcod
Sat., Aug. 20 - Russell Thompson of Moraga - 30 lb. halibut
Fri., Aug. 19 - Jim Klinger of Antioch - 29 lb. albacore
Tue., Aug. 16 - Gregg Aguirre of Florida - 26 lb. lingcod
Tue., Aug. 16 - Mark Ciccarello - 13 lb. cabezon
Mon., Aug. 15 - John Schneider of San Jose - 13 lb. halibut
Sun., Aug. 14 - Jay "Solar" Hunt of Sacramento - 17 lb. lingcod
Sat., Aug. 13 - Allan Peters of Placerville - 20 lb. lingcod
Fri., Aug. 12 - John Picazo, Jr. of Fremont - 22 lb. lingcod
Thu., Aug. 11 - 17 lb. lingcod
Wed., Aug. 10 - Vincent Ma of So. San Francisco - 29 lb. lingcod
Wed., Aug. 10 - Curt Holman of Newark - 26 lb. halibut
Tue., Aug. 9 - Guy Mongillo of Mountain View - 23 lb. lingcod
Mon., Aug. 8 - Fred Leonard of Palo Alto - 10 lb. salmon
Wed., July 27 - Don't know who, but know it was: 14 lb. lingcod
Tue., July 26 - Bob Delaney of San Jose - 16 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Mon., July 25 - Arno Ragghianti of Los Altos - 20 lb. salmon - Martins Beach
Sun., July 24 - Yuzhe Han of Foster City - 26 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Sat., July 23 - PM - Jaiver Trueba of Willow Green - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sat., July 23 - AM - Alice Lee of Elk Grove - 18 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sat., July 23 - AM - Alice Lee of Elk Grove - 12 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Fri., July 22 - Bill Evans of San Jose - 14 lb. salmon - Pedro Point
Thu., July 21 - PM - Arseniy Kroughlyanskiy of Sunnyvale - 14 lb. salmon - Pacifica
Thu., July 21 - AM - Don't know who, but it was: 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Wed., July 20 - Mike Casentini of So. S.F. - 10 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Tue., July 19 - Jhon Sierra of Redwood City - 8 lb. salmon - Pacifica
Mon., July 18 - David VanHorton of Modesto - 13 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sun., July 17 - Juan Perglez of Fremont - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., July 16 - PM - Don't know who, but it was: 20 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Sat., July l6 - AM - Michael Garrison of Redwood City - 14 lb. salmon
Fri., July 15 - Larry Ness of Fremont - 26 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Thu., July 14 - PM - Paul Estevez of Alameda - 24 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Thu., July 14 - AM - Tom Westphal of Mountain View - 8 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Tue., July 12 - Larry Bohannon of San Jose - ?? lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sun., July 10 - Dennis Reyes of Patterson - 23 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
Sat., July 9 - PM - Dan Freedman of San Leandro - 22 lb. salmon - 17 miles west
Sat., July 9 - PM - Frank Caunday of San Jose - 21 lb. salmon - 17 miles west
Sat., July 9 - AM - Ken Bouchard of Petaluma - 23 lb. salmon - 17 miles west
Fri., July 8 - Robert Steinstra, Sr. of Palo Alto - 20 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Thu., July 7 - Soloman Ezera of San Mateo - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Thu., July 7 - Doug Zawacki of San Mateo - 21 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Wed., July 6 - Jay Singh, Jr. of San Bruno - 14 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Mon., July 4 - Jesse Lara of Campbell - 13 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sun., July 3 - PM - Don't know who yet, but know: 10 lb. salmon - Montara
Sun., July 3 - AM - C. Miller of Modesto - 19 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., July 2 - PM - Bryan Baughman of Ft. Worth, TX - 18 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., July 2 - AM - Ed Golts of San Bruno - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Fri., July 1 - Andy Sanchez of Antioch - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Thu., June 30 - PM - Kevin Kimura of Sacramento - 17 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Thu., June 30 - AM - Gary Lowery of Union City - 21 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Wed., June 29 - PM - Bill Evans of San Jose - 21 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Wed., June 29 - AM - Dave Lowe of Oakland - 28 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Tue., June 28 - Ralph Migita of San Mateo - 30 lb. salmon - Pescadero
Tue., June 28 - Tessa Richards of San Mateo - 28 lb. salmon - Pescadero
Mon., June 27 - Franklin Wu of San Mateo - 23 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., June 25 - James Myers of Citrus Heights - 26 lb. salmon - Pescadero
Fri., June 24 - Mary Goldberg of Simi Valley - 35 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Fri., June 24 - Jesse Lara of Campbell - 23 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Thu., June 23 - Tom Lovette of Livermore - 19 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Wed., June 22 - Aneel Khelaman of Palo Alto - 22 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Tue., June 21 - John Adams of San Carlos - 13 lb. salmon - Pescadero
Mon., June 20 - Kim Lorz of Los Altos - 18 lb. salmon - Pescadero
Sun., June 19 - Josh Hermann of Elk Grove - 18 lb. salmon - Pescadero
Sat., June 18 - Kurt Minnicus of Fremont - 17 lb. salmon - Pescadero
Thu., June 16 - Joel Teisch of Burlingame - 8 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Wed., June 15 - Gary Bobay of Oceanside - 12 lb. salmon - Farallons
Tue., June 14 - Michelle Gibson of El Granada - 10 lb. salmon
Fri., June 10 - John Quick of Alameda - 12 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Thu., June 9 - Joe Wilkowski of Paso Robles - 19 lb. salmon - No. Farallons
Tue., May 31 - Don Nusbaum of Woodside - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Mon., May 30 - Facunad Rodriguez of Montara - 16 lb. salmon - Farallons
Sun., May 29 - Stevan Jurkovic of San Jose - 15 lb. salmon - Farallons
Sat., May 28 - Blaise Daigle of E. Palo Alto - 22 lb. salmon - Farallons
Fri., May 27 - Robert George of Redwood City - 16 lb. salmon - Pt. Reyes
Thu., May 26 - Julian Fernandez of San Carlos - 15 lb. salmon - 11 miles west
Wed., May 25 - Semih Albayrak of San Francisco - 14 lb. salmon - 15 miles west
Sat., May 21 - Jim Azevedo of Newark - 14 lb. salmon - Off Montara
Fri., May 20 - Kirt Zaechelien of San Jose - 18 lb. salmon - Off Montara
Tue., May 17 - Kymond Cheng of S.F. - 14 lb. salmon - Pt. Reyes
Mon., May 16 - Archie Frick of Cupertino - 12 lb. salmon - 14 miles off Montara
Sun., May 15 - Bob Galvin of San Jose - 11 lb. salmon - 15 miles west of HMB
Sat., May 14 - Greg Ulferts of San Jose - 11 lb. salmon - 15 miles west of HMB
Fri., May 13 - Harvey Johnson of Milpitas - 13 lb. salmon - SE Farallons
Thu., May 12 - Mike Leflamme of San Bruno - 9 lb. salmon - Pescadero
Wed., May 11 - Ken Miles of Pacifica - 9 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Tue., May 10 - Richard Hassett of La Honda - 11 lb. - Deep Reef
Mon., May 9 - Cayetano Gallegos of San Leandro - 14 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., May 7 - Mary Goldberg of Simi Valley - 16 lb. salmon
Fri., May 6 - Tom Wong of San Jose - 15 lb. salmon - B Buoy
Thu., May 5 - Matthew Squiers of Fremont - 17 lb. salmon - East of Farallons
Wed., May 4 - John Dee of Mt. View - 13 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Tue., May 3 - Bill Frazer of Morgan Hill - 13 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Mon., May 2 - Fred Bajeda of Los Altos - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sun., May 1 - Mike Ross of HMB - 19 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., April 30 - June Kim of Palo Alto - 18 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Fri., April 29 - Doug Gober of Belmont - 17 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Thu., April 28 - Neil Saunders of Simi Valley - 20 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Wed., April 27 - Richard Wilpitz of S.F. - 15 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Tue., April 26 - Semih Albayrak of S.F. - 15 lb. salmon - 16 mi. west
Mon., April 25 - Manuel Silva of S.F. - 15 lb. salmon - No. Deep Reef
Sun., April 24 - Justin Thompson of Mattos - 12.5 lb. salmon - 12 miles s.w.
Sat., April 23 - Linda Mertle of Richmond - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Fri., April 22 - Ken Martinez, Jr. of Cupertino - 12 lb salmon - Deep Reef
Thu., April 21 - Curt Holman of Newark - 14 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Wed., April 20 - Doug Gober of Belmont - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sun., April 17 - Sergio Landeros of Santa Clara - 14.5 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., April 16 - "Raider Fan" - 13 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Fri., April 15 - Will Der of S.F. - 12 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Thu., April 14 - Harley Uttke of Milpitas - 12.5 lb. salmon - off Montara
Wed., April 13 - Art Stepleby of Fremont - 12 lb. salmon - off Montara
Tue., April 12 - Doug Heeter of Los Gatos - 13 lb. salmon - off Montara
Mon., April 11 - Baja Bev Seltzer of Los Gatos - 12 lb. salmon - off Montara
Sun., April 10 - Jacob Doane of Denair - 16 lb. salmon - off Montara
Fri., April 8 - Larry Ness of Fremont - 12 lb. salmon - off Montara
Thu., April 7 - Tommy Wong of So.S.F. - 13 lb. salmon - Montara
Wed., April 6 - Sam Ardizzoia of Martinez - 14 lb. salmon - Montara
Tues., April 5 - Luther "Hollywood" Brock of S.J. - 12 lb. salmon - Deep Reef

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Saturday, October 29 - Our private charter today enjoyed catching some fish, drinking some beer, and just having a good time. The big swell was back but luckily still no wind, so Mother Nature continues to let us fish but is keeping the lingcod locked in tight in their crevices.

Tuesday, October 25 through Friday, October 28 - We ended up with limits this week, but everyone had to put their time in and work at it to make it happen. We saw a few more lings, but the swell that's been nipping at us all month has still been playing havoc with decent ling scores.

Saturday and Sunday, October 22 and 23 - BIG swell but thankfully again no wind allowed us to go fishing (even though I'm sure there were a few that wished we hadn't once they got outside the breakwater).

Wednesday, October 19 - Back to nice weather and limits again today. The swells that have come through the last couple of weeks continue to make for cloudy water making the guys have to work a little harder to entice the fish to bite, and the lingcod and cabezon are holding tight and don't want to come out and play. The rockfish included some nice big beautiful brownies and blues, along with a few chunky blacks and reds. Most of the guys today stuck with the bars, but it seemed the hot stick today was using green-backed plastics.

Tuesday, October 18 - Today was a research trip to catch a few dozen fish for a scientific study. There was a pretty stiff south wind, but it should blow itself out by tomorrow and Wednesday through Friday look like nice days.

Monday, October 17 - Our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools group were scheduled to go today, but with the winds and swells and long ride to the salmon groups we threw in the towel and will give it a go another day.

Sunday, October 16 - The forecast was rotten and looked like it was going to be right. You could hear the waves crashing just standing in the parking lot outside the shop when we arrived in the morning. But our group today was chomping at the bit, so we waited until the sun came up to get a look at the ocean before heading out. We've been fishing in worse weather, but it was pretty darn miserable. Our gang were troopers, though, at least the ones left standing. I don't even know what our final score was. No reason to ask. Good news is that the huge swell that came through this weekend is supposed to go away as fast as it came and looks like we might actually be in for some decent weather by the middle of next week.

Saturday, October 15 - If we had listened to the forecast, we would have never have left the harbor. But the winds that were forecast didn't happen and actually stayed relatively low all morning letting us venture out and return back with a boatload of fish.

Friday, October 14 - The swell is building and the fishing is tough again today. We ended up just a few fish shy of limits, but not a bad day considering the conditions. The weekend looks pretty questionable, but we'll take it as it comes.

Wednesday, October 12 - Limits for everyone onboard today, 35 to be exact, with 14 lings to 16 pounds sweetening the pot as well as two nice halibut, always a great bonus, one taking the jackpot weighing in at 18 pounds. Congrats to Tony, the lucky angler landing the whopper, for catching his first halibut. Alas, all good things must come to an end: Looks like our afternoon trips are over for the season. Randy, the second half of our "A" team, has to go to sunny Southern California for training and will be gone this Saturday and next. With the time change coming up, there just won't be enough time to fish before it gets dark. The trips were very popular and very successful, so hopefully we'll be able to offer them again next season.

Tuesday, October 11 - Just a handful onboard today; should make for an easy day with only 60 fish to catch, right? Nope. Wrong. We had to bite and scratch and claw and stay out the whole day to finally manage to put the last fish in the sack to make limits. But we got em...finally.

Monday, October 10 - Happy Columbus Day! The bite was back on today. Real nice fish. Lots and lots of big reds and jumbo bottomfish biting again. Thank goodness. Limits for everyone board plus a dozen lings to 12 pounds. That's more like it!

Sunday, October 9 - The wind stopped and the swell laid down quite a bit. What a difference from yesterday! The kids with the San Mateo Police Activity League came out today with their plastics and bars ready for action, but today the fish were picky and only wanted the flies. By the time the kids give in to switching over and using the flies, the fish stopped biting. Just one of those days.

Saturday, October 8 - We showed up in the morning, but so did the wind. Based on the swell Bob had seen all week, we felt it was only right not to subject our customers to some outrageously rotten weather, so we cancelled both the morning and the afternoon trips. It was a tough call to have to make, but it's one thing to go out and have the weather get bad. It's another to go out when you already know it's bad before you even leave the dock. Tomorrow is another day.

Friday, October 7 - We caught limits, but it wasn't pretty. There was a BIG swell but luckily no wind. The bottomfish didn't really want to bite but we were able to squeek out limits counting all the little blues and black that we normally would release. Bob made his mind up that if the wind blows in the morning, he's not going.

Tuesday, October 4 - It was a gorgeous morning at the harbor, but it was a little on the nasty side on the fishing grounds. Made for a real tough day, one of the few this season that returned well short of limits with only about five rockfish per person. Good score for So. Cal. boats, but not what our guys are used to up in Northern California. Whether we like it or not, it's getting that time of year where we might have to pay a little to play. There should still be some real nice days but there will be a few days here and there that will be what we call "fishable". The rockcod season in our area is supposed to be open through the end of the year with lingcod open through November, but our fate will really be decided at the next PFMC meeting that starts in San Diego the end of this month. Don't be surprised it they take the month of December away from us. So until then, we'll take what comes our way the next month or two, because we have the long six month rockcod closure ahead of us January through June.

Monday, October 3 - Our every-other-Monday gang headed north 31 miles to the promised land in search of salmon, all the way up to Point Reyes. The salmon were few and far between today, but we found two that wanted to go home with us.

Thursday, September 29 - Another one of those days where you should have been there yesterday. We travelled up to Duxbury in search of some of the big salmon that have been coming through. We landed five of them, one of the better scores for the day, but the hot bite they had the day before just didn't happen today. Biggest fish, though, was 20 pounds with the rest of the lot following close behind. Kinda what you expect this time of year salmon fishing: not too many fish but the ones that are landed are usually all good size. Unlike yesterday's rockfishing trip, heard the weather was absolutely gorgeous again. Figures. We still have a couple of spots left for rockfishing this Sunday, and we just had a charter that had to cancel so we are now available next Saturday morning on October 8. Want to join us? Over the weekend, make sure to call...I won't get my e-mails until I get back to the office on Monday.

Wednesday, September 28 - I couldn't take it anymore...I had to go fishing. The weather by the harbor was beautiful on Tuesday, but it was foggy, windy and pretty choppy today down the coast. That was okay, though, because we had one heck of a day. We travelled down past the Pigeon Point area and found lingcod, lots of lingcod, as in limits of lingcod, to be exact, 30 lingcod for our 15 anglers. And we must have released two for every one we kept. I have never had the knack for catching lings, but even I landed two of them, one a keeper and one a little puppy we gave back, so, as they say, they must have been thick. We had a pretty rare catch today, too: Lou, taking some time out from catching all the gophers he and I were landing, caught not one, but two wolf eels. One of them was a monster, probably around 6 feet long. And last, when he heard I was going fishing Randy had a day off from the harbor department and ended up playing deckhand today. Dang it was fun having the "A" team of Bob and Randy back in action. They did this Three Stooges type of routine with the gaff that still has me laughing. Yep, reminds me why I'm in this business.

Monday, September 19 - The ocean is flat calm but the fog is thick. The rockfish cooperated again today as usual, with easy limits for everyone onboard plus a handful of lingcod to 12 pounds and 8 cabezon to 8 pounds.

Thursday, September 15 - All days can't be as spectacular as it was yesterday, but we still had a pretty darn good day today, we just had to work at it a little more. Limits of rockfish, a handful of cabezon and 10 lings.

Wednesday, September 14 - The guys today really laid the fish away. Jumbo reds, lots of nice bottomfish, almost a dozen and a half cabezon plus 26 lingcod. Not too shabby. And you know how the biggest fish is usually landed by either a newbie or a lady? Today was no exception. Ken Alsobrook had never caught a lingcod before, so what happens? He caught the jackpot ling, a huge 26 pounder. Can't beat beginner's luck.

Tuesday, September 13 - Days like today are why I write a little paragraph explaining the day's catch. We didn't have any cabezon and only seven lingcod, but boy, oh boy, the rockcod we had. Big bomber browns (bolinas) filled our sacks very well. There were lots of smiles as the guys walked off the boat early this afternoon.

Monday, September 12 - We chugged up to Duxbury with our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools group to see if we could find a few of the big salmon that have been moving through the past couple of weeks. We caught two first thing in the morning and then we were snake-bit the rest of the day. By noon the guys told Bob to tack towards home and picked up the lines about half an hour later. There were boats that did well landing somewhere in the teens, but it just wasn't in the cards for us today.

Saturday, September 10 - Our afternoon trips are still doing fantastic. I heard back from several people that were on the afternoon trip today that they had an absolute ball. Very cool. And Randy made sure to point out to Bob that they caught more lingcod in the afternoon than the morning trip, landing over 20 lings plus some nice rockfish and a few cabezon. Keep the competition thing going, guys.

Friday, September 8 - Our private charter of four wanted albacore so in search of albacore we went. We searched, and searched, and searched, but no tuna were to be found. Saw a couple of swordfish finning on the top of the water. Couldn't coax them to bite, either. There are a few albacore caught here and there, but it's still just not happening. The weather may get to us before the albacore this year, but there's still a small glimmer of hope that we'll get a little shot at the tuna in the next month or so.

Thursday through Thursday, September 1-7: Update will happen...as soon as I get the chance!!

Wednesday, August 31 - The lingcod and cabezon didn't want to come out and play, but the bomber blues cooperated. Blue rockfish as big as they get were the order of the day, along with assorted other varieties of rockies. Bob said there was a bit of a swell that's been making the rockfish hang tight the last couple of days.

Tuesday, August 30 - We had a first today. One of our gang today hooked a real nice lingcod, one that had the rod doubled over. It was just coming within gaff reach and they could see it was big. Dre could also see a dark shadow following the big ling as she reached over the rail with the gaff; it looked like another ling might have tagged along. Before she had a chance to stick the fish, the dark shadow turned out to be a huge great white shark. The shark calmly swam right at the ling, opened its jaws wide, grabbed the ling and swam away, ling, jig and all. Bob didn't see what happened, but knew something was up when Dre let out a yelp! Bob said when he looked to see what the commotion was about all he saw was a swirl in the water where the shark had been. First time Bob ever had a great white chomp a lingcod. After the excitement was over, they got down to work and caught limits of rockfish and one ling that made it onboard. We just had a rare weekend charter cancellation: we are now open for SWLT rockfishing in the morning (7:00 a.m. departure) on Sunday, September 10 (as in the Sunday after next). All the rest of the weekend mornings are full for September, so, if you'd like to join us, make sure to contact us soon to grab your spot!

Saturday, August 27 - "Epic rockfishing!"...that's what Capt. Bob says about the recent fishing. For just the month of August, 448 lingcod and 299 cabezon have been landed on the Queen of Hearts! And there have been some bomber rockfish...lots of big vermillions, bolinas, even the black and blues have been as big as they get. Bob reports that he attributes the great fishing to the shift in the water temperature this year. He's been rockfishing out of Half Moon Bay longer than anyone else running, so I always tend to believe what he has to say. And for all you guys waiting for the crowds to end: the kids are back in school, and our weekdays now have lots of room. The fishing is excellent...come on out!

Friday, August 26 - Another great day of SWLT rockfishing. Limits of jumbo rockfish, a lot of vermillions and olives filling the sacks, but what really filled the sacks were the lingcod...thank goodness we're back to the 24 inch minimum...42 keeper lingcod were landed up to 16 pounds. Our weekdays are finally settling down just a tad and we have room at this point every day all next week beginning with Monday all the way through Labor Day weekend. That doesn't mean not to make a reservation...they're always highly recommended. And, on a different note, I apologize for all the busy signals lately...having fun with the phone company all month but hopefully we've got it licked now. And, lastly, if we'e not able to get to your e-mail right away, please give us a call! We've been swamped!

Wednesday, August 24 - The wind came up a tad today but Bob was able to find some spots to duck out of its way and put our guys into some good light tackle fun. 32 anglers landed limits of rockfish including 13 cabezon to 7 pounds and 19 lingcod to 12 pounds. Bob said the fish were biting right off the bat, and it sounded, from his panting voice during one brief cell phone call, like there was pretty good fishing action going on.

Tuesday, August 23 - What a disappointing day. We had a great group of folks onboard today, real troopers, and we really wanted to find them some salmon. We headed off of the Pescadero area inside the Deep Reef and found bait, we found the right temperature water, we found some mackerel, but we didn't find any salmon whatsoever. Not even a shaker. That's why it's called getting "skunked"...'cause it really stinks. The salmon season is still open, and there are salmon still in the ocean that will be trickling through, but most of our salmon fishing is winding down. We have one more salmon trip scheduled at this point for Friday, September 2, so we'll wait until next week and hope some salmon decide to show up for one last hurrah.

Monday, August 23 - Our Fishing Fools group found two hungry salmon, one too small to keep and the other not much bigger, just big enough at a whopping three, well, let's call it four pounds. They were fishing up near the Pedro Point area where a few salmon have been caught off and on the past week, but it looks like it's time to look for greener salmon pastures.

Sunday, August 21 - What a week of fishing! I haven't had the time to update all the scores yet (and hopefully will get a chance tomorrow on Tuesday), but boy we had a great week. Great rockfishing with lots of big lings, big cabs and some BIG halibut! Plus we ran an albacore trip and everyone in the group had a chance to fight and land at least one tuna a piece and find out why tuna fishing is so special. Hopefully I'll have time to fill in more details later... I did finally update our Schedule webpage through September, so check it out! With summer winding down, we have a lot more available weekdays, but with fishing this good, reservations are still highly recommended.

Friday, August 19 - Albacore! That's what our group today wanted, and that's what they got. Matter of fact, this group is pretty good at placing orders and receiving exactly what they ask for. They must live right or something. Today was no exception. Their group of six anglers each wanted to tussle with an albacore, and that's what they did. The fish were a little hesitant at first, but they found them about 27 miles out from the harbor and ended the day with seven albacore to 29 pounds. The one lucky individual who caught two had never experienced the fight of an albacore...one of the fish took her around the boat twice before making it to the gaff. Bob said she must have laughed in joy at least ten minutes after the fish hit the deck. Yep, she knows what albacore fishing is all about now.

Tuesday, August 16 - Another great day of shallow water rockfishing. Limits for everyone onboard with lots of BIG bottomfish making for BIG sacks. Part of the limits were made up of 28 cabezon, with a 13 pound whopper landed by Mark Ciccarello (that's a BIG cabezon). The gang today also landed 29 lingcod up to an impressive 26 pounds. Our schedule is booking up well in advance, so make sure to call early for reservations. Not a sales pitch, just the truth.

Friday, August 12 - Our group from General Dynamics showed that they're as good catching rockcod as they are when they join us salmon fishing. Today they landed just about limits of everything they could: limits of rockcod with limits of cabezon and just four lingcod shy of limits of lingcod. That equals 117 rockcod, 13 cabezon and 22 lingcod for 13 anglers. Glad you went rockfishing now, aren't you? Congrats to John Jr. for the big ling...nice fish.

Thursday, August 11 - Another gorgeous day on the ocean with limits of rockcod for everyone onboard including 4 cabezon and 20 lingcod, plus another another 18 lingcod were released to grow up just a tad. The plastics were the killers today, especially the bright colors.

Wednesday, August 10 - Just like the old days! Wow, what a day! Limits of rockfish including 25 cabezon up to 12 pounds, 46 lingcod up to 29 pounds...plus two halibut up to 26 pounds! The weather was absolutely flat calm gorgeous. Randy's showing everyone why we're proud to have him at the helm of the Queen while Bob's on vacation. Bob's enjoying a much needed vacation as a customer onboard the Royal Polaris out of San Diego on the annual Queen of Hearts sponsored long range trip this week. Check out the "Current Conditions" on the Royal Polaris' website at www.royalpolaris.com to see how our guys are doing down there. If anyone took any pictures of the big fish today, PLEASE e-mail them to me. I plan on doing something special with pictures for our new shop.

Tuesday, August 9 - Had a lot of anxious folks waiting for me when I arrived at the shop this morning at 5:50, but within five minutes most of them had tickets in hand and were walking down to the boat. No wonder they were anxious...the fish were waiting! They pounded out 34 limits of rockfish, including a lot of nice vermillion and 16 cabezon to 10 pounds, and added another 13 lingcod to up a hefty 23 pounder. Fishing as always along the San Mateo coastline, somewhere south of the harbor up and down from Pescadero, using our plastics, flys and bars. Some guys have been asking about using live bait for rockfishing. Here's why we don't: (1) rockcod tend to swallow live bait and get hooked deep inside, making it difficult to release any undersize or off-limit fish unharmed, and, without a doubt, we need to do everything we can to protect our fishery, and (2) we don't need to use live bait; we have excellent fishing in our area having fun using the various lures and learning the tricks and techniques. I think anyone who checks out our scores can attest to the fact that we do pretty darn well...all on artificial lures (there are some folks do use a little squid at times, but others never touch it). Our trip for tomorrow on Wednesday is almost full, so if you'd like to join us, make sure to call, NOT e-mail.

Monday, August 8 - Our every-other-Monday pulled another one out of the hat. The salmon fishing has been on the scratchy side recently, with some salmon being caught here and there, but nothing to really write home about. Well, the guys this morning put the fish away in prime fashion. They had limits for all seven onboard and were heading home by 9:30 in the morning. Biggest fish was around 10 pounds, no big bombers, but they all went home with two salmon per person. If you'd like to join us for a salmon trip, our next open salmon trip is a couple of weeks off, on Tuesday, August 23.

Sunday, August 7 - We have another great group of kids out with the San Mateo Police Activity league today. They laid the fish away, putting 330 fish in the boat which equals limits of rockfish including a great score for the kids of 19 cabezon to an impressive 10 pounds, plus a bonus of 10 lingcod to 15 pounds. Randy was at the helm, and he told me about one young boy, who obviously had never seen a lingcod before, who, when the fish came to the surface and was gaffed, dropped his pole and ran! Randy said he had the ling flopping on the gaff in one hand, he was frantically trying to grab the rod with the other, and was trying to coax the young angler back to see his prize catch that had scared the daylights out of him. Sounded pretty cute. I love kid fishing stories!

Sorry for the break in summaries...just not enough time in the day! But you can't beat the shallow water light tackle rockfishing trips, and there are still salmon to be caught if you're in the right place at the right time. If you don't see the information you need on our website, or don't get a response to an e-mail within a day, make sure to give us a call.

Wednesday, July 27 - What an absolutely exceptional day! It really, honestly does not get any better than it was today. Limits of nice bottomfish for everyone onboard including 23 cabezone to 9 pounds, plus 39 lingcod to 14 pounds. Sounds like salmon is doing well, too...we'll find out for ourselves tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 26 - The morning started off great with four halibut in the boat by around 11:00, but the rockcod were off the bite just a tad...but even a slow day rockfishing is still a good day, with over 200 rockfish landed plus 9 cabezon to 8 pounds, 14 lingcod to 12 pounds and the four bonus halibut, the biggest, a 16 pounder, taking the jackpot.

Monday, July 25 - Our every-other-Monday group, the Fishing Fools, put a hurt on the salmon again today landing limits for their group up to an impressive 20 pounds. They were fishing the Martins Beach area, just a hop, skip and a jump south of Half Moon Bay...nice to be back in our backyard. Heard the bite up north nose-dived today, so we were fortunate to have close nearby. But that's salmon fishing; every day is different.

Sunday, July 24 - Another fantastic shallow water light tackle rockfishing trip. You could hear Bob smiling over the cell phone when he was describing the fish that were caught today. Lots of gophers and vermillions, plus 9 cabezon to 8 pounds for our private charter of 16, who also bagged 19 lingcod to 14 pounds. Bob was proud of a big sand sole that was landed, but he was really proud of the 26 pound halibut that was decked by Yuzhe Han of Foster City. Remember guys, if you take any digital pictures of these nice fish, e-mail them to me in JPEG format so we can post them on the website. I have some great shots I received recently which I'll be posting shortly. Keep them coming!

Saturday, July 23 - PM - This marks the first of our afternoon rockfishing trips. The fish were a little hesitant at first, with just a fish here and a fish there, but then, whammo, they hit a spot that was as wide open as it gets. For those who fished when they were biting, they were rewarded with limits or just a fish or so shy of limits including some of the nice bottomfish we always target. Randy gave the afternoon group their money's worth, putting in a full six hour trip from the time they left until they returned to the dock. Our next afternoon rockfishing trip is scheduled for next Saturday, July 30, and our next afternoon salmon trip is on Saturday, August 6.

Saturay, July 23 - AM - Rockfishing was outstanding this morning. Lots of nice reds and gophers filling out limits for all 33 anglers onboard. The cabezon were on the munch, with 26 of the feisty fish landed. The lingcod were cooperative, too, with 31 lingcod finding their way into the anglers' sacks. Alice Lee of Elk Grove was HOT, landing her first halibut, a nice 12 pounder, as well as jackpot fish, an 18 pound lingcod. Halibut are one of the nice bonus fish we catch on occasion while we're shallow water rockfishing. Not really a fish we can target, but they are always a possibility. And almost without fail, the halibut we do land are almost always good size fish, nothing less than 10 pounds. A lot of happy faces walked off the boat today.

Monday, July 18 - Another great day of shallow water light tackle rockfishing. Limits of fish for everyone onboard consisting of 299 rockfishing and 21 cabezon to 9 pounds which equals 10 fish per person plus a bonus of 14 lingcod to 13 pounds. This is the type of day we expect this time of year. Lots of fish and lots of fun. Next available morning rockfishing trips are Tuesday and Wednesday, July 27 and 28. Trips have been filling fast, so don't wait too long to grab a spot or two.

Saturday, July 9 - Morning - Still not enough time to give a complete report, but it was wide open salmon fishing this morning, with five to six fish on continuously from the first bite to the last fish onboard. Back to the big fish, too, with a good 15 pound average.

Friday, July 8 - Want to know what happened today? Watch Tom Stienstra's "Great Outdoors" on UPN 44, Bay Cable 12, at 6:30 p.m. this Sunday, July 31. Tom is good friends with our chartermaster, Jim, and they couldn't think of a better way to mark the beginning of the group's 10th season and their 31st fishing charter than to have Tom and his film crew onboard. Thirty-one days fishing...not a bad way to spend a month of an individual's life if I must say. Joseph, Robin and Charlie were introduced to the joys of SWLT rockfishing, and all three kids caught their first of many fish and had a great time. Tom's dad, Bob, better known as The Admiral, showed everyone who was really boss catching the biggest fish of the day, a hefty 20 pound lingcod. The gang went home with 13 limits of rockfish which included limits of cabezon, as well as 13 lingcod, a fish per rod, with top honors going to The Admiral's 20 pounder.

Monday, July 4 - Bob thought early in the day that it was going to be a tough one. There was no wind along the coast, but there is still wind and a swell offshore that made for a bit of bounce that would usually throw the fish off the bite. But Bob was wrong...we had the type of day we typically expect for our shallow water rockfishing trips: limits for everyone onboard including a couple dozen cabezon and over a dozen lingcod (congrats, Jesse, on finally getting that first lucky lure!). I say it all the time because it's true: it's hard to beat our shallow water light tackle rockfishing trips.

Sunday, July 3 - PM - With the tough weather offshore this morning, it was a no-brainer to head to the new school of fish that were found earlier today along the beach off of the Montara area. This is a much smaller grade of fish, but, as my grandmother would say, it sure is a mess of fish. Another trip with lots of action, with hookups as soon as lines hit the water. Randy reports that it is basically a wide open bite, just much smaller fish than the offshore schools with the biggest fish landed barely hitting double digits at 10 pounds. We easily released 50 salmon and put another 26 keepers in the box for our 23 anglers. As the sun was setting, the weather was improving making for a gorgeous ending to another good afternoon.

Sunday, July 3 - AM - Unfortunately the salmon bite offshore slowed and the weather picked up, a bad combination which doesn't do much for keeping one's mind off of queeziness. With four good sized fish in the box (19 pounds for the biggest) but a good number of green faces onboard, we picked up the lines and started heading for a new spot of fish that was reported along the beach off of Montara where the weather would be much calmer. Bob heard reports that some boats had hooked as many as 40 fish there, but there were lots of shakers, sometimes requiring weeding through five shakers to find one keeper, and a lot of those keepers requiring measuring. Unfortunately the ocean had done our group in though, and they decided to call it quits early and just head back to the dock.

Saturday, July 2 - PM - It was a much slower bite for the morning salmon boats and the afternoon proved to be the same. But for those lucky seven anglers who hooked and landed fish, they continued to be good size, with the biggest fish weighing 18 pounds. Four jack mackerel were also landed. These mackerel aren't really mackerel but are actually members of the jack family (as in amberjack). Bob says there are usually a few caught every year in our area, but it's the first I've heard of it this year. Don't know if it's true myself, but Bob says that jack mackerel can be excellent eating...something a Southern California boy like Bob would know.

Saturday, July 2 - AM - Day two of our shallow water light tackle rockfishing season. And day two enjoying catching lots and lots of rockfish after enduring the eight month closure. Limits were caught, but the nice thing about fishing shallow water for rockfish is that anglers can keep only the fish they want and release the rest to live another day, as some of the folks out chose to do today. A little more of a swell today made for a few less lings and cabs than yesterday, but still a respectable score of the critters with a couple dozen landed. Our next available weekday rockfishing trip is Tuesday, July 12, and our next available weekend trip is Saturday, August 6. Trips have been booking fast, so don't wait too long to make reservations if you'd like to join us onboard the one and only Queen of Hearts.

Friday, July 1 - The rockfishing season is finally open again, and, just as we were expecting, the fish were waiting. Everyone went home with their 10 fish rockcod limits which included 31 cabezon to 7 pounds. Anglers can keep no more than one cabezon as part of their 10 fish rockcod limit, so that means, first day out, we just about caught limits of cabezon. Capt. Bob sure knows where to find 'em. There were plenty of lingcod landed, too, with 29 lings to 15 pounds boated for the day. Not a bad way to start out the season at all. The best part about rockfishing out of Half Moon Bay is that it is real consistent. Great trips like this will continue all summer. These are great trips for young and old, novice and old salt alike. Our next open morning rockfish trip is on Tuesday, July 12.

Thursday, June 30 - Afternoon trip - The afternoon team jumped onboard and headed out to today's hotspot where fish were still being landed as we motored our way in that direction, a short 9 mile run southwest of the harbor. Within two minutes of putting the lines in the water, fish on! Yeah, baby, this is what we were looking for. It was a real good bite, with spurts of six, seven fish on at once. Hard to believe, but unfortunately almost too hot of a bite, one that made for lots of lost fish as has frequently been the case the past week. We easily lost 20 fish that had potential for making it in the box and had lots of drivebys, hit and runs, popped weights, chewed up baits...in other words, lots and lots of action. The trip ended with the sun setting and a fantastic score of 30 fish boxed for 25 anglers to 17 pounds. Don't loose sight of reality: a good fishing trip is not always measured by limits. This was a good trip, and it convinced us that afternoon trips are a great addition to the services we provide onboard the Queen of Hearts. As long as we have crew available, time in our schedule, and fish that will hopefully cooperate, we'll keep putting afternoon trips on the books. Our afternoon trip for Saturday is filling fast, so call soon if you want to join in on the action.

Thursday, June 30 - Morning trip - Another one of those trips where we lost more than twice as many fish as were landed. There is so much more to catching these big fish than just getting them on the hook. Impossible to explain here. If you've been there, you know what I mean. It was definitely limit-style fishing, just not limit-style catching. Lots and lots and lots of hookups, and lots and lots and lots of fish that made their way to swim another day. Ended the day with what would normally be considered a good score during a typical season with a fish per rod, 22 salmon for 22 anglers to an impressive 21 pounds.

Wednedsay, June 29 - Afternoon trip - Randy went right to the spot we left off this morning. There were good signs...bait, birds, rips...but the salmon didn't want to bite. He soaked the lines for a while but finally decided to see if he could find greener pastures. Travelled down a bit, tried the inside, then headed back to the original spot. This time the fish were biting but unfortunately time was short. I spoke with one of the customers onboard, Bill (the proud recipient of the 21 pounder on the trip), and he reported to me that they had pretty decent action for a while. Multiple fish on a couple of times (four on at one point), several hit and misses, one fish that ripped off line like a freight train only to bust off seconds later, mangled baits and the like. Enough fish were hooked to have hit the fish per rod mark, but these were big fish. They won more than half the battles, with six or more fish gaining their freedom, but six big bombers made it to the net, and not a single one of these fish was less than 15 pounds with the biggest weighing in at 21 pounds. Not bad for the first afternoon attempt.

Wednesday, June 29 - Morning trip - Bob called in at 9:30 a.m., completely out of breath, reporting limits for his charter of 13. The size of the fish continues to be incredible, with this morning's whopper taping out at 28 pounds. That makes things easy for our afternoon trip. The boat will be back with plenty of time to clean it up and be ready to rock and roll this afternoon.

Tuesday, June 28 - Back to back great trips with the kids brought by the San Mateo Police Activity League. The kids laid the fish away, landing 36 of the big boys for their group of 20. Top fish was caught by Ralph, one of the leaders of the program who devotes several days each year bringing the kids fishing, who landed a 30 pound slug. The kids weren't far behind, with top kid honors going to Tess Richards who won the battle with a 28 pounder. Trollers today slayed the fish again, with easy and early limits, so even though fish are being caught mooching, we still plan on sticking with the guaranteed tried and true trolling for the time being. Our afternoon trip for Wednesday is definitely a go, and we still have plenty of room. Want to join us? Just give me a call and be on the dock at 2:30.

Monday, June 27 - Our first trip of the summer with a great group of kids thanks to the efforts of the San Mateo Police Activity League. The kids did absolutely fantastic, handling these big fish like pros. Sure, they lost some, but they hooked plenty to have caught limits and came pretty darn close, ending up only two fish shy of limits, 28 salmon for 15 kids, I mean anglers, to 23 pounds. And best of all, they caught them mooching! Bob says trollers were catching more fish faster hands down, but mooching is working now, too.

Sunday, June 26 - Absolutely ballistic! If we could have landed every fish that was hooked, we would have had limits in 20 minutes! As it was, it only took a little over an hour to land 42 salmon to 24 pounds. Okay, all you doubters, now's the time. Big fish, lots of fish, close by, good weather. Everything you always ask for. Now IS the time.

Saturday, June 25 - Another day with BIG fish, a lot too big to handle. We ended up with limits, 50 salmon for 25 anglers, but it's unbelieveable the number of fish that were hooked and lost. By 9:30 in the morning we had a fish per rod onboard and had lost more than were landed, and it continued that way until the last fish finally made it onboard a little after 1:00. Probably half of the boat walked on the boat as novices and walked off with a lot of new experience under their belt. Boy, these were BIG fish. The ones that were landed were an honest to goodness 15 to 16 pound average. Biggest fish today was 26 pounds. The fish are still holding just south of us below the Deep Reef off of the Pescadero area.

Friday, June 24 - Congratulations Mary!! Mary caught, scale-verified three times, a 35 pound salmon today! I was told they took lots of pictures and I will post it as soon as it's sent my way. Fishing is absolutely unplugged right now. Big fish, lots of fish, and finally some decent weather. Limits again for 23 customers, that's 46 salmon, to 35 pounds. Can't ask for much more than that.

Thursday, June 23 - A day with limit fishing, just not limit catching. Oh my goodness, the number of fish we lost today. Bob figures at least 60 fish fought their way back to freedom. Why? Every reason in the book. Name it, it happened. Just one of those days. Ended up with one fish shy of a fish per rod, landing 23 salmon for 24 anglers to 19 pounds. The fish were there. Heard it was instant pandemonium as soon as the lines touched the water. Way too many fish on the hook way too fast. Hard to believe, but it happens. That's fishing.

Wednesday, June 22 - The day started off with a trickle and ended with a bang. One here, one there, then bango, Bob found it again, the motherlode. By 1:00 we had limits for everyone onboard, for the fifth day in a row, today 52 salmon to 22 pounds. Bob said that the first 35 fish completely filled the fish boxes even though the crew continued, as they always do, to clean the fish when they had breaks in the action and making more room, finally piling a few of them up on the deck as the last fish came over the rail. In other words, really nice, big fish. I talked with Bob at one point and always love it when our conversation goes something like this: My phone rings, I pick it up and hear Bob on the other end of the line: "Boxed three, got three hanging, got to go," and then click. Brings a smile to my face and a chuckle from deep down every time.

Tuesday, June 21 - The Queen of Hearts only had four people onboard today?! Yes, we had a very intelligent gentleman who chartered our boat for he and a few of his family and friends, taking advantage of our reasonable weekday charter rate. Had the boat and the fish all to themselves. Another day with easy limits for all, 8 fish for our group of four to 13 pounds. Couldn't have asked for better weather, either.

Monday, June 20 - Our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools charter took no time at all to put limits in the boat, landing eight limits to 18 pounds and heading back to the barn by 9:30 a.m. We have a private charter tomorrow on Tuesday, but we are open for Wednesday and Thursday, so jump onboard before now just in case these fish decide to move again! Friday at this point is full. On the rockcod front, the season opens in our area one week from this Friday...thank goodness. If you want to join us during July, don't wait...we have very few days open in July and those are booking well in advance. Check out our Schedule webpage or give us a call for more info.

Sunday, June 19 - Happy Father's Day! Another day of wide open limits. Capt. Randy was at the helm again, and what a day he had. Limits for 28 anglers (56 salmon to 18 lbs.) and back to the harbor by just a little after noon. Need I say more?

Saturday, June 18 - We knew it was just a matter of time for the fish that have been down south last week to make it up to our area, and today was the day. Bob went on his own as he often does and headed south of the harbor to see what he could find. There was bait, there were birds, and there was fish! Lots of fish. Four fish on a time kinda fish. Limits for everyone onboard by a little after noon kinda fish (50 salmon for 25 anglers). Bob says it really had a good look to it, the kinda look that means we should have fish in our back yard for possibly the next couple of weeks. The planets are aligned...both the weather and fish gods look like they're going to cooperate for a while. Now's the time. We have room Wednesday and Thursday, but only a couple of spots left for Friday. Call in sick, take a vacation day, do whatever you've got to do, but if you've been waiting for the salmon bite, it looks like this might be it!

Thursday, June 16 - Bob was able to break away from the PFMC meetings for a day and get back on the ocean where he belongs, enjoying what he does best. He spotted his first blue whales of the season about six miles from the harbor, and is still impressed by their awesome size and grace. He says one was probably 80 feet long. Things look promising...there is lots of bait and bird action, and the skunk was off the boat by 7:15. With just a few fish in the boat early in the day, that puts us over the 1,000 salmon landed mark for the season. Congrats to our crew and customers...it's a heck of a feat for as slow and weather-hampered of a season as it's been. The Queen doesn't sport a crown for nothin! Weather is absolutely goregous on the ocean today, but with the front scheduled to come through tomorrow on Friday, we're going to throw in the towel early and take Friday off. There's not much wind forecast with this system, so we'll have to wait to see what the swells decide to do over the weekend. Looks like we're in for some real nice weather next week...it's about time!

Wednesday, June 15 - Last check with Randy he reports that weather is night and day difference from yesterday...much better. And they've hooked over 20 fish, the first in the box a good 15 to 18 pounder, but most of the rest have been shakers. Lots of action and searching for the keepers. Looks like we're in great shape weather-wise for tomorrow's trip, with a strong system coming in late Thursday.

Tuesday, June 14 - There hasn't been much wind along the beach early in the day, so we decided to give it a try. Capt. Randy's at the helm while Bob's attending the Pacific Fisheries Management Council meetings (the federal Fish and Game), and at 9:15 Randy reported that they caught a couple, shook a couple, had some wind but the swell has decreased. Randy made it out to the area where Bob caught limits on Friday and headed south from there covering about 12 miles of ocean. Only found two more fish for the day ending the day with four in the box. The forecast is the exact same for tomorrow as it was for today, and Thursday looks like the best weather for the week. If you'd like to join us, we are available tomorrow on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Monday, June 13 - Didn't go out today, but we've decided we're going to keep the ocean honest and give it a try tomorrow on Tuesday. If you don't have a reservation and want to check to see if there's a last minute change, call our recorder in the morning. I will update it at 3:30 a.m. if there is a change in plans; otherwise, there is plenty of room so just come down to the boat and check in onboard between 5:00 and 5:30 a.m.

Sunday, June 12 - Another gorgeous day in the Bay Area, another rotten day on the ocean. Can ya tell I'm getting kinda tired of having to cancel trips because of the weather? We've marked tomorrow off (Monday), but the forecast is calling for things to start calming down. We'll find out tomorrow if we'll be able make it out on Tuesday.

Saturday, June 11 - After catching limits yesterday, our two-day Friday and Saturday charter was willing to see if the weather was really going to be as bad as the forecast was predicting. We hopped on the boat, went out the breakwater and headed off to the promised land. Along the coastline you'd think it would be a great day to go fishing. But with each mile away from shore it got worse and worse, until Bob says they hit a "brick wall" of wind about 8 miles offshore. Flat out nasty, rotten, "no way you can fish in this stuff" kinda weather. They were so close they could smell the fish, but we had no choice but to turn tail and head back to the dock. Looks like it's going to blow for a few days again. Just like last week, it looks like the ocean will settle right down when the winds chill out, so, as always, we'll keep a close eye on the things to see when we can get back on the water.

Friday, June 10 - Maybe I should go into the psychic business. I was hoping to keep our streak of doubling our score going today, and, how about that, it actually happened! Even better, we ended the day with limits, 24 salmon for 12 anglers to 12 pounds. And even better yet, we only had to travel about nine miles from the harbor to find them. The wind is threatening to blow again over the weekend, but we'll have to take it day by day to see what we actually get. There's not a very big swell, so if the wind holds off, we'll be fishing.

Thursday, June 9 - The scores have doubled each day over the past three days, from 2 fish on Tuesday, to 4 fish on Wednesday, to 9 fish today. Hope that trend continues...if we could double 9 fish into 18, then we'd be talking. Still no fantastic bite anywhere around the Bay Area coast. The bigger boats want and need big numbers, so until we've exhausted the search, we'll keep looking to see if there's any pocket of fish that will produce.

Wednesday, June 8 - Found a couple more fish today than yesterday, but still not what we're looking for. Weather continues to cooperate, even though it was a little drizzly off and on. Looks good for tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 7 - Just like we thought, the ocean settled right on down and turned downright nice by the afternoon. We, along with the few boats out, hunted for some hungry fish but noone found the magic spot yet. Found lots of cold water just like the salmon like, found some bait, but we only ended up with a couple of fish. More territory to cover, and tomorrow is another day.

Monday, June 6 - Looks like the ocean is finally going to settle down a little and let us go fishing. We'll be at the boat bright and early Tuesday morning to give it a go and hope the salmon are chomping.

Wednesday, June 1 - Warm, sunny, not a cloud in the sky. Great weather for fishing, right? Wrong! The sky is gorgeous, but the ocean is downright rotten. Here's my weather lesson for the day: There's a lot to figuring out the ocean weather than just looking at the sky and the forecasts. A lot of it is reading between the numbers. Because it's not just the numbers, it's a combination of the numbers. Right now, it's REALLY blowing. In layman's terms, the northwest wind is howling on top of a mid-size swell pushed really close together. In actual ocean forecast terms, today is northwest winds 20 to 35 knots with gusts to 45 knots, with combined seas of 8 to 12 feet every 8 seconds. What that means is too much wind with swells too close together. The really important part of the swell is how close together it is between swells, not necessarily how big they are. When the waves are coming in as fast as they are high (like 8 feet every 8 seconds), that's usually not a good thing. Especially when you add lots of wind on top of it. Conversely, you'd think 13 foot swells would be terrible, but if they are spaced every 17 seconds with no wind, it can actually be a nice day with just a long, lazy lump. Why'd I go explain all this? Because it's hard to believe that the ocean can really be that bad with how gorgeous it is on land. But it is that bad. At least for now. Good news is that it is blowing from the northwest, which is what we want to keep the salmon biting, and the weather can, and often does, lay down just as fast as it builds. So, we'll be watching the weather closely and be ready to head out as soon as the ocean is ready. But we do have to take it one day at a time.

Tuesday, May 31 - We just squeaked this trip in under the wire. The weather is definitely building, and looks like we'll be off for at least the next few days. But our charter did great today, landing 17 salmon for 10 guys, just three fish shy of limits. We gave the spot just above the Deep Reef a try again, fighting the sealions and silvers, and there were plenty of both. But there were also plenty of kings and limits were possible if we could have won a few more of the battles today. That's one reason I like to give a little info about our trips. Looking at a fish score, so many fish for so many people to so many pounds, doesn't explain how the day went. Go fishing to go fishing, and you'll pretty much always have a good day.

Monday, May 30 - What an enjoyable day. Most of the gang today hadn't been salmon fishing before, but they caught on and really seemed to have a good time. Ended the day with a great score of 25 fish for 25 anglers, and hopefully a few of those onboard went home now understanding why we like to do this thing called fishing.

Sunday, May 29 - It didn't even take a minute after putting the lines in the water and it was "fish on". Unfortunately it had to be released as it was a silver (coho) salmon and they can't be kept in our waters. But the king (chinook) salmon were also biting, and it was limit-style fishing. Only seven guys out of our private charter were fishing by the time they called it quits and Capt. Bob says the fishing were biting well enough that it should have been an easy limits day for everyone onboard if the guys had fished all day. The fish are being caught all around the boat, with guys on the bow having just as much of a chance to hook a fish as the guys toward the back. The weather continues to cooperate so we've heading to the bite has been out by the north Farallon Island, although there is a spot of fish closer to home offshore the Montara area. As always, Bob will head to where he feels we have the best bite, even if it means burning a lot more diesel.

Saturday, May 28 - Wow, were there a lot of fish hooked today. Unfortunately a lot of those fish were either silvers or shakers, and only half of the keepers that were hooked were landed, but for a Memorial Day crowd of mostly new anglers, they saw a lot of action. We figure at least 70 fish were hooked between keepers, shakers, silvers and missed opportunities. Hopefully a few new fishermen were born today, like young Blaise of East Palo Alto who showed all the adults how to catch 'em pulling in the biggest salmon so far this year on the Queen of Hearts, a nice 22 pounder. The crew worked their tails off again and hopefully will sleep well tonight. As always, they'll be ready for action again tomorrow.

Friday, May 27 - Our group arrived nice and early so we were able to get a jump out of the gates. Bob headed north to Point Reyes where a decent bite happened yesterday. We were the second boat with lines in the water proving Bob's point that its really no further for us to get to Point Reyes than it is for a majority of the East Bay boats. Found lots of action, but lots of shakers (fish smaller than 20" that have to be released) and lots of silver salmon (which also have to be released). Ended the day with a good score of 19 salmon for 14 guys and easily could have been in the mid-20 fish range if we could have won a few more of the battles. Lots of private charters coming up. Our only two open dates next week are on Wednesday and Thursday, June 1 and 2. Check out our Schedule webpage which is now updated with our openings through August.

Thursday, May 26 - Today was a day of the haves and the have nots. Unfortunately we were on the have not side. Other boats right next to us were pulling fish over the rail but it just wasn't in the stars for us today. Bob's in search of greener pastures tomorrow...

Wednesday, May 25 - The ocean has finally calmed back down and, from what I hear, actually turned unbelieveably goregous. It's really hard to believe how fast it can change from day to day at times. Had a decent day of fishing with 18 fish hooked, 10 of those landed and 8 fed to the sealions. No major worries about the sealions...just not enough boats in the water yet to be able to get the nice furry creatures off our backs. At least we got a few more than they did.

Tuesday, May 24 - The weather service just brought the forecast down even more for tomorrow on Wednesday. Light winds forecast with a much lower swell, so it looks like we're back in business. Thursday looks even better.

Monday, May 23 - Had yesterday off because the ocean was kicking up its heals, had today off, and we've cancelled our trip for Tuesday, too. I know, hard to believe when it's as gorgeous on land as it's been, but believe us, the only way we pay the bills is to go fishing, so when we cancel there must be a pretty darn good reason. It's looking like we'll be able to get back out there on Wednesday and see what the salmon thought of all this wind. We have openings on Wednesday and Thursday, but the rest of the week is booked at this point pending any changes in reservations.

Saturday, May 21 - We had a boatload of real troopers who hung in there and really stuck it out even when the weather kicked up in the afternoon. Ended the day with 16 salmon, one of the best scores in the fleet, although all the fish caught were real deep. Looks like we're finally going to get a real blow from the northwest for a few days. If it does what it should, the fishing should pick up when the winds calm down towards the end of the week. We've cancelled our trip for Sunday and for Monday at this point; still have openings for Tuesday through Thursday, but we'll have to wait until the afternoon before each trip to see if the weather will calm down enough for us to be able to head out or not.

Friday, May 20 - The weather forecast didn't sound great, but it ended up being wrong as it so often does. Bob reported that there was what we call a big, lazy swell and it was almost hard to believe how nice of a day it turned out to be. And the fish cooperated, too, biting closer to home back off the Montara area about 11 miles from the harbor. We had plenty of opportunities to have had limits, but it just didn't happen, so they finally pulled the plug and headed back in just one fish shy of limits with 19 salmon for 10 anglers to 18 pounds.

Wednesday, May 18 - Bob woke up this morning, listened to the weather radio and called everyone on the books at 3:30 a.m. before they left home and told them to stay there: trip cancelled. Just too much wind with too big of a swell. We've also cancelled our trip scheduled for tomorrow on Thursday since the forecast is calling for up to 15 knots of wind out of the south on top of an 11 to 13 foot swell every 10 seconds. We're taking it a day at a time and watching the forecast carefully for the next several days. If you have reservations, don't dispair, we will be in touch with any change in plans. Too bad after having such a great day on Tuesday. I just updated our Schedule webpage through the end of August. Check it out and make reservations soon because there are a whole bunch of dates already booked. Not a sales pitch, just the honest truth.

Tuesday, May 17 - I said yesterday we knew where to go, it was just a matter of getting there. Well, the weather cooperated and we made the run up to Point Reyes. Sounds far, but I was told if you map it out, it's really not much different than running from the East Bay. Hard to believe, but true. Main thing is to catch fish, and catch fish we did. It started out tough, with a lot of shakers and only one keeper, but then Capt. Bob took control, cracked the whip, reminding everyone to "breath through their nose," and the fish started jumping in the boat. In no time at all it was limits for all onboard...by 10:15 a.m. Most of the keepers were all 11, 12, 13 pounds, with the biggest weighing in at 14 pounds. There is some weather forecast over the next several days, but we'll just have to take it a day at a time and see what we actually get each morning. Hopefully the weather will help push the fish back a little closer our direction. We had a charter that had to reschedule next month, so we're now available on Sunday, June 12.

Monday, May 16 - I'm running short of time, so just a quick update with details later. We know where there's some fish, it's just a matter of whether or not the weather will let us get to them.

Sunday, May 15 - One fish shy of a fish per rod...

Saturday, May 14 - Trolled, then mooched. Should have stuck with trolling, which produced a fish per rod or better. We caught a few mooching, but nothing to write home about.

Friday, May 13 - Bob rounded the buoy and headed up and out. Found some whales feeding, put the lines in the water, and fish on. First keeper of the day, and it wasn't even 7:30. Good start. Just a few minutes later, fish on again. Then Friday the 13th kicked in. The second fish ended up being lost in the prop. Then nothing, nothing, nothing, until, when I was talking to Bob by cell around 11:15, another hookup. Chris, feet having gotten soaked earlier in the morning from being in the wrong place at the wrong time next to a scupper wearing sandals and socks, ended up losing that fish when the swivel in his Apex broke. Not the knot, not the beads, but the actual swivel. But the guys today wouldn't let Friday the 13th get the best of them. They actually ended up hooking about 11 fish...counting the one in the prop, the one on the Apex, five shakers and the four keepers. On a different note, I'm getting a lot of calls wondering if I'm taking rockfishing reservations yet. Of course I am! The rockcod opener is Friday, July 1, and that date is almost full. Saturday, July 2 is already full. The only other weekend dates open in July or August are Saturday, July 23 and Sunday, August 21. I'll try to add July and August on our Schedule webpage this weekend, so check it out, figure out when you can join us, and let me know!

Thursday, May 12 - Well, things sure seemed like they were going to start out better. We had a fish on the boat by 8:15 in the morning. But that was it for the day except for one other shaker. But the good news is that it sounds like some fish were caught up north, anywhere from a fish per rod to limits, so we'll be heading that direction tomorrow. Bob says it really seems the current has switched back around so things might turn back on real soon.

Wednesday, May 11 - We trolled, and we trolled, and we trolled. Found good signs of birds working, even whales feeding, but still no salmon. Then, all the sudden, a wake up call at 1:15 p.m....fish on! Ken Miles hooked and landed a 9 pounder on his new favorite fishing rod that he won at our Friends of Rollo drawing at the San Mateo boat show. Ten minutes later, Ken hooked up again, this time, though, it was just a shaker. And that was all the action for the day. The hunt continues...

Tuesday, May 10 - All the nice weather we had the past two weeks was great, but unfortunately it allowed the ocean temperature to creep up. Salmon like colder water, and colder water comes from the northwest winds. Good news is the northwest winds are blowing again. Hopefully they will cool down the ocean a tad and the salmon will return to striking distance. But bad news is also that the northwest winds are blowing again, and it looks like our nice calm weather is over for a little while. Luckily there's not much swell forecast this week, so we will simply have to wait and see what Mother Nature decides to bring each morning. Today we only landed four salmon, but don't dispair, the fishing will improve...this is typical salmon fishing. It could bust back wide open tomorrow, or later this week, or not until next week; we'll know when it happens by being there with the lines in the water.

Monday, May 9 - The rain tapered off with occasional occasional squalls mixed in with episodes of calm and clear skies, but the fishing was still pretty darn slow. We only had eight opportunities for the day. Five hits or "drive bys" as the guys like to call them, one fish simply lost, one fish fed to a sea lion, and one fish landed.

Sunday, May 8 - The weatherman called for rain more days than not over the past two weeks and it never affected us on the ocean...until today. The swells were supposed to be small with a little wind. Wrong...it was a flat out nasty, rainy day. Bob had heard of some fish caught down by Pigeon Point, and since that direction would make for a much better ride, that's where he headed. Only problem was the fish were too deep and the weather was just too rotten. After giving it a try, he pulled the plug and headed back. The rest of the fleet wasn't far behind, with just barely a handful of fish caught for the entire Half Moon Bay fleet.

Saturday, May 7 - Capt. Randy was chomping at the bit, but unfortunately the fish weren't. He said they only had three fish by 11:00, but he pulled pulled the rabbit out of the hat to end the day as one of the highliners with 21 salmon for 21 anglers, the magical fish per rod mark, up to 16 lbs.

Friday, May 6 - Second day in a row with just six fish shy of limits, today ending up with 42 salmon for 24 anglers to 15 pounds. We lost a half hour of red hot fishing dragging tangles first thing in the morning. If you follow my reports, you'll see me mention tangles often. Why? Because it not only stops the people tangled from catching fish, but it kills the bite for the whole boat. If there's a lot of junk floating in the water (kelp, grass, jellyfish), take the time and check your bait often, be it an anchovy or a lure. Make sure you're not tangled with your neighbor and that there's nothing extra hanging off your line. If you're new the salmon fishing, listen to the advice of the crew and those around you who have more experience. Everyone has to learn, but the key is to listen and learn.

Thursday, May 5 - The ocean continues to cooperate and even the downpours ended just in time to go fishing. Bob started the day heading out to the same area he's been fishing the last several days, but heard there was a real hot bite...15 miles away! They ran to the spot and laid them away until it died down to a fish here, a fish there. Then they plunked away until they finally pulled the plug around 2:00 with 36 fish in the box for 21 anglers to 17 pounds. Heard the rips they were fishing were full of lots of floating vegetation, so it made for a busy day of checking baits for those who knew to stay on top of it. Today's tip of the day.

Wednesday, May 4 - 540 salmon caught on the Queen of Hearts in 15 days! That's some pretty amazing fishing. But the log books don't lie. Today was no exception. We ended the day just three fish shy of limits with 39 fish landed for 21 anglers. Didn't lose a lot today, but the few we did, added to the handful "Sparky" snatched away, would have easily put us into the limit category again.

Tuesday, May 3 - Another day with lots of the action, especially in the morning. But another day with a lot of hooked fish that came unhooked for one reason or another. What should have been easy early limits ended up being limits a few hours later that had to be worked for. Limits today equals 54 salmon for 27 anglers. Thank goodness the fish continue to cooperate. And so is the weather...the marine forecast is still calling for only 3 to 5 foot swells through the weekend. There's talk of possible scattered showers off and on the next several days, but again nothing that looks like it's going to affect the ocean, just the sky.

Monday, May 2 - Randy, on one of his days off from the Harbor department, took the helm today for the first time this season giving Bob a well deserved day of rest. And, just as we would expect, Randy put the gentlemen with the Fishing Fools in the fish without skipping a beat. They caught fish fast and furious, with limits for all onboard by 9:30. Randy and Bob both love the thrill of finding fish; I dare say we woke up Randy's fishing instinct from it's winter sleep!

Sunday, May 1 - Took a little time to "get located," but when we did our group put them away...the fish, that is. Limits, 30 salmon for our 15 man charter up to 19 pounds (congrats, Mike!), in just a couple of hours.

Saturday, April 30 - Thankfully the fish were foregiving today. We shouldn't have caught limits, but we did. 26 of them to be exact, as in 52 salmon to 18 pounds. As Capt. Bob put it, "we were so bad, we were good." A lot of individual effort today really made it tough for the team effort. Fishing on a boat with 20+ other people requires a lot of cooperation, consideration and conformity. Always keep in mind that if the crew tells you something, you should do it. Obviously I don't mean to jump off a bridge if they told you, but when it comes to catching fish onboard the Queen of Hearts, the crew isn't wrong very often. The marine weather forecast looks fantastic. Unbelieveably low swells (as in only 4 foot swells!) with wind switching back to the northwest which should help cool off the water temperature again and keep the salmon on the munch. Maybe we really will get the unplugged season that was predicted!

Friday, April 29 - Keep that light switch on! I've often explained salmon fishing like turning on and off a light switch. In as fast as you can flip a switch, salmon fishing can be wide open or dead slow. Thankfully, the switch is still in the "on" position with 14 limits onboard and heading back to the dock by 10:15 a.m. Today's catch were all real nice fish with not a small fish in the mix, most just a few pounds shy of each other with the biggest weighing in at 17 pounds. Still trolling in our own backyard around the Deep Reef area.

Thursday, April 28 - Just like we thought, the ocean was flat glassy calm. Not a drop of rain, either. Absolutely gorgeous weather I was told. Motored out to the hot spot but everything was different. No bait, no birds, no whales, no fish. Found a few fish that wanted to bite, but they were unforgiving. Lose one, lose the school. Only had 10 fish by noon. But Capt. Bob wasn't about to give up. Finally the fish turned on. He reported in in waves: "They're biting, got 15, got to go..." Then "25 fish, still fishing." Next "42 fish but Sparky's (sealion's nickname) eating us alive." He finally called it day (a rather late day) with 46 fish for 25 anglers, just four fish shy of limits primarly because they fed so many to the furbags.

Wednesday, April 27 - "This is what I live for" were the words out of Capt. Bob's mouth when he called in by cell phone at 9:15 a.m., huffing and puffing from the battle and reporting in with fast and furious limits. Fourth day in a row with limits, today with 32 fish for 16 anglers up to 15 pounds. They only had two fish in the box around 8:30, which means they put 30 fish in the box in 45 minutes. Now that's some awesome salmon fishing! Getting a lot of feedback that the crew is doing a fantastic job...way to go Heather and Drea! Oh, yeah, Bob, too! The forecast for the ocean looks great through the weekend...don't let the skys throw you off! Spots are filling fast, so give a call to find out our availability.

Tuesday, April 26 - Today things were clicking like a well oiled machine. 50 fish for 25 anglers to 15 pounds. Very few fish lost; Bob calls that "making the conversions" (like the extra point in football; every missed point could come back to haunt you). The fish are coming in spurts, with little lulls and then lots of action. Now don't let the land weather forecast throw you off. The ocean forecast is calling for no more than 5 foot swells every day through the weekend and very little wind. We might need raincoats a little, but the fish don't care...they're already wet! If you want to join us tomorrow, we still have room. Come straight down to the boat and check in at 5:00 to 5:30.

Monday, April 25 - Wow, it sounds like there were a lot of fish hooked today, enough we could have had limits a couple times over. Some lost just simply due to how feisty krill-eating salmon are, but others due to a little too much human adrenaline. Sometimes it's hard to do, but don't forget to slow down a little when needed, keep a bend in the rod at all times up until the time the fish is netted, don't pull the fish out of the net, and mainly listen to the crew. Their goal is for you to catch fish.

Sunday, April 24 - 50 fish! Yeah! That's limits for 25 anglers! All "cookie-cutter" size fish in the 10 to 12 pound range. Lost a good number to some hungry sea lions, but we still got ours. Fishing about 12 miles from the harbor south of the Deep Reef. With the fish feeding on more and more krill, trolling will continue to be the method we'll stick with to put fish in the box.

Saturday, April 23 - Got to cut my summaries short for a while...I had elbow surgery on my right elbow on Friday so I won't be up too much typing for a while. Anyway....Shrimp are starting to show up so the salmon are getting fast and feisty. Did well ending up with three fish over a fish per rod, 26 fish for 23 anglers. Had enough action though to be close to limits.

Friday, April 22 - Still good fishing with 27 fish landed. Winds switched out of the south mid-day making for a tough afternoon. Congrats to Ken Jr. for catching the jackpot fish on his birthday!

Thursday, April 21 - Limits again! It wasn't the fast and furious action we saw yesterday, but it was a good pick throughout the day with the same results: 34 salmon for 15 customers and 2 crew equals limits for everyone onboard. They started the day at the south end of the Deep Reef but the sealions caused havoc, so they moved up to the north end and kept plunking away until the last fish they needed made it in the net around 1:45. Weather was great, and looks like the winds and swells are supposed to stay light and low through the next five days; some possible scattered showers over the weekend, but the ocean looks fine and that's what matters.

Wednesday, April 20 - This is what you've been waiting for: Finally...Limits! Just like we thought, the weather calmed down and the fish were waiting. Capt. Bob called in by cell phone completely out of breath at 8:30 reporting they had 8 fish in the box, had lost four and he had to go! In less than an hour, they were heading home with 26 salmon up to 15 pounds, limits for everyone onboard including the crew. Bob says they were fishing about 9 miles from the harbor right on top of the Deep Reef and the weather was absolutely beautiful. The forecast looks fantastic for tomorrow and Friday, so call in sick and go fishing! Looks like a little more wind on the weekend but still a relatively low swell.

Tuesday, April 19 - The swell and the wind is supposed to come down a little, but not enough for our liking so we called the head of our group Monday afternoon to see if we should take a chance and show up or just simply give in to the weather gods and try for a better day. You win, weather gods...we cancelled the trip for Tuesday and will wait until Wednesday to see if you'll let us go fishing again. The 3:00 forecast on Tuesday reports that the swell is supposed to come down to 5 to 7 feet Wednesday and to continue to decrease into the weekend, and they just brought the wind forecast down to NW 5 to 15. We may finally get the break we've been waiting for.

Monday, April 18 - Bob listened to the weather radio around 4:00 a.m. and heard all he needed to know we weren't going anywhere. Half Moon Bay buoy (which is around 15 miles offshore) reported winds of 27 knots with gusts to 35 and 15 foot swells every 10 seconds. We called up one of the Fishing Fool group and told him to pass the word: Go back to sleep. No fishing today.

Sergio Landeros shows off his jackpot winner before it was sent off to the barbeque on Sunday, April 17 Sunday, April 17 - This pretty much tells the story of the day: at one point only two out of eight fish were landed. Why? Tough to hang onto a rod in one hand, hang onto the rail with the other and reel at the same time. In other words, the ocean is still not cooperating. It's letting us fish, but just barely, and making us earn every fish that makes it in the box. Our group hung in there and ended the day with one fish shy of the "fish per rod" mark. The only good thing about the uncooperative ocean is that it is exactly what we needed to bring in the fish: Capt. Bob reports that fish are now being hooked over a several mile area up and down the Deep Reef.

Saturday, April 16 - Our group today threw in the white towel a little after noon after they had caught some fish and pounded down a few cold ones from the cooler. Enough fun for one day on our Northern California ocean.

Friday, April 15 - So much for being better off weather-wise today...it was downright nasty. One of those days when the boys from Southern Cal would think we were absolutely nuts to be fishing. But fishing we were. Bob tried heading out back to the spot off Montara, but conditions were so bad he stopped only three miles away from the harbor at a spot that they'd caught a few fish when tacking back towards home the last couple of days. They hooked some fish right away, and kept trolling towards the Deep Reef, where they found some more bait and some more fish. Quite an accomplishment to hit double digits today with 10 fish in the box up to "the getting to be monotonous" 12 pounder for the biggest fish. (I think we need to check to see if our scale is stuck!) We have charters the next four days, so our next openings are on Wednesday and Thursday next week. We need current pictures! Send us pictures you take onboard the Queen of Hearts of your catch this season and we'll post them on our report.

Thursday, April 14 - Bob was planning on taking a look southward towards Pigeon Point to keep the southland honest, but the winds didn't look favorable so he headed back out towards the bite off Montara. The day started off with a bang, with several fish landed before 9:00 a.m. Only managed a few more fish the rest of the day though, ending up with 11 salmon for 8 anglers to 12 pounds. The northwest winds were relentless today, blowing a steady 25 by day end. At least the swells are supposed to die down a tad over the next few days.

Wednesday, April 13 - If half of the shakers we found today would have been keepers, we would have had limits. But they weren't. And we didn't. We ended up one fish shy of a fish per rod: 6 fish for 7 anglers to 12 lbs. The fish came in flurries. Nothing, nothing, nothing...then one on, two on, three on, four on. Get a keeper out of that, then nothing, nothing, nothing again, and then another flurry. The ocean has been sloppy in the morning but actually calming down by the afternoon and getting downright beatiful, kinda the opposite of what the ocean forecast would have you think. Looks like we're in good shape weather-wise for the rest of the week, with some really decent weather by the weekend.

Tuesday, April 12 - Capt. Bob describes the day as having lots of "POOP" -- Plenty Of Opportunities Provided -- unfortunately, though, we just couldn't make the most out of a lot of the opportunities. Still ended the day with a decent score of 11 fish for 14 anglers to 13 pounds and probably lost at least that many. Hear the water is darkening up, rips are appearing, and whales are working. Unfortunately, so are the sealions who stole a few fish today, including one that was jackpot potential.

Baja Bev Seltzer proudly displays the limit she bagged on Monday, April 11 Monday, April 11 - The Queen of Hearts was the only boat in the Bay Area fleet out chasing down salmon. Too bad, because the weather was absolutely gorgeous according to Capt. Bob and they found cooperative fish. A little after 10:30, they had 6 salmon landed for 8 anglers, lost a couple that would have been keepers and had a few shakers, too. They found one more hungry salmon and then the bite just shut off, ending one fish shy of a fish per rod with 7 salmon for 8 anglers. Baja Bev (who's pictured at the top of this page) went home with a limit and the jackpot, too.

Sunday, April 10 - Another decent day considering conditions with 16 fish landed to 16 pounds for 24 anglers. Tangles hampered the bite just a bit, but the crew did their best to keep on top of it, and just about every time they'd get a tangle cleared out of the water, we'd get another hookup. Still fishing off the Montara area, nice and close to home.

Saturday, April 9 - Boy was it gorgeous on land, but downright nasty on the ocean. We cancelled our trip for today early Friday morning based on the forecast, and it was definitely the right decision. At one point during the day the marine radio was reporting seas of 20 feet every 12 second and 25 to 35 knots of wind. Whew! Conditions are supposed to decrease rapidly overnight so we'll keep our fingers crossed for Sunday.

Friday, April 8 - Okay, it was really raining this morning. The wind was howling all day. No way did we go out, right? Wrong again. The Queen of Hearts is the ONLY salmon boat in the fleet that has gone fishing EVERY SINGLE DAY this week. Our 10-man charter today are hearty veterans, eager to show the fish who was boss, and they said if Capt. Bob says we can go, we'll go. The ocean was far from nice, but thankfully the fish were cooperative. One fish right away started off the day along with a couple of hit and misses, then five fish by 10:00, a fish per rod before noon, and they ended the day with a very impressive score considering the conditions of 13 salmon for 10 guys to 12 pounds. Bob says things are looking right in the ocean now, and he honestly thinks today could have produced limits if the weather was just a tad better. The forecast looks outrageous for tomorrow so we've cancelled our trip for Saturday, but it looks like it's supposed to come back down Saturday evening (even though it will still be far from flat calm), so we plan on running Sunday's trip as scheduled pending any change in the forecast.

Thursday, April 7 - It was raining. We couldn't have gone fishing, right? Wrong. We did. And we caught fish!!! It's always a good sign when I call Bob by cell and he's out of breath and can't talk. That means the action's red hot. Yeah!! Despite some occasional rain squalls, the ocean was actually better than it was on the weekend (even though that's not saying much!). They caught a nice 13 pounder right off the bat first thing in the morning and then a handful shakers. Another quick mid-morning call heard they had just landed 5 fish and had another one hanging. That's more like it! Our 9 anglers ended up with 12 in the box (thought it was 13, oops) and lost at least four keepers and several shakers! The cold water is finally moving down with all this wind and the water's turning dark, so things are definitely looking up. As much as these winds make conditions tough, it is exactly what we need to make the fishing good.

Wednesday, April 6 - Last year this would have sounded bad, but so far in this short season this sounds good: every other person on the boat went home with a fish. Four salmon for eight customers equals a half fish per rod. Bob says they were all decent fish, too. Even had an almost fifth fish possibly pushing 20 pounds that was just a nose hair away from the net before it fought its way to freedom. Several hit and misses today, too, so much improved action. Where was this? About 10 miles off Montara, about 11 miles from the harbor. One of those spots Bob found in his travels that looked fishy finally started producing. Don't give up hope, folks.

Tuesday, April 5 - The plan today was to head towards the Farallons. Bob was in search of cooler brown water. He found encouraging signs: there is 52 degree water just outside the islands and the current has switched downhill. We didn't hook any fish there, but did find a couple of spots closer to home on the outer edges of the Deep Reef where they ended up putting seven fish in the box up to 12 pounds. Congrats to Luther "Hollywood" Brock who took the jackpot and the first official limit of the season. Looking at the five day weather forecast, there is northwest winds forecast for most of the forecast period, which is good. That's exactly what we need to push the cold water down to our area where the bait is at and start the upwelling process we need to take place and get the salmon on the munch. I've always said salmon fishing is like turning on a light switch...hopefully the switch will be turned on soon. It will happen, just a matter of when. No way of telling when, all we can do it just keep fishing.

Monday, April 4 - The first of our every-other-Monday Fishing Fool charters. And, at long last, we finally were able to keep a fish. But that's all we kept. One fish. Not much to write home about, but considering it's the first fish we were able to keep in five months (due to the season closures), it was nice to get the skunk off the boat. But there's still hope. The weather looks pretty darn decent for tomorrow and Bob plans on trying new untouched territory. We'll keep our fingers crossed.

Sunday, April 3 - Yesterday Bob checked the outside, today it was the inside...all the way down to Davenport 31 miles south of the harbor. He found acres and acres of bait all up and down the coast, but no hungry salmon. Nothing but a scratched bait and a long boat ride for his efforts. A handful of fish were caught close to home, but, like Bob says, he's not looking for 5 fish, he's looking for 50. Can't say Capt. Bob doesn't try.

Saturday, April 2 - At long last, opening day. It was nice to finally get to put our lines in the water, but the weather and fish sure didn't cooperate. It was a rough, windy, cold day on the water, one of those days when even the heartiest of folks waited to eat until they got back to the dock. We found a few real fishy looking spots with birds working and bait all over the meter, but no salmon. Well, on days this bad we actually count shakers (the fish too small to keep), so I guess I'll mention that we did have two shakers. We went all the way out to areas 90 fathoms deep, about 25 miles offshore outside and down from the Deep Reef, but the water is too clear and green. Heard the story is pretty much the same up and down the coast. The search continues...

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