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Fishing Report
ARCHIVE - 2004

The boys from Izorline show how it's done, catching limits of quality salmon on Friday, June 25

2004 Past Scores
2004 Past Whoppers
2004 Past Daily Summary
2003 Archive

Sun., Oct. 31 - 21 anglers, Rotten weather, slow day but 4 lings and a cab
Sat., Oct. 30 - 35 anglers, Rock limits, 8 lings to 9#, 18 cabs
Fri., Oct. 29 - 31 anglers, Rock limits, 4 lings to 18#, 31 cabs, 10# 'but
Thu., Oct. 28 - 10 anglers, Rock limits, 6 cabs to 5#
Wed., Oct. 27 - Weather cancel
Tue., Oct. 26 - Weather cancel
Mon., Oct. 25 - 4 anglers, Rock limits, 2 lings to 17 lbs.
Sun., Oct. 24 - 19 anglers, Rock limits, 2 lings to 18#, 11 cabs
Sat., Oct. 23 - 18 anglers, 171 rockfish, 3 cabs
Fri., Oct. 22 - 24 anglers, Rock limits, 7 lings, 13 cabs to 9#
Thu., Oct. 21 - Weather cancel
Wed., Oct. 20 - Weather cancel
Tue., Oct. 19 - Weather cancel
Mon., Oct. 18 - 6 Fishing Fools, 11 salmon to 35 lbs.
Sun., Oct. 17 - 5 anglers, 38 rockfish
Sat., Oct. 16 - 19 anglers, Rock limits, 12 cabs to 9 lbs.
Fri., Oct. 15 - 28 anglers, 226 rockfish, 20 cabs to 7 lbs.
Thu., Oct. 14 - 19 anglers, 128 rockfish, 24 cabs to 11 lbs.
Wed., Oct. 13 - 27 anglers, 189 rockfish, 3 lings to 25#, 5 cabs to 7#
Tue., Oct. 12 - 5 anglers, Rock limits, 1 cab
Mon., Oct. 11 - 15 anglers, 75 rockfish to 6 lbs.
Sun., Oct. 10 - 20 anglers, 169 rockfish, 1 cab to 4 lbs.
Sat., Oct. 9 - 34 anglers, Rotten weather, real slow fishing
Fri., Oct. 8 - 7 anglers, Rock limits, 3 cabs to 7#
Thu., Oct. 7 - 15 anglers, Rock limits, 3 cabs to 9#
Wed., Oct. 6 - 22 anglers, Rock limits, 13 cabs to 11#, 3 lings to 21#
Tue., Oct. 5 - Day off for maintenance
Mon., Oct. 4 - 7 Fishing Fools, 2 salmon to 11 lbs.
Sun., Oct. 3 - 36 anglers, 228 rockfish, 36 cabs to 10#, 12 lings to 19#
Sat., Oct. 2 - 10 anglers, Rock limits, 3 cabs, 3 lings to 23#
Fri., Oct. 1 - 7 anglers, Rock limits, 9 cabs to 7#
Thu., Sept. 30 - 13 anglers, Rock limits, 2 cabs to 5#
Wed., Sept. 29 - 14 anglers, Rock limits, 15 cabs, 1 ling, 15# halibut
Tue., Sept. 28 - 18 anglers, Rock limits, 12 cabs to 12#
Mon., Sept. 27 - 6 Fishing Fools - 3 salmon to 8 lbs.
Sun., Sept. 26 - 32 anglers, 163 rockcod, 6 cabs, 1 ling to 16#
Sat., Sept. 25 - 27 anglers, Rock limits, 4 cabs, 8 lings to 24#
Fri., Sept. 24 - 10 anglers, Rock limits, 2 cabs, 1 16# ling
Thu., Sept. 23 - 18 anglers, Rock limits, 5 cabs, 7 lings to 23#
Wed., Sept. 22 - 23 anglers, Rock limits, 8 cabs to 10#, 1 ling to 16#
Tue., Sept. 21 - Day off
Mon., Sept. 20 - Day off
Sun., Sept. 19 - 14 anglers, Rock limits (sloppy weather, no lings or cabs)
Sat., Sept. 18 - 33 anglers, 309 rockfish, 12 cabs, 2 lings to 16 lbs.
Fri., Sept. 17 - 10 anglers, Rock limits, 2 lings to 20 lbs.
Thu., Sept. 16 - 8 anglers, Rock limits, 1 lingcod
Wed., Sept. 15 - 21 anglers, Rock limits, 7 cabs, 1 ling to 21 lbs.
Tue., Sept. 14 - 8 anglers, Rock limits to 10 lbs., 3 cabs to 8 lbs.
Mon., Sept. 13 - 5 anglers, 10 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Sun., Sept. 12 - 20 anglers, Rock limits, 8 cabs to 8#, 1 ling to 17#
Sat., Sept. 11 - 27 anglers, Rock limits, 14 cabs to 9#, 1 ling to 28#
Fri., Sept. 10 - 4 anglers, 8 albacore to 26 lbs. (lost 4)
Thu., Sept. 9 - 12 anglers, Rock limits, 12 cabs to 10#, 2 lings to 23#, #22 'but
Wed., Sept. 8 - 26 anglers, Rock limits, 12 cabs to 12#, 1 ling to 17#
Tue., Sept. 7 - 16 anglers, Rock limits, 16 cabs to 10#, 8 lings to 15#
Mon., Sept. 6 - 25 anglers, 6 salmon to 12 lbs., lost another 3 or 4
Sun., Sept. 5 - 30 anglers, Rock limits, 15 cabs to 10#, 9 lings to 29#
Sat., Sept. 4 - 15 anglers, 3 albacore landed, 5 lead fish lost
Fri., Sept. 3 - 12 anglers, Rock limits
Thu., Sept. 2 - 18 anglers, Rock limits, 1 cabezone
Wed., Sept. 1 - 23 anglers, Rock limits, 23 cabs to 9#
Tue., Aug. 31 - 17 anglers, Rock limits, 8 cabs, 2 lings to 14#
Mon., Aug. 30 - 5 anglers, 17 albacore to 35 lbs.
Sun., Aug. 29 - 24 anglers, Rock limits, 4 cabs to 8#
Sat., Aug. 28 - 20 anglers, Rock limits, 1 cabezon
Fri., Aug. 27 - 15 anglers, 3 salmon to 9.7 lbs.
Thu., Aug. 26 - 30 anglers, Rock limits, 2 cabs, 1 starry flounder
Wed., Aug. 25 - 18 PAL kids
Tue., Aug. 24 - 14 PAL kids
Mon., Aug. 23 - 8 Fishing Fools, 16 salmon (limits) to 13 lbs.
Sun., Aug. 22 - 35 anglers, Rock limits, 9 cabs to 9#, 4 lings to 14#, 14# 'but
Sat., Aug. 21 - 22 anglers, Rock limits...kinda, 10 lings to ?, 19# 'but
Fri., Aug. 20 - 6 tuna chasers on a long boat ride
Thu., Aug. 19 - 25 anglers, 21 salmon to 35 lbs.
Wed., Aug. 18 - 31 anglers, Rock limits, 16 cabs to 10#, 11# ling
Tue., Aug. 17 - 16 anglers Rock limits, 5 cabs to 7#, 2 lings to 12#
Mon., Aug. 16 - 15 anglers Rock limits, 16 cabs to 8#, 1 ling to 11#
Sun., Aug. 15 - 36 anglers, 332 rockcod, 8 cabs, 3 lings, 15# halibut
Sat., Aug. 14 - 37 anglers, Rock limits, 4 cabs, 6 lings
Fri., Aug. 13 - 26 anglers, Rock limits, 9 cabs to 10#, 5 lings to 12#
Wed., Aug. 11 - 25 anglers, Rock limits, 7 cabs, 5 lings to 15 lbs.
Tue., Aug. 10 - 25 anglers, 29 salmon to 30 lbs.
Mon., Aug. 9 - 4 anglers, 5 salmon to 10 lbs.
Sun., Aug. 8 - 35 anglers, Rock limits, 14 cabs to 10#
Sat., Aug. 7 - 25 anglers, Rock limits, 3 cabs to 8#
Fri., Aug. 6 - 21 anglers, Rock limits, 3 cabezon
Thu., Aug. 5 - 29 anglers, Rock limits, 5 cabs to 6#, 4 lingcod
Wed., Aug. 4 - 33 anglers, Rock limits, 17 cabs to 8#, 8 lings to 18#
Tue., Aug. 3 - 9 anglers, 18 salmon (limits) to 11 lbs.
Mon., Aug. 2 - 29 anglers, Rock limits, 26 cabs to 8#, 2 lings to 14#
Sun., Aug. 1 - 30 anglers, Rock limits, 13 cabs to 7#, 5 lings to 18#, 15# 'but
Sat., July 31 - 26 anglers, 47 salmon to 12 lbs.
Fri., July 30 - 19 anglers, 38 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Thu., July 29 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 16 lbs.
Wed., July 28 - 21 anglers, 42 salmon (limits) to 11 lbs.
Tue., July 27 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 20 lbs.
Mon., July 26 - 18 anglers, 36 salmon (limits) to 19 lbs.
Sun., July 25 - 16 anglers, 23 salmon to 16 lbs.
Sat., July 24 - 19 anglers, 38 salmon (limits) to 30 lbs.
Fri., July 23 - 18 anglers, 36 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Thu., July 22 - 26 anglers, 51 salmon to 22 lbs.
Wed., July 21 - 20 anglers, 40 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Tue., July 20 - 21 anglers, 42 salmon (limits) to 22 lbs.
Mon., July 19 - 5 anglers, 7 salmon to 14 lbs.
Sun., July 18 - 24 anglers, 13 salmon to 8 lbs.
Sat., July 17 - 17 anglers, 28 salmon to 14 lbs.
Fri., July 16 - 8 anglers, 16 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Thu., July 15 - Mooching with the San Mateo PAL kids
Wed., July 14 - Mooching with the San Mateo PAL kids
Tue., July 13 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 22 lbs.
Mon., July 12 - 7 anglers, 14 salmon (limits) to 22 lbs.
Sun., July 11 - 20 anglers, 40 salmon (limits) to 18 lbs.
Sat., July 10 - 20 anglers, 40 salmon (limits) to 17 lbs.
Fri., July 9 - 22 anglers, 32 salmon to 33 lbs. and 1 striped bass!
Thu., July 8 - Mooching with the San Mateo PAL kids
Wed., July 7 - Mooching with the San Mateo PAL kids
Tue., July 6 - Open mooching trip - real slow - 10 salmon plus 2 halibut
Mon., July 5 - Tough day, lots of learning - fish per rod
Sun., July 4 - 6 salmon shy of limits
Sat., July 3 - 23 anglers, 46 salmon (limits) to ?? lbs.
Fri., July 2 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Thu., July 1 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Wed., June 30 - 37 anglers, 74 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Tue., June 29 - 23 anglers, 46 salmon (limits) to 16 lbs.
Mon., June 28 - 8 anglers, 16 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Sun., June 27 - 20 anglers, 40 salmon (limits) to 20 lbs.
Sat., June 26 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Fri., June 25 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 28 lbs.
Thu., June 24 - 23 anglers, 46 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Wed., June 23 - 24 anglers, 48 salmon (limits) to 20 lbs.
Tue., June 22 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 20 lbs.
Mon., June 21 - Too rough for the PAL kids
Sun., June 20 - 18 anglers, 36 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Sat., June 19 - 26 anglers, 52 salmon (limits) to ?? lbs.
Fri., June 18 - 16 anglers, 32 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Thu., June 17 - 26 anglers, 52 salmon (limits) to 25 lbs.
Wed., June 16 - 10 anglers, 20 salmon (limits) to 13 lbs.
Tue., June 15 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Mon., June 14 - 5 anglers, 10 salmon (limits) to 28 lbs.
Sun., June 13 - Cancelled due to high winds
Sat., June 12 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 19 lbs.
Fri., June 11 - 26 anglers, 52 salmon (limits) to 32 lbs.
Thu., June 10 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 30 lbs.
Wed., June 9 - 20 anglers, 19 salmon to 26 lbs.
Tue., June 8 - Cancelled due to high winds
Mon., June 7 - Cancelled due to high winds
Sun., June 6 - Cancelled due to high winds
Sat., June 5 - 22 anglers, 44 salmon (limits) to 22 lbs.
Fri., June 4 - 21 anglers, 42 salmon (limits) to 21 lbs.
Thu., June 3 - 21 anglers, 42 salmon (limits) to 18 lbs.
Wed., June 2 - 12 anglers, 21 salmon to 15 lbs.
Tue., June 1 - 24 anglers, 31 salmon to 18-1/2 lbs.
Mon., May 31 - 22 anglers, 44 salmon (limits) to 8 lbs.
Sun., May 30 - 22 anglers, 40 salmon to 27 lbs.
Sat., May 29 - 25 anglers, 36 salmon to 13 lbs.
Fri., May 28 - 17 anglers, 34 salmon (limits) to 20 lbs.
Thu., May 27 - 23 anglers, 9 salmon to 22 lbs.
Wed., May 26 - 25 anglers, 33 salmon (and lost LOTS!!!) to 31 lbs.
Tue., May 25 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 20 lbs.
Mon., May 24 - 6 anglers, 8 salmon to ??
Sun., May 23 - 24 anglers, 41 salmon to 14 lbs.
Sat., May 22 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Fri., May 21 - 5 anglers, 10 salmon (limits) to 25 lbs.
Thu., May 20 - 18 anglers, 36 salmon (limits) to 30 lbs.
Wed., May 19 - 23 anglers, 41 salmon to 19 lbs.
Tue., May 18 - 19 anglers, 38 salmon (limits) to 13 lbs.
Mon., May 17 - 7 anglers, 14 salmon (limits) to 16 lbs.
Sat., May 15 - 15 anglers, 30 salmon (limits) to 16 lbs.
Fri., May 14 - 22 anglers, 44 salmon (limits) to 16 lbs.
Thu., May 13 - 21 anglers, 42 salmon (limits) to 14 lbs.
Wed., May 12 - cancelled due to high winds
Tue., May 11 - cancelled due to high winds
Mon., May 10 - cancelled due to high winds
Sun., May 9 - 23 anglers, 41 salmon to 13 lbs.
Sat., May 8 - 20 anglers, 11 salmon to 23 lbs.
Fri., May 7 - 18 anglers, 15 salmon to 13 lbs.
Thu., May 6 - 18 anglers, 36 salmon (limits by 8:15 a.m.!)
Wed., May 5 - 17 anglers, 34 salmon (limits) to 25 lbs.
Tue., May 4 - 13 anglers, 11 salmon to 12 lbs.
Mon., May 3 - Too rough for our group
Sun., May 2 - 12 anglers, 20 salmon to 12 lbs.
Sat., May 1 - 23 anglers, 46 salmon (limits) to 22 lbs.
Fri., April 30 - 21 anglers, 42 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Thu., April 29 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 13 lbs.
Wed., April 28 - 9 anglers, 18 salmon (limits) to 13 lbs.
Tue., April 27 - 25 anglers, 48 salmon to 23 lbs.
Mon., April 26 - 17 anglers, 19 salmon to 25 lbs. (lost 30)
Sun., April 25 - 11 anglers, 22 salmon (limits) to 11 lbs.
Sat., April 24 - 18 anglers, 14 salmon to 13 lbs.
Fri., April 23 - 15 anglers, 16 salmon to 23 lbs.
Thu., April 22 - 13 anglers, 7 salmon to 9 lbs. (rough ocean)
Wed., April 21 - 11 anglers, 11 salmon to 18 lbs. (tons of shakers)
Tue., April 20 - 12 anglers, 24 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Mon., April 19 - 6 anglers, 12 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Sun., April 18 - 23 anglers, 38 salmon to 13 lbs.
Sat., April 17 - 25 anglers, 50 salmon (limits) to 17 lbs.
Fri., April 16 - 22 anglers, 12 salmon to 11 lbs.
Thu., April 15 - 21 anglers, 7 salmon to 12 lbs.
Wed., April 14 - 17 anglers, 9 salmon to 13 lbs.
Tue., April 13 - 16 anglers, 14 salmon to 13 lbs.
Mon., April 12 - 17 anglers, 20 salmon to 14 lbs.
Sun., April 11 - 25 anglers, 31 salmon to 13 lbs.
Sat., April 10 - 21 anglers, 17 salmon to 14 lbs.
Fri., April 9 - 18 anglers, ?? salmon to ?? lbs.
Thu., April 8 - 21 anglers, 19 salmon to ?? lbs.
Wed., April 7 - 24 anglers, 19 salmon to ?? lbs.
Tue., April 6 - 16 anglers, 32 salmon (limits) to 22 lbs.
Mon., April 5 - 7 anglers, 14 salmon (limits) to 20 lbs.
Sun., April 4 - 23 anglers, 18 salmon to 22 lbs.
Sat., April 3 - 26 anglers, 52 salmon (limits) to 26 lbs.

Jesse Lara with his 2nd place 22 lb. salmon caught on opening day, April 3, 2004

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WHOPPERS (20 lbs. and over in bold):
Oct. 30 - Irwin Ocampo of S.F. - 19 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Oct. 29 - Blake Johnson of Redwood City - 18 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Oct. 28 - Steve Lee of Hayward - 5 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Oct. 25 - Eddie Rose of Manteca - 17 lb. lingcod - Montara
Oct. 25 - Bill Page of Fremont - 11 lb. vermillion - Montara
Oct. 24 - Scott Briedenbach of Redwood City - 18 lb. lingcod - Bean Hollow
Oct. 23 - Alan Ida of Sunnyvale - 7 lb. cabezon
Oct. 22 - Kam Law of San Jose - 20 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Oct. 18 - Fred Bajada of Los Altos - 35 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Oct. 16 - Harry Boos of Sunnyvale - 9 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Oct. 15 - Henry Chinn of San Francisco - 7 lb. cabezon - Bean Hollow
Oct. 14 - Steven Lee of San Francisco - 11 lb. cabezon - Pacific Ocean
Oct. 13 - Tosh Okano of San Jose - 25 lb. lingcod - New Years
Oct. 11 - Meno Gallegos of San Leandro - 6 lb. vermillion - San Gregorio
Oct. 10 - Shawn Alt of Redwood City - 4 lb. cabezon - San Gregorio
Oct. 9 - Danny Chow of Elk Grove - 5 lb. vermillion - In the ocean
Oct. 8 - John Sheakley of Tracy - 7 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Oct. 7 - William Page of Fremont - 9 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Oct. 6 - Les Cundall of Palo Alto - 21 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Oct. 4 - John Exe of Palo Alto - 11 lb. salmon - Montara
Oct. 3 - Ricky Lam of San Francisco - 19 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Oct. 2 - Austin Turner of Rancho Cardova - 23 lb. lingcod - New Years
Oct. 1 - Stan Wong of San Jose - 7 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Sept. 30 - Claes Claesson of Millbrae - 5 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Sept. 29 - Bud Stillman of Sunnyvale - 15 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Sept. 28 - Stephen Lee of San Francisco - 12 lb. cabezon - Bean Hollow
Sept. 27 - Fred Bajada of Los Altos - 8 lb. salmon - Montara
Sept. 26 - Justin Bell of Ben Lomand - 16 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sept. 25 - Bill Price of Daly City - 24 lb. lingcod - New Years
Sept. 24 - Awand Lipor of Reno - 16 lb. lingcod - New Years
Sept. 23 - Stephen Lee of Hayward - 23 lb. lingcod - Ano Nuevo
Sept. 23 - Perry Wong of ?? - 10 lb. vermillion - Ano Nuevo
Sept. 22 - Bernie Lucero of San Jose - 16 lb. lingcod - Ano Nuevo
Sept. 19 - Baja Bev Seltzer of Los Gatos - 8 lb. vermillion - San Gregorio
Sept. 18 - Dillon Defarley of Ben Lomand - 16 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Sept. 17 - Pat May of Manteca - 20 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sept. 15 - Paul Poljak of Burlingame - 21 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sept. 14 - Ed Tarkman of So.S.F. - 10 lb. vermillion - Pescadero
Sept. 13 - Lloyd Coleman of Los Altos - 12 lb. salmon - Egg Rock
Sept. 12 - Kai Wu of Foster City - 17 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sept. 11 - 28 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sept. 10 - Tom Guardino of Pacifica - 26 lb. albacore - Pioneer Canyon
Sept. 9 - Bao of San Francisco - 23 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sept. 8 - Winston Willis of Hayward - 17 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sept. 7 - Helen Tam of Los Altos - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sept. 6 - William Hudnall of Fremont - 12 lb. salmon - Channel Buoys
Sept. 5 - Sun Vo - 29 lb. lingcod - Ano Nuevo
Sept. 2 - Aneel Kwchann of San Mateo - 5 lb. vermillion - Pescadero
Sept. 1 - Mathew Squires of Fremont - 8 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Aug. 31 - Lee Poston of Belmont - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Aug. 30 - Heather Shirley of El Granada - 35 lb. albacore - Pioneer
Aug. 29 - Charlie Chann of San Jose - 8 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Aug. 28 - Harry Boos of Sunnyvale - 9 lb. vermillion - Pescadero
Aug. 27 - Dennis O'Halloran of San Bruno - 9.7 lb. salmon - Martins Beach
Aug. 26 - Andrew Duncan of Half Moon Bay - 6 lb. vermillion - Pescadero
Aug. 23 - Eloise Frick of Cupertino - 13 lb. salmon - Pacifica
Aug. 22 - Mike Osborne of Whittier - 15 lb. halibut - Pigeon Point
Aug. 21 - Gene Coombs of San Mateo - 19 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Aug. 19 - Bob Rossi of Los Altos - 35 lb. salmon - Pacifica
Aug. 18 - Phillip Bates of Santa Clara - 11 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Aug. 17 - Mat Lazano of Fullerton - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Aug. 17 - Sophia Owen of Newark - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Aug. 16 - Stan Chin of San Carlos - 11 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Aug. 15 - 15 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Aug. 13 - 12 lb. lingcod - Bolsa Point
Aug. 11 - Mike Casentini of So.S.F - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Aug. 10 - 30 lb. salmon - Mussel Rock
Aug. 9 - Art Vorrath of Los Altos - 12 lb. salmon - Channel Buoy
Aug. 8 - Walter Powell of Daly City - 10 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Aug. 7 - 8 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Aug. 4 - Shad Shmutz of Kansas - 18 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Aug. 3 - Daniel Le of Santa Clara - 11 lb. salmon - Pacifica
Aug. 2 - 14 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Aug. 1 - Scott Briedenbach of Redwood City - 18 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
July 31 - Sean Snyder of San Jose - 12 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 30 - Scott Acevedo of Los Banos - 12 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 29 - Robert Oliver of Lathrop - 14 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 28 - Abel Martinez of San Jose - 11 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 27 - Margo Dutton of Mountain View - 20 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 26 - Bob Raab of Covina - 19 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 25 - William Change of San Francisco - 16 lb. salmon - Duxbury
July 24 - Bob Branco of Maine - 30 lb. salmon - Duxbury
July 23 - Walter Howe of Pacifica - 12 lb. salmon - "A" Buoy
July 22 - John Mataya of San Jose - 22 lb. salmon - So. of Channel Buoys
July 21 - Sonny Cruz of Morgan Hill - 12 lb. salmon - So. of Channel Buoys
July 20 - Tommy Wong of So. S.F. - 22 lb. salmon - So. of Channel Buoys
July 18 - David Saridad of Redwood City - 8 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
July 17 - Donna Johnson of Hayward - 14 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 15 - Michael Tejada of San Mateo - 15 lb. salmon - Mussel Rocks
July 14 - David ?? of San Mateo - 21 lb. salmon - Mussel Rocks
July 13 - Michael Collins of Redwood City - 22 lb. salmon - Duxbury
July 12 - Arno Ragghianti of Los Altos - 22 lb. salmon - Channel Buoys
July 11 - Doug Gober of Belmont - 18 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 10 - Matt Murphy of Gilroy - 17 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 9 - Joshua Grossum of San Jose - 33 lb. salmon - Pacifica
July 2 - Justin Fearn of Cameron Park - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
July 1 - Dave Carson of San Jose - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
June 30 - Murray Low of San Mateo - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
June 29 - Dave Mendes of Cupertino - 16 lb. salmon - Weather Buoy
June 25 - Betsy Gillingham of Duarte - 28 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
June 24 - Ted Smith of San Jose - 15 lb. salmon - off Martins Beach
June 23 - David Godoy of Seal Beach - 20 lb. salmon - off Martins Beach
June 22 - Robert Martinez, Cupertino - 20 lb. salmon - 6 miles s.
June 20 - Jim Christopher of Newark - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
June 19 - Michael Kurtz of Sunnyvale - 19 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
June 18 - Roy Bradshaw of Pacifica - 15 lb. salmon - Off San Gregorio
June 17 - Sagar Reddy of San Jose - 25 lb. salmon - Off San Gregorio
June 16 - Larry Hassett of La Honda - 13 lb. salmon - 12 miles s.w.
June 15 - Fernando Agrila of San Jose - 15 lb. salmon - 9 miles away
June 14 - Fred Bajada of Los Altos - 28 lb. salmon - 6 miles out
June 12 - Joel - 19 lb. salmon - Pescadero
June 11 - Bill Evans of San Jose - 32 lb. salmon - Pescadero
June 10 - 30 lb. salmon - Pescadero
June 9 - Jerry Benton of Sunnyvale - 26 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
June 5 - Will Palmer of San Jose - 22 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
June 4 - David VanSeckle of Danville - 21 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
June 3 - Will Der of S.F. - 18 lb. salmon - 14 miles west
June 2 - Corey Stohs of San Jose - 15 lb. salmon - 11 miles west
June 1 - Napoleon Bowthard of Pacific - 18-1/2 lbs. - 11 miles west
May 30 - Chris Nakiso of Foster city - 27 lb. salmon - 7 miles s.w.
May 29 - Louis Liberban of Morgan Hill - 13 lb. salmon - 10 miles west
May 28 - Howard Peck - 20 lb. salmon - Farallons
May 27 - Tommy Wong of S.F. - 22 lb. salmon - 10 miles s.w.
May 26 - Steve Woodill, S.Juan Baptista - 31 lb. salmon - Farallons
May 25 - Nate Grimstvedt of Oakland - 20 lb. salmon - 22 miles west
May 23 - Theautry Snyder III of San Jose - 14 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
May 21 - Bill Forderlane of Yuba City - 25 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
May 20 - Eric Takahatsu of S.F. - 30 lb. salmon - 11 miles s.w.
May 19 - Tosh Okano of San Jose, 19 lb. salmon - 11 miles west
May 18 - 13 lb. salmon - 6 miles west
May 17 - One of the Fishing Fools - 16 lb. salmon - 6 miles west
May 15 - Frank Caunday of Los Gatos - 16 lb. salmon - 6 miles west
May 14 - David Shariley of Hayward - 16 lb. salmon - 6 miles west
May 13 - John Wu of Menlo Park - 14 lb. salmon - 7-1/2 miles west
May 8 - Danny Blue of Patterson - 23 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
May 5 - George Foy of Hayward - 25 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
May 4 - Jim Marinello of San Jose - 12 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
May 2 - Tom Westphal of Mt. View - 12 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
May 1 - Alan Yeo of Hercules - 22 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
April 30 - Frank Caunday of Los Gatos - 15 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
April 29 - Kevin Scott of Foster City - 13 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
April 28 - Semih Albayrar of S.F. - 13 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
April 27 - Mark Windram, Mt. View - 23 lb. salmon, 6 miles so. of Farallons
April 26 - Bob Albright of Pacifica, 25 lb. salmon - 6 miles so. of Farallons
April 25 - George Collins of Aromas - 11 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
April 24 - Danny Carlson of San Rafael - 13 lb. salmon - 8 miles west
April 23 - Joseph Schmitz, Fremont - 23 lb. salmon - 19 miles outside HMB
April 22 - Bernie Berridge, Moss Beach - 9 lb. salmon - 8 miles outside HMB
April 21 - Bob Gieseck of San Jose - 18 lb. salmon - 8 miles west of HMB
April 20 - Ken Nichols of San Carlos - 15 lb. salmon - 9 miles so. of HMB
April 17 - Larry Johnson of San Mateo, 15 lb. salmon, 15 miles so. of HMB
April 16 - John Haag of San Jose, 11 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 15 - Ed Tarkman of So. S.F., 12 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 14 - Jacob Walter of Fremont, 13 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 13 - Ron Mires of Mt. View, 13 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 12 - Erin Garrett of Roseville, 14 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 11 - Bill Spaulding of Sunnyvale, 13 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 10 - Frank Molnar of Pleasanton, 14 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 7 - Luther "Hollywood" Brock of San Jose, ?? lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 6 - Tommy Wong of Daly city, 22 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 5 - One of the Fishing Fools, 20 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 4 - Jeff Lusich of San Francisco, 22 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 3 - Jesse Lara of Campbell, 22 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point
April 3 - Frank Caunday of Los Gatos, 26 lb. salmon, Pigeon Point

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The month of October - Some absolutely fantastic days, and some down-right rotten days, both fishing and weather-wise. But with this being the last month to go rockfishing for eight months in our area, we had to make the best of every day the ocean gave us to venture along the coastline. Still a whole bunch of lingcod caught and released with the 30 inch minimum size requirement this year, some weekends with over 100 lingcod carefully netted and released to grow a little larger until it gets hooked again. Think lingcod learn not to bite the wrong thing twice? After hearing this story, I know the answer is a definite no: one legal ling came up with three hooks in its jaw, one on the end of the lucky angler's line, and two other that the ling had broke off from previous battles. One of those two was a special hand-tied fly that belonged to another angler onboard. Only thing was, he hadn't broken off any fish that day; it was from a trip a week prior! Another cool story was the lingcod found inside a lingcod: as Heather filleted a large lingcod, out of its stomach popped another lingcod well over 10 pounds! Not only do lingcod look mean, boy, are they! This month also saw a lot of real nice vermillions flying over the rails.

Here's what a lingcod over 30 inches looks like!!

Wed., Sept. 22 - The kind of day we treasure most: weather was "beautiful, hot, sunny, gorgeous." The ocean itself was "greasy" calm, no wind, with just a low, almost unnoticeable swell. Just goes to show how the weather forecasts this time of year can be deceiving and have to be taken with a grain of salt. Capt. Bob reported that the water was off-color everywhere, so he ended up down at Ano Nuevo before the day was over after stopping at several spots along the way. It was a slow but steady one-by-one-by-one bite, resulting in limits of mostly bottomfish (lots and lots and lots of chunky blacks and yellows, brownies (bolinas), nice big vermillions, gophers) with only a handful of schoolfish (blacks and blues). Handfuls of lingcod were tussled with, with one nice 16 pound lingcod going home with Bernie Lucero.

Monday and Tuesday, September 20 and 21 - As much as we hated to do it, we cancelled Monday and Tuesday to give Capt. Bob a chance to get the upper hand battling a cold he caught. Also gave the ocean a chance to settle down from Sunday.

Sunday, September 19 - Not a very nice day on land or ocean. Forecasts of possible showers turned out to be downpours and flooding for parts like Sacramento. On the ocean, it was also sloppy, rotten weather, with Capt. Randy reporting a south breeze of 15 to 17 knots on top of a 6 to 8 foot swell. Our hearty group made the best of it, catching limits of rockfish, although the lingcod and cabezon held tight in their caves and wouldn't come out and play. Baja Bev showed her knack again for catching big reds, taking top honors with a nice eight pound vermillion.

Saturday, September 18 - Capt. Bob back in the saddle again after wrapping up another weeks' meetings with the fishing feds. Lots of fireworks during the meetings but thankfully any major blowups were averted. The results of the meeting are available at http://www.pcouncil.org/decisions/currentdec.html. Back on the home front, limit SWLT rockfishing continues, along with a dozen cabezon and a couple keeper lings. Today is the calm before the storm, with overcast conditions, no breeze and around a 5 foot swell.

Tuesday through Friday, September 14 through September 17 - While Capt. Bob's fighting for the cause, the Queen kept running with the much appreciated assistance of Capts. Randy, Dale and Jim. Limits every trip, along with two nice lingcod weighing in at 20 and 21 pounds.

Monday, September 13 - Can't fool the Fishin' Fools this year. Even with the salmon season slowing, our every-other-Monday group found fast and easy limits under the guide of Capt. Randy, landing 10 salmon up to 12 pounds, limits for their group of 5, by 9:15 in the morning. The fish were at "Egg Rock" near the Pacifica area. Weather was a little on the sloppy side, with 6 to 8 foot swells and 10 to 15 knots out of the northwest. Looks like winter is on its way....

Friday, September 10 - Albacore charter number three for Jim and his small band of tuna chasers. The day started off with good potential, with Capt. Bob calling in just a little after 8:00 a.m. saying they landed four out of five fish and the birds were working. Shortly thereafter, though, the birds went down and so did the fish. They picked away at a few more, ending the day with two albacore per rod. Nothing to write home about, but this group has the right attitude: they know that it's not catching lots of tuna that counts, it's just having the opportunity to catch them. Sounds like they thoroughly enjoy the experience of fishing every trip, today being no exception with a couple of noteables for their memory banks: one (assumed) huge troll fish that spooled the reel so fast they didn't even have time to react, and two groups of whales giving quite a show. Today the fish were at the Pioneer Canyon (not the Pioneer Seamount), a little over 30 miles from the harbor. Not a lot of fish on the bite today, as it sounds like we had the top score.

Tom Aurand with a 16 pound lingcod caught on July 2, 2003 Thursday, September 9 back to Tuesday, August 31 - Apologies for lack of daily summaries...but, the scores give most of the necessary info and this should fill in the blanks: SWLT rockfishing is fantastic, just as we thoroughly expect this time of year. It is limits of rockfish daily, which means 10 fish per person with some cabezon and seatrout mixed in, and a few legal lingcod daily as well. We're starting to see more cabezon and a few bigger lings, and Capt. Bob reports the sacks have "lots of color," meaning there is a good variety in the species of rockcod being landed, with lots of gophers, china, and BIG reds, lots of quality fish. You may notice a change in my the way I'm reporting the daily scores. Since most rockcod days result in limits, I'm not going to hassle putting down how many rockcod caught, only cabezon and lingcod, as well as the occasional halibut. "Rockcod limits" are 10 fish per person, meaning every person onboard went home with their 10 fish limit of a combination of rockfish, cabezon and/or seatrout. Salmon fishing has slowed down tremendously, again just as we'd expect this time of year. Still some good salmon days to be had (the season is open all the way until the second weekend in November), it's just that the majority of the trips through the end of the season should produce more "quality" than "quantity," and most of the action will take place around the Channel Buoys or Duxbury areas, both still well within reach of Half Moon Bay boats. Albacore are within reach, but no real consistency to the catch, with scores from a few fish to n fish to a few lucky boats in the right place at the right time getting them jumping over the rails. Remember, the rockfishing season is only open another month and a half, and the few weekend dates we have open fill very quickly. Once the rockfishing season closes on October 31, it will remain closed in our area for EIGHT months, with the 2005 season opening on July 1. Enjoy those rockfish while you can!

Thursday, August 19 - Salmon trolling at Pacifica. The fish are still thick, but not quite as forgiving. Tangles made it a tough day for us again. Get the tangles out of the water...boom, fish on. Then nothing, nothing, nothing...and, oh, how about that...another tangle. Get the tangle out of the water and...boom, fish on. Severals boats caught limits. We were lucky to have just four fish shy of a fish per rod. On the bright side, a salmon-of-a-lifetime type fish was caught by Bob Rossi of Los Altos: 35 pounds! More like the size we'd expect this time of year, but this year has been a year with unbelieveable quantity. Not a bad tradeoff.

Wednesday, August 18 - Most of what I report comes from what our crew relays to me since I don't get the chance nearly as often as I'd like to actually go fishing or work on the boat myself. But today I took a drive down to the boat at the end of the day and was able to see the last two limits of fish being cleaned by our deckhand. Oh, my goodness! What bombers! Tom A. was still onboard and when they dumped his sack for filleting: man, oh man, the fish he had. No, no legal lingcod (this 30 inch minimum really stinks in that regard). But he had four bomber reds (vermillions) as part of his limit. When I say bombers, I mean bombers. The largest was scale verified at nine pounds. Hopefully he'll send me a copy of the picture so I can post it. A nine pound rockfish may not sound impressive, but wait until you see it. He also had a cabezon or two, some nice china cod and a couple of hefty blues to complete his limit. From what I hear, Tom was just one of many with a great catch, as everyone today went home with smiles on their faces and 10 fish limits of rockfish, and there were a couple of lingcod that measured over the two and a half foot mark as well. Tomorrow we get to see for ourselves what's happening in the salmon world, and then we have charters for the next several days. Our next opening is on Thursday, August 26. Don't wait too long; I'm sure that trip will book up well in advance since it is the only day we are available next week.

Tuesday, August 17: Sophia earned her way onboard courtesy of the Book Bucks she earned at school earlier this year and walked off tied for first place honors today, landing a nice 12 pound lingcod that tied with Mat Lazano of Fullerton. As is the case pretty much daily, right around 8 lingcod were released for every one that was kept.

Monday, August 16: Bob's back at the controls, and starts his week off with a bang finding 16 cabezon for our 15 anglers to round out their rockfish limits. One 12 pound lingcod made it onboard while 13 were released.

Wednesday, August 11 through Sunday, August 15: Limits of rockfish, including handfuls of cabezon and seatrout, along with a few legal lingcod, were the rule daily. Another halibut hit the deck, a nice 15 pounder, to add a little spice to the catch.

Tuesday, August 10 - Today is more what you'd expect this time of year salmon fishing: a little better than a fish per rod with the biggest fish actually being a big fish, the top honors going to a 30 pounder today. Capt. Randy reports the best fishing at Mussel Rock, just north of the Pacifica area.

Monday, August 9 - Our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools group had lots of action today, with 15 to 20 fish lost in the heat of the battle and 5 fish making it in the box. Good enough for the four gents to each take a fish home with one fish to spare.

Sunday, August 8 - Capt. Bob turns the helm over to Capt. Randy for the next week as Bob and I are on our way to San Diego for our annual Queen of Hearts sponsored five day long range trip on the one and only Royal Polaris (www.royalpolaris.com). No doubt that Randy will keep the fish coming over the rail as he always does. While we're away, no QH reports, but the boat will continue running every day and catching her share of fish.

Saturday, August 7 - Today's group organized by Nippon Travel Agency put a hurt on the fish again today, easily landing their limits, and battling and releasing 28 lingcod.

Friday, August 6 - 21 more people today know the joy of SWLT rockfishing, with limits again for everyone onboard. One lingcod broke through the minimum size barrier and another 31 lings were tussled with and released.

Thursday, August 5 - Limits of rockfish including 5 cabezon and 9 seatrout on their way to the dinner plate, and another 24 lingcod released to fight another day.

Wednesday, August 4 - Welcome back to a lot of faces today we haven't seen for way too long! Wasn't it fun?! Good people and good fishing. Another 17 cabezon helped fill out the rockfish limits, and a group of big enough lings cooperated towards the end of the day to allow us to keep eight of the toothy critters. The real nice thing about SWLT rockfishing is that it is real consistant, especially for the three months that we're allowed to fish this year. So no need to worry about how the rockfishing is going...it should pretty much be limits or pretty darn close to limits every day for the next three months. The only thing that will change is the number of cabezon and lingcod, along with a few halibut here and there. You really can't go wrong going SWLT rockfishing; it's about as guaranteed as fishing can get. Now don't take me wrong: There's no such thing as guaranteed fishing (unless you go to a trout farm!), but SWLT rockfishing is pretty darn close!

Tuesday, August 3 - Private salmon charter today. Only 9 anglers. Nice group. Easy limits at Pacifica and back to the dock before noon.

Monday, August 2 - Same story as yesterday, with easy rockfish limits for everyone. Not as many reds today, but we did throw 26 cabezon into the mixture.

Sunday, August 1 - Rockfishing...finally!! Just as we thoroughly expected, the rockfish were ready and waiting for us, allowing everyone to easily head home with their 10 fish rockfish limits. Capt. Bob said there were "lots and lots and lots" of reds (vermillion rockfish), probably accounting for at least 3 apiece with some anglers bagging 5 or 6 reds as part of their limit. The lingcod were chomping too, with a total of 83 lingcod landed. Out of those 83 lingcod, 2 were less than 24 inches (the minimum size limit last year), 75 of those lingcod were over 24 inches but less than 30 inches, and 5 were 30 inches or larger. Why are those numbers important? Well, this year the minimum size limit for lingcod is 30 inches, so out of all those lingcod landed, we could only keep five. Thank goodness lingcod are a hearty creature, so all those fish we caught and released will live to fight again. Until the minimum size limit is reduced back to 24 inches next season, we have to be content enjoying the battle, taking a picture, and giving the undersize lingcod a kiss goodbye as we release them for the future. But hey, after having the season closed for months and shortened, at least we get a few months on the water to enjoy shallow water light tackle rockfishing, even if we can't keep very many lings. Started the season out right, too, with a 15 pound halibut landed to sweeten the pot.

Saturday, July 31 - A total of 47 salmon were landed today, just a few fish shy of limits, with plenty of lost fish that would have easily made limits a reality. The ocean was actually pretty decent, but there were a couple of kids unfortunately down for the count, so if you want to get technical, we really did have limits for those fishing.

Friday, July 30 - Our charter were happy campers today with limits of salmon and back to the dock by a little after noon. Unfortunately, limits of salmon aren't good enough for everyone anymore. Now I'm get inquiries about "how big are they?"..."what's the average size?" Capt. Bob tells me that it's the same for every boat along the entire coastline from Bodega Bay down to Half Moon Bay: the majority of the fish are "cookie cutter" (out of the same mold) 8 to 12 pound fish, with very, very few shakers (fish less than the 20 inch minimum), and several large fish mixed in. The only problem is that most of the big fish are lost in the heat of the battle for one reason or another. Bob said he personally helped several people walk big fish down the rail today, making sure the drag was set correctly, everything set up perfect so the person could fight the fish in the corner of the stern; he'd hand back the rod to the person, turn around and, before he could get back up to the wheelhouse, the fish was lost. This didn't happen once, or twice, but several times, and they were all good size fish. How's he know? After working on sportfishing boats for 35 years, you can definitely tell the size of the fish by the way it pulls. So, for those wondering "are there any big fish?"...yes, definitely. And they're still swimming around waiting to be landed.

Thursday, July 29 - To catch up on this past week's fishing...as the scores above show, it's been limits every day, except for one when we thought we'd give it a try mooching since it was red hot the prior day. But, true to mooching, it's different every day, and by 1:30 we only had 4 fish in the box; switched everyone over to trolling and threw almost 20 fish in the boat in just a little over an hour to pull the rabbit out of the hat at the end of the day. Whew. There are two main concentrations of fish, one at Duxbury and one at Pacifica. One day one is hot, the next the other, even though Pacifica has been pretty consistant for the trollers like ourselves. Mooching is still hot and cold one day to the next. Sunday we're back to shallow water light tackle ("SWLT") rockfishing, and we really expect some red hot fishing after such a long closure. The first week of August is pretty much dedicated to SWLT rockfishing and we still have plenty of room Monday through Friday. Weekend Schedule update: two weekend charters just cancelled, so we are now open on Saturday AND Sunday, August 14 and 15!!

Thursday, July 22 - As they say, today we were "close enough for government work" -- just one fish shy of limits for 26 people for a total of 51 salmon up to 22 pounds.

Tuesday, July 21 - Sorry for the lack of updates the last four days. Being a one person operation in the office, I just run out of time some days. Quick rundown: Saturday we had plenty of hookups to have caught limits, but it just didn't happen, ending up just six fish shy. Sunday was tangle city. Just killed any chances of having a decent day. Monday the Fishing Fool group looked for the hot spot but never really found it. Tuesday the fish came up a little after noon and bit wide open, resulting in another day of limits. There are fish up at Duxbury, around the Channel Buoys, Mussel Rock, Deep Reef and Capt. Bob really feels there are fish south of the harbor, it's just a matter of time before someone gives it a try.

Friday, July 16 - The fish just keep jumping in the boat, so it took no time at all for our small private charter to put limits in the box for all onboard. Matter of fact, they had 'em before 8:00 a.m. We keep saying it and we'll say it again...this season is absolutely phenomenal. Today we saw all "cookie cutter" fish again, all pretty much right out of the same 8 to 10 pound mold, but, Capt. Bob reported, every single fish was a definite keeper. Every single fish that came to the boat: in the net and in the box. No doubt that we expect to see days in the near future with less than limits; it's inevitable. But, the nice thing about this time of year, there will be some big fish. This is generally when we start seeing less quantity but more quality.

Wednesday and Thursday, July 14 and 15 - Another couple of fun days with groups of kids from the San Mateo Police Activity League. We've been taking the kids mooching, since it's much easier for them to handle than trolling. But, as anyone who's been mooching knows, it's really tough not to want to "set the hook", and of course that's exactly what the kids do, so there are lots of missed bites, as well as plenty of fish that make their way to freedom with one too many yanks while they're being reeled in. But the kids are great, and they definitely do their share of catching. I don't even know how many fish we ended up with. It doesn't matter. (For those that just gotta know, though, I think they ended up with a right around a fish per rod one day and about a fish and a half per rod the other). The main thing is that the kids get to enjoy the ocean and the sport of fishing. That's what it's all about. Too bad a lot of that is lost as kids turn into adults....

Tuesday, July 13 - The head of today's group, Erela, reported the trip a success, with everyone having a ball and heading home with their two fish limit. Erela says Capt. Bob is the bomb, and deckhand Drea is awesome, too (same for Heather, but today was her day off). Lots of action, with several fish battling their way to freedom. There are fish to be caught from north of the harbor up to Duxbury, so, as always, we'll be fishing whereever it seems fishing will be best on a given day. The winds are out of the northwest again this week, which is a good thing when it comes to salmon fishing, so fishing should remain strong even though it's obvious that conditions are changing....Just in time for our shallow water light tackle rockfishing trips starting on August 1. Remember, the rockfishing season is only open for three months, August, September and October. The good news is that is right in the middle of the heart of the season and fishing should be absolutely fantastic, so we fully expect rockfishing to take off right where salmon may drop off. Dust off that light tackle, pull apart those melted together plastics, brush the rust off your bars and prepare to have a lot of fun catching loads of rockfish, cabezon and lingcod! We really feel that our SWLT rockfishing trips are hard to beat!

Monday, July 12 - Another day of limits for our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools group and back to the harbor before noon.

Sunday, July 11 - Another fun day with our WannaBeFishermen group. They need to change their name, though. They are far from wannabes, as they had no problem catching their limit. Congrats to Doug who was on a terror, catching fish after fish, as well as the jackpot/lucky lure winner. Weather was nice, clear, with a light northwest breeze, again around the Pacifica area.

Saturday, July 10 - Charter number two for C.E. Toland this year, and trip number two with limits for everyone onboard. Mike did good this year: he batted 1000 picking two dates with good weather and good fishing. The hot bite we were at was near the Pacifica area, but there are still several spots where easy limits are the rule.

Friday, July 9 - Getting back on track today. Tangles killed us again, but we still ended up with a fish shy of a fish and a half per rod today fishing off of Pacifica, landing 32 salmon for 22 anglers up to a 33 pound lunker along with one bonus striped bass! Sounds like time for the striper fishermen to hit the beaches! (Sorry, we don't offer striper trips.) Bob said it was a real good grade of fish, with less than a handful of shakers in the mix. Definitely a day limits were a possibility, just didn't happen. And Francisco, enjoy that striper! It's great eating.

Saturday, July 3 through Thursday, July 8 - Sorry for the lack of reports this past week. Way to much to do and way to little time to do it! Salmon fishing remains terrific, even though we've been on the short end of the stick quite a bit this week, with plenty of stories to go along with them: On Monday one of the biggest salmon Bob says he's seen in years, definitely in the high 40 pound range, was lost right next to the boat due to a buttoned down drag....We headed out towards the Farallons for mooching on Tuesday but the fish turned tail and moved inshore along the coastline, and by the time we made it back to shore, the bite was over....Wednesday and Thursday we took kids with the San Mateo Police Activity League mooching and they did real well ending up with just about a fish per rod....Today saw the first striped bass landed on the Queen of Hearts in YEARS!....We've had a whole bunch of people join us for their very first time fishing, so there's been a lot of learning that fishing is not always catching....Tangles have killed our bite on more than one occasion. Remember, if the crew says to check your bait, check it! It's not only necessary to check the condition of the bait but also to make sure there's no kelp, jellyfish or tangle, all of which can prevent not just the person with the problem but the whole boat from hooking up....Anyway, after last month, maybe we needed a week like this to bring us back to reality!

Friday, July 2 - It's amazing how fast people get nervous. By early afternoon I start get calls saying, "You haven't put your report on the internet for today yet; how's fishing?" Calm your nerves. We're still catching limits, still before noon. Today we just squeaked under the noon wire with one minute to spare, netting the last fish at 11:59. And, it seems kinda wierd, but for the third day in a row, the biggest fish was 15 pounds, and they have been "scale verified" every day. "Cookie cutter" fish they call that, all stamped out of the same mold. Our schedule is really booked for the next couple of weeks. The best we may be able to offer is to be placed on a standby list up until Tuesday, July 20, which is our next open date.

Thursday, July 1 - New day, new month, but the story remains the same: limits. So, to talk about something different: Bob said that, in addition to humpback whales, they saw a couple of leatherback turtles yesterday, a very rare sight. And...albacore are on the way. Point Sur is getting them pretty good and some have been caught as far up as the 601, about 25 miles off Pigeon Point, but they're not hanging out there yet, moving up north one day and then back down south. So, it's on the horizon for our area. If the salmon hang around into August, it's going to be a tough choice which way to go: have fun going shallow water light tackle rockfishing opening up on August 1, continue with excellent salmon fishing, or go for the thrill of albacore fishing. What a terrible problem to have!

Wednesday, June 30 - Yeahhhhhh! What a way to end the month! Wide open mooching!!! Limits by 10:30 a.m. for 37 anglers...that's 74 salmon!! You want to catch salmon mooching? Now's the time! We have room on a mooching trip coming up next Tuesday, July 6th, but it's filling fast! Don't get confused: we are still trolling on all our salmon trips EXCEPT for those trips we designate in ADVANCE as a mooching trip. Don't worry about bringing two sets of gear; only bring mooching gear when we designate in advance the trip as a mooching trip. Why are we offering mooching trips now when we've been trolling since the season opened? Early in the season when the fish were feeding on krill, salmon typically bite much better trolling, so that's what we did, and did very well. Now the fish are really schooled up and are feeding on bait, so conditions are right to give mooching a try. Guess we figured right today!

Tuesday, June 29 - Randy keeps his string alive with limits again before noon, 46 salmon for 23 people. Last I knew we have one spot available tomorrow for mooching and about 7 spots for Thursday's trolling trip. I've got to be away from the phone and computer this afternoon, so if you want to join us the next two days, call the bait shop and ask for reservations on the Queen of Hearts. Otherwise, I'll be back at the office on Wednesday morning.

Monday, June 28 - Sorry, not enough time to give a lot of details, but it's still early limits the last three days, today by just a little after 8:00 a.m. for our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools group. Weather forecast actually looks decent, with swells of only 2 to 4 feet by Friday. Check out our Schedule webpage for openings; I try to update it at least once a day.

Friday, June 25 - Capt. Bob knew that the big fish we were landing last week had to be somewhere, so conditions were right today to go hunting. The weather was cooperating and we had a limited load private charter of fishermen from Izorline who drove up from Southern California, so today was the day to look for quality first, quantity second. Bob ran past the guaranteed spot six miles south of the harbor, down towards Pigeon Point. There he found what he was looking for: whales blowing and birds diving. They put the lines in the water and it didn't take but a few minutes until the call rang out: "Fish On!" The fish were were all "sluggos" -- not one single shaker. Matter of fact, there wasn't a single fish less than 10 pounds, and the largest salmon tipped the scale at 28 pounds. Just 17 fish filled one fish box. They caught the last fish needed for limits by around 8:30. Totally awesome. By the way, if Izorline rings a bell, that's because that is the company who makes the fishing line we award daily to one lucky angler on all our trips. It's also the line we use on all our rods, both onboard the Queen of Hearts as well as for our personal gear. We highly recommend if you haven't tried Izorline, you need to. We really feel it's one of the best lines on the market at a very reasonable price.

Thursday, June 24 - Boy, are we spoiled. They only had 22 fish in the box by 8:30 this morning and limits by 11:00. The water turned green and there were fish that had to be measured to make sure they were keepers, but it was still a real consistant one fish, two fish from the time the lines hit the water until it was time to pick them up and head for the barn. The word is finally getting out how fantastic the fishing is. It's a good idea to get your reservation in as early as possible, like a week in advance at this point. Our next trip with room still available is on Wednesday, June 30, and it's filling fast.

Wednesday, June 23 - Even Capt. Bob, who has been on the ocean all his life and 30 years of it in the Bay Area waters, says this fishing is absolutely amazing. It only took about an hour for 48 salmon to be caught sending everyone onboard home with their two fish limit, with the biggest fish weighing in at 20 pounds. There are some silver (coho) salmon showing up, and as those have to be released, it's time to keep a sharper eye open to make sure the salmon you catch is a king (chinook) salmon. You can usually tell a silver salmon as it's usually brighter, the tail has a more rounded shape, and their jawbone is white while a king salmon's jawbone is black. The good news: We've still primarily trolling, but we have put two trips for mooching on the schedule: Wednesday, June 30 and Tuesday, July 6. And, the bad news: due to increasing costs with fuel, bait, lost hooks, no shows, etc., we are forced to raise our price $5.00 per person effective July 1 on all our open load trips. Weekdays will be $65 and weekends $70 per person effective July 1.

Tuesday, June 22 - Don't have much time to update my report, so quickly: limits this morning for 25 anglers by 8:40 a.m. Absolutely wide open fishing. Today only six miles south of the harbor offshore from the Martins Beach area on the inside edge of the Deep Reef. All of us in the industry really cannot remember fishing any better than this. Really. Trips are booking a week in advance. Phones are ringing off the hook, tons of e-mails. Have patience, please, but also check back if you don't get a response during normal business hours (9 to 5 Monday through Friday). WE HAVE NOW SCHEDULED TRIPS FOR MOOCHING ON WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30 AND ON TUESDAY, JULY 6. Don't get confused: Unless we schedule a trip as mooching, we will still be trolling. No need to bring both sets of gear. We live and die by what we're scheduled for. No last minute switches. Any trips not scheduled in advance as mooching trips will be trolling trips.

Friday, June 18 - They just keep coming...limits again, 32 salmon to 15 pounds, and back to the dock just a little after 11:00. Most of the fish today came out of the same mold, an overall good grade pretty much all in the low teens. Mooching update: The salmon are now feeding on anchovies and sardines, so Bob's been thinking about giving mooching a try. But one of our dock mates gave it a try with his charter today and only had 7 fish mooching by the time we had 25 fish trolling, so the moochers gave in, switched to trolling, and started laying the fish away. So, for now, it still seems like trolling is the way to go. We have a charter with a large group of kids from the San Mateo Police Activity League on Monday and we plan on mooching, so we'll know a little more on the possible mooching scene after that trip.

Thursday, June 17 - I can't believe I'm still getting people calling wondering "how's fishing?" One look at our Daily Scores tells the story. It really, honestly, absolutely doesn't get much better. Another 26 people today who each went home with their limit of salmon, with another 25 pounder topping the catch. The fish are still hanging out in Half Moon Bay's backyard, about 8 miles offshore of San Gregorio. What a season!

Wednesday, June 16 - Chalk up another day with limits of salmon and back to the dock well before noon. The weather is forecast to lay down a bit over the next few days, with much lighter winds and lower swells, which will be a welcome addition to some fantastic fishing. And I knew it would happen: after being spoiled last week by the big bombers that were landed, I'm already hearing grumbling that the fish are a smaller grade. My goodness, people! We couldn't ask for much better fishing even if we were fishing at a trout farm! The big fish we saw last week are the exception, not the rule. But there is a long season still ahead, so more big fish are still to come. Like Forrest Gump said, you never know what you're going to get.

Tuesday, June 15 - Capt. Randy called in at 10:20 and said he was on his way back to the harbor. Limits again, 50 fish for 25 people to 15 pounds. He said he did have to work a little harder today: he had to move the boat, once.

Monday, June 14 - That was just too easy. Our Fishing Fools group was back to the dock with limits a little after 8:30 this morning with fish up to 28 pounds. We were trolling bait (just like we have done every day this season) about seven miles from the harbor. Add one more day of limit fishing to Capt. Randy's near perfect "batting average" this season.

Sunday, June 13 - The forecast didn't sound great, even though it's been that way the whole week, but the wind was howling at the harbor in the morning. The guys cancelled at the dock rather than giving it a try. Wrong choice. The weather wasn't very nice, but every other boat in the fleet went fishing and caught limits. With fishing this good, sometimes you've just got to close your eyes and ears and give it a try.

Saturday, June 12 - Early limits again. Not much details to tell. Kinda like the weatherman: how many different ways can you say fishing was fantastic and we caught early limits again?

Friday, June 11 - Another day of big bruisers! And to one-up yesterday's score, today checks in with 26 limits, 52 salmon, up to 32 pounds (scale verified) by 10:30 a.m.! We were back to the dock by noon. When some of these fish hit the deck and flopped around a bit, not only could you hear them but you could feel them with a thud! I'm not kidding. It was a real steady bit, with fish on pretty much immediately with no lulls and just a few flurries, from the time the lines hit the water until it was time to reel them in. Seemed like someone always had a fish on, and they were hitting all around the boat. Well, almost all around. I couldn't get one to stick on my hook to save my life. Bill "I can catch them bigger than Frank" Evans landed the biggest fish of the day and took over top honors so far for the season with his 32 pounder that darn near spooled him. The ocean weather forecast was far off base, nothing even close to what they were calling for, a little on the bumpy side but not bad at all. Keep the faith, Wallace! Land that big one I didn't get.

Thursday, June 10 - Oh, my goodness!! 25 limits, 50 salmon, up to 30 pounds (scale verified) by noon! They found 'em again...fish, whales, birds, the whole nine yards. Bob said every box on the boat was plugged. And they're in Half Moon Bay's backyard, about 15 miles south of the harbor between Pescadero and Pigeon Point. That's it; I'm going fishing. If you call or send an e-mail on Friday, don't expect an immediate response. I'm serious. I'm playing hooky. Just because it's awesome fishing today doesn't mean it will happen tomorrow, but I've gotta be there with bells on! This is why we're in this business: the adreniline rush that surges just knowing that there's the chance of a wide open bite of big fish!

Wednesday, June 9 - The winds gave us the little break we needed and were hoping for so we were back on the water today. Exactly as we'd expect after the blow the last three days, the fish are spread out, along with the birds, the bait and the whales. They're still there, just not in the nice easy to find groups like last week. The weather was far from great, but Bob said it was actually better than some of the days they were out over the past couple of weeks. At this point it looks like we'll have to just deal with the winds at least through the end of this week.

Monday, June 7 - If you haven't noticed (ha ha), the winds are howling. We cancelled our trip scheduled for today yesterday, and we've also cancelled our trip for tomorrow (Tuesday) as the forecast calls for more of the same. There is a shift in the forecast for Wednesday through Friday, so there is a flicker of hope we can make it out this week, but it will be one of those calls we'll have to make day by day. The swells are not outrageous, they're just too close together with too much wind, so a little break in the wind may make the difference between going or cancelling.

Sunday, June 6 - The wind finally got us. We showed up in the morning with high hopes, but the ocean conditions we were given wouldn't let us run today's trip. It looks like it's going to blow for a few days, so we'll have to take it day by day to see when things will calm down enough to get back on the water.

Saturday, June 5 - Carpenters Local 405 finally hit it right. Absolutely wide open fishing with a lot of nice big fish, and limits for everyone onboard by 9:40 a.m. The forecast in the morning didn't sound good, but luckily the forecast isn't always correct, and today was one of those days. It was wrong, we were right and had a great day. Well, half day thanks to the salmon.

Friday, June 4 - Full running speed again this morning, and limits again, too, today by 11:00.

Thursday, June 3 - Two good phone calls from Capt. Bob today: first one around 6:45 a.m. saying he was on his way to the fishing grounds full speed ahead as the weather was the best he's seen it for a week, and the second call at 10:00 a.m. saying he was heading back from the fishing grounds with, you guessed it, limits. They stopped at a good spot of fish only about 9 miles from the harbor where the birds were working wide open, but the jellyfish took over after they landed 11 fish and pushed them to the next hot spot about 5 miles away where it was as fast and furious as it gets. They'd throw about four fish over the rail to every one they netted, not because the fish were small but because it was the best way to keep them from getting tangled in all the commotion. Whales were feeding like crazy all around them, coming half way out of the water with mouths wide open. Good memories made today.

Wednesday, June 2 - Our WannaBeFishermen group led by their faithful leader Jesse braved some rotten weather in the morning and a fish here, a fish there, until the fish finally came up after the tide changed and started coming in two-sies and three-sies as Capt. Bob likes to say. The guys fought a ton of fish and had to weed through a lot to find the keepers, ending the day with 21 fish for their group of 12 up to 15 pounds. Jesse and I had a string going where it just happened that he was on the boat the same day as I was this season and we had limits every trip...until today. I told him he'd have to do it without me since I had to hold down the fort at the office. They only came up three fish short of limits so they were close, but I guess we'll just have to keep our winning combination going next time!

Tuesday, June 1 - They scratched and they clawed but came up just a tad short today. Still a great day of salmon fishing with 31 fish landed, with quite a few nice ones from what I heard. Messed up Randy's batting average, though. No one can be perfect all season.

Monday, May 31 - Capt. Randy did it again! Limits for all onboard...again. He's still batting 1000...every time he's ran the boat so far this season he's returned each day with limits. It's been a great season, so it really hasn't been unusual to catch limits, but it is still a heck of a string. Kinda like the Giants winning 10 in a row. Definitely something to brag about.

Chris Nakiso with his 27 pound bomber caught on Sunday, May 30, 2004 Sunday, May 30 - A little better than yesterday, with a little more distance between swells and a little less wind. The salmon are still chomping, and those still standing had a ball landing lots of fish. There was one little trooper out today, 7 year old Shalece from Carson city, who showed the grownups how to do it...never gave up and was rewarded with two nice fish by the time the day ended. A girl after my own heart. Way to go! Big fish of the day went to Chris Nakiso who landed a 27 pound bomber, who is now spoiled for life since this was the first salmon he ever caught.

Saturday, May 29 - Yesterday it rained and it was flat calm. Today the skies are clear but the ocean is flat out nasty. Six to eight foot swells close together with anywhere from 10 to 25 knots of wind out of the northwest. Bad news for those fighting seasickness, but good for our season...unfortunately it's exactly weather like that that will keep the salmon continuing to bite. Even in spite of the weather, our gang hung in there (sometimes literally) and put 36 fish in the box.

Friday, May 28 - Bob saw a couple of good looking spots on his way back out to the Farallons, but since it wasn't great at the closer spots yesterday, he didn't want to take a chance on stopping short. So he headed back out to paydirt about 22 miles from the harbor and was rewarded with limits again. As it turned out, fish were caught at the closer spots, too.

Thursday, May 27 - Got a hot tip that there were fish being caught only about 10 miles from the harbor, but unfortunately that tip turned out to not be so hot. Some boats ended up with about a fish per rod, and we would have ended up with just about that many if all of the fish that were hooked had been landed.

Wednesday, May 26 - Today was a day for the BIGGGG FISHHH! Unfortunately, too big to handle. Another day with easily enough fish hooked to have ended up with limits, but lots and lots and lots (did I say lots?) of fish finding their way to freedom before we had a chance to get them in the boat. Why? Every reason in the book...busting them off thumbing the spool, yanking, just coming unbuttoned...and just plain too excited. Everyone that lost one knew they had their chance and hopefully learned a little more for next time. Bob says there were several big slugs on the hook today that would have given the 31 pounder a run for its money to see which one would have been the big fish of the day.

Tuesday, May 25 - Capt. Randy at the helm, giving Bob a much needed break, kept his batting average at 1000 -- every day he's been on the boat this year we've ended up with limits. Keep 'em coming, Randy! Randy now works for the San Mateo County Harbormaster, so we miss him dearly, but he's still a fisherman at heart and still works with us on his days off occasionally. I've had a lot of questions recently about "where are you fishing?" The honest answer is wherever the captain points the point. Every day is different. There are fish within our reach from 6 miles to 22 miles offshore from the Farallons down to Ano Nuevo. The fishing gods are definitely smiling on us this year. Yee haw baby.

Monday, May 24 - Our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools gang each went home with a fish today. Limits are nice, but not necessary. The way fishing is supposed to be. Wish everyone understood that. I've already heard "oh, only 8 fish for 6 guys?...fishing's not very good, huh?" Dah, look at our scores! You cannot in your right mind expect fishing to be limits every single day in order to constitute "good fishing"! It's been an absolutely awesome season so far. Period.

Sunday, May 23 - Great fishing again, just a few fish shy of limits landed, but, as has been the case more than not this year, more than enough fish hooked to make for easy limits.

Saturday, May 22 - Our group today was out to have a good time, and the fish did what they could to cooperate as we ended another day with limits. The head of the group said limits weren't necessary for his group to enjoy themselves, but they sure don't hurt! Everyone onboard walked off with two fish each, as well as some cool goodies including personalized cup holders and 2nd annual Queen of Hearts jerseys...one of which I'll wear with pride (thank you!).

Friday, May 21 - Another monster 25 pounder today, with several more hooked that never made it to the boat. Our five man charter today didn't give the fish a break. Buttoned down the drag and wench them in as fast as they could; no mercy for the fish, if they didn't make it to the boat, hook another one was their motto. Fun day.

Thursday, May 20 - Finally broke the 30 pound mark!...and early limits again. Well, I think that just about takes care of every prerequisite that spoiled Bay Area fisherman want...such as: how's the fishing doing?...how close are they?...how's the weather?...and, last but not least, how big are they? Limits, only about 10 miles from the harbor or less, decent weather on the ocean, and now fish up to 30 pounds. Oh, I forgot one question: how many people on the boat? Well, with fishing that good, that close, and that big, expect the Queen of Hearts to carry her share of customers. We have private charters the next five days in a row, so our next available trip is Wednesday, May 26.

Wednesday, May 19 - Fishing remains excellent. We had 41 salmon for the day, which is a lot of fish, but not quite limits...five fish short of limits for 23 anglers to be exact. Better grade of fish today overall, with quite a few large fish that got away. Thank you weather gods, for continuing to smile upon us in the ocean (in other words, the weather's great).

Tuesday, May 18 - Limits again. Just took a little longer today...got them by 1:00.

Monday, May 17 - Capt. Randy was at the helm while Bob manned the phones for another Fish & Game conference call. Randy called in a little before 8:00 and said they already had limits for all the Fishing Fools onboard, with real nice fish up to the 16 pound range. Fishing nice and close.

Saturday, May 15 - Limits. That sums it up.

Friday, May 14 - Limits for 22 anglers, 44 salmon, by 10:35 a.m.! Fast and furious first thing in the morning, losing more than landing, with 18 making it in the box by 8:30 a.m. At that point the wide-open fishing kinda "shut off", but then started coming in at a more manageable pace, one, two, three on at a time, then a break, then another one, two, three flurry, and by 10:35, just 10 minutes later than yesterday, they were heading for the barn. Today the fish were only six miles from the harbor. There was a little steeper swell than yesterday, but still not much wind until they were well on their way home.

Thursday, May 13 - Limits for 21 anglers, 42 salmon, by 10:25 a.m.! Bob headed out towards the Deep Reef, and we put our lines in the water only about 7-1/2 miles outside the harbor. Within a few minutes, it was "fish on" and then one by one they kept coming. Flurries of three, four, five fish on at once had salmon flopping all over the back deck, waiting until we had the time to tag them and throw them in the box, putting that last fish in and heading for home by 10:25. There were a few nice fish, 10 pounders plus, but also quite a few fish that just broke the 20 inch minimum. I couldn't believe how nice the weather was. It was a little bouncy on the way out in the morning but really not bad at all, nothing even close to what we expected based on the forecast. I'll take weather and fishing like this any day!

Wednesday, May 12 - Even the "big boats," the commercial boats that go out in the really tough weather, are tied to the dock. So are we. The forecast doesn't look to be changing much at this point, so we'll have to take it day by day.

Tuesday, May 11 - Cancelled due to the high winds again.

Monday, May 10 - First day we've had to cancel in advance due to weather on the ocean since the season started. Darn. Typical for May, unfortunately. The only good side is that the seas aren't really that big, just real close together with a lot of wind. As soon as the winds die, the ocean could flatten right out.

Sunday, May 9 - Happy Mother's Day! The sun was shining on land, but the ocean was starting to act up. We actually had to call the day short just a bit as it just kept getting worse as the day went on. But at least the salmon cooperated, with our group of 23 anglers ending up just 5 fish short of boat limits, landing a total of 41 salmon and losing a whole bunch more that never made it to the net.

Saturday, May 8 - Some days you just can't win for losing. Today was just one of those days. We had a great group with Cliff at the lead from the De La Cruz Deli in San Jose, but jellyfish and tangles kept the fish making it to the box few and far between.

Friday, May 7 - The day started fast and furious, with 15 fish hooked right off the bat. Unfortunately only three of those made it into the boat. Then the bite slowed, and one by one by one the score climbed until we reached a total 15 fish in the box. Those first 12 that were lost really hurt, but, as they say, fishing is not always catching.

Thursday, May 6 - I knew I should have taken the day off work and gone fishing! Especially when Captain Bob called me at 8:15 a.m. and said they were on the way back in with 18 limits! Drats!!! Bob said the weather was absolutely flat glassly calm. The fish hit immediately as soon as the baits hit the water. I talked with a couple of the guys on the trip by cell phone as they were driving home (at 10:00!) and they said it was awesome. The fish were hitting so fast you could still see the sinker below the water surface! Bob was sticking bait as fast as he could, most of it still frozen, poking holes through it in all the wrong places, but every single bait hooked fish. Sounds exciting? You bet it is! I knew I should have taken the day off work! We have private charters Friday and Saturday, and we are full Sunday, but we are available Monday through Friday next week.

Wednesday, May 5 - Got the call at 12:50 from Captain Bob that they got 'em...limits again! The day started out like it left off yesterday. By 9:45 a.m. they had 8 fish in the box but had lost another 10, all big ones in the high 20 pound range, making for a very grumpy captain. His hope was that the fish would come up and bite, and thank goodness, that's exactly what they did. Bob said they had an absolute explosion of fast and furious fishing that only took about half an hour to limit out. He said it was as fast as it gets.

Tuesday, May 4 - No matter what they did, they just couldn't get it right. Just one of those days. Others had limits; we didn't. Can't be top dog every day (just most of them!).

Monday, May 3 - The weather was just a little too rough for our every-other-Monday Fishing Fool gentlemen. No reason to make them suffer through a rotten weather day, so Captain Bob made the executive decision to turn the boat back to the harbor before wetting the lines and called it quits.

Friday, April 30 - Yaaahhh, baby! I believe this is the first April I can remember where we didn't lose a single day because of weather. The weather gods must be happy...hope they stay that way. And the fish gods are smiling on us, too! What a week! Huge fish early in the week right into wide open limits for the last three days. Yee-haa! To give you an idea how wide open it was, I checked in with Capt. Bob by cellphone today at 7:45 a.m. and they already had 10 to 12 fish -- keep in mind we don't even leave the dock until 6:15! Then by 9:45 a.m. the score was up to 35 fish. And the 42nd fish hit the box to make limits at 10:20 a.m. That doesn't even count for all the shakers and salmon that found their way back to freedom one way or another. Now that's hot fishing. The minimum salmon size is reduced to 20 inches tomorrow, so most of those shakers we've had to release will now become keepers.

Thursday, April 29 - Early limits again! Just as we expected, the weather calmed down overnight and the weather turned out beautiful again. There was some wind at the harbor in the morning, but it was coming from the northeast, and Capt. Bob says that's always good as we never loose a day when the wind is coming for the northeast. Fishing was fast and furious, with the majority of the fish caught before 9:30.

Wednesday, April 28 - Limits by 9:45 a.m.! Back to the spot closer to shore today since a very short-lived system is moving through the area. The larger swells and high winds coming through this afternoon are supposed to ease after midnight so we should be in good shape tomorrow to get back out to the BIG fish. Hopefully they'll be waiting there for us.

Tuesday, April 27 - Some of the biggest fish Bob's seen in years! The fish were so big they completely filled the fish boxes on the stern and had to fill up one of the boxes on the bow! Bob said there was "big fish fever" that caused for some of the worst commotion he's seen. No doubt that for every fish that was landed, another two fish or more were busted off. Not "drive-bys" or "hit-and-misses", solid hookups that were flat-out farmed. Luckily the fish cooperated and kept just charging.

Bob Albright with his jackpot 25 pounder Monday, April 26 - Wow, what a day. Gorgeous weather and HUGE fish! Bob said the weather was flat, glassy and way too hot, which is a rarity on the ocean, but absolutely beautiful. Our day started with lines in the water 10 to 12 miles west of the harbor where we caught limits yesterday, but things looked different today. So we trolled for a while, and after hooking and landing just four fish they picked up ran to the bite south of the Farallon Islands. There were ample opportunities, but fishing is not always catching, and there definitely were a lot more fish hooked than caught. Why? Every reason in the book: thumb on the spool, tightening the drag, getting too anxious and not breathing through their nose, just to name a few. Bob said on one continuous circle they landed 12 and busted off 15. The fish that were landed, though, were hogs, plugging one fish box and nearly half of the other. He says they were all big fish, nothing under 15 pounds, with the biggest tipping the scales at 25 pounds.

Sunday, April 25 - Flat, glassy calm. Stopped at the spot 8 miles from the harbor and caught one here, one there with a number of shakers. By 10:00 they were "located," with hardly any shakers, and every fish that came over the rail came right out of the same 9 to 10 pound mold, with the 22nd fish hitting the deck by 12:30 and making limits for our private charter of 11 guys.

Saturday, April 24 - Still trying to find the bonanza, the fleet was spread out everywhere over a 9 to 10 miles area. There was a great bite first thing in the morning and then it just kinda died. We had 6 fish right of the bat, then we plunked away at a few more and ended up with one of the better scores in the fleet with 14 fish for the day.

Deckhands Heather and Andrea helping Joseph Schmitz show off his 23 pound trophy winning salmon Friday, April 23 - The ocean was much more "user friendly" today, with a much lower swell and less wind. Bob headed the Queen of Hearts outside to deeper water to see what they could find, "19 miles from the buoy" he said. What buoy? I don't know. I assume the buoy outside the harbor. Anyway, he reported in that they found a much better grade of fish, with the biggest fish weighing in at 23 pounds, and very few shakers. To top it off, the weather forecast looks fantastic for the next several days.

Thursday, April 22 - Today was what we would call "fishable" -- not the type of weather we'd like, but what we just had to deal with. It wasn't bad enough to cancel, but it was rotten. We were able to get out to the area we have been at the last few days, but the weather prevented the boats from hunting around for anything better. We ended up with 7 fish in the box, high boat out of Half Moon Bay from what I heard, and we lost another 4 that would have been keepers, as well as a handful or two of shakers. Considering the conditions, not that bad of a day. On the bright side, the weather is supposed to improve rapidly and looks great for the weekend and through the beginning of next week.

Wednesday, April 21 - Bob found great action with lots of hookups, but the great majority of the fish hooked were less than the 24 inch minimum again today, with only 11 keepers landed, a fish per rod average.

Tuesday, April 20 - Capt. Randy, on one of his days off from his new career with the Harbormaster's office, gave Capt. Bob a much needed break and took over the controls for the day. Randy said is was a "great day" with 12 limits landed, most of them one by one by one. Still a whole bunch of shakers (shakers are salmon that have to be released, usually by "shaking" them off the hook, since they're smaller than the minimum size limit of 24 inches). Randy said the weather was a little "rolly polly" in the morning but just got nicer and nicer as the day went on.

Monday, April 19 - I get a lot of questions about "what are the Fishing Fools?" Well, they are a group of retired gentlemen who charter the Queen of Hearts every-other-Monday, with slight changes around holidays, throughout the entire salmon season. The other question I get is "can I join them?" Nope, these seven gentlemen take over the entire boat for their own group and do what the rest of us dream of doing: thoroughly enjoy themselves. Catching fish is always a plus, but they truly go fishing just to enjoy fishing. And catch fish they do! Today was no exception, with early limits again for all onboard by 10:30 a.m.

Sunday, April 18 - Capt. Bob called in around 10:00 a.m. very frustrated, with only two fish onboard and two that got away. But he was in route to the hot spot. Next time I heard from him, they had put another 36 fish in the boat, and ended with a very respectable score of 38 salmon for 23 anglers.

Sherry with her Headless Salmon! Saturday, April 17 - The infamous north opener! We headed south, covering the areas along to the coastline to keep it honest, in route to an area offshore of Pescadero where the hot bite was happening. We immediately had "fish on" as soon as the lines hit the water, and we were off and running with keepers, shakers and those that got away the entire day. By mid-day we had a great score of 36 fish in the box, with limits in sight but questionable if they'd be within reach. But our group kept working away, never giving up on checking their baits, and it paid off when the final fish was landed that made it limits, an even 50 keepers in the box up to 17 pounds. Well...kinda 17 pounds. The big fish was headless! And it was mine! I had to battle a huge sea lion for my fish. After the sea lion finally let go after it had thrashed, smashed and whacked it around on the top of the water for a few minutes, the body of the salmon separated from the head. I reeled in the head, and the body, instead of sinking, floated lazily over towards the bow where our deckhand, Heather, was waiting and scooped it up with the net. Amazingly, the meat of the fish was absolutely untouched, except for a very small gash a few inches from the tail! It was truly a sight to see! Anyway, I'm proud to be able to say that the Queen of Hearts is the only boat in the fleet that can boast limits on both the south and north opener this year! Not a bad way to start out the season.

Monday, April 12 through Friday, April 16 - We couldn't have asked for much nicer weather (so much for the weatherman calling for rain!). There were a lot of small fish most days this week, with more shakers than keepers. Most days saw decent action, just not as good of scores on keepers as we'd like. High hopes for improvement with more territory opening up this weekend.

Sunday, April 11 - Flat, glassy calm weather made for a beautiful Easter Sunday on the ocean. And 31 salmon for 25 anglers didn't hurt, either!

$5.00 surcharge for whale watching! Saturday, April 10 - We had a great group out today, and although we ended up with just shy of a fish per rod, it was still a great day fishing. The day started out almost too fast, with the fish biting like mad-dogs right off the bat, making for some quick teaching and learning. There was not any particular hot spot on the boat or one particular "hot rod" -- the fish were spread around so that 15 different anglers caught the 17 keepers, as everyone stuck with it and really worked their gear. My heart goes out to the gentleman on the bow that, as I told him, if he didn't have bad luck would have had no luck at all. His third attempt at getting a fish in the box ended when his lunker submarined right next to the boat, rapped around the nearest line that quickly sliced right through his line when it got bit at the absolute worst time! This one hurt so bad that the old saying "it will be bigger next time" was not even appropriate! An extra bonus was a group of humpback whales entertained us for the majority of the day, one swimming so close by the bow you'd think you were at Marine World!

Friday, April 9 - What a different a day makes, at least weather-wise. The winds are calming down and the ocean is actually decent again. Another day with lots of shakers, but few keepers, with less than 10 fish making it in the box.

Thursday, April 8 - Rough, rotten weather, and a second day in a row with 19 fish landed and a whole lot more released that didn't make the 24 inch mark.

Wednesday, April 7 - The day started off with high expectations, but unfortunately the wind that had been holding off until late afternoon the last few days came up mid-morning and made conditions tough. Heard we easily lost as many fish as were landed, and there were a bunch of shakers, too. So, even with the rotten weather, the fishing was good, it's just the catching was not so good. We ended the day with a respectable score of 19 salmon for our 23 anglers to 15 pounds. The forecast calls for winds decreasing over the next two days, with some more absolutely gorgeous weather on the ocean in time for Easter Sunday.

Tuesday, April 6 - Not a bad way to start the season -- another day of limit fishing today makes for three out of four days of limits, and another fish topping the 20 pound mark, with Tommy Wong hauling in a nice 22 pounder. Total catch for today was 32 salmon for 16 anglers to 22 pounds. Will we switch from trolling to mooching? Nope. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Monday, April 5 - Limits again today! Our private Fishing Fools charter hammered out limits for their group of 7 by 9:15 a.m., putting their 14 fish in the box up to 18 pounds in easy fashion. Still quite a few shakers today; Randy said they probably released about 20 undersized fish but the keepers were all a real good grade.

Sunday, April 4 - The word got out about the "hotspot" and every boat in the world was there today, boats all the way from Monterey we've never even seen before! With the increased pressure, fishing slowed just a bit, but we still ended up with just a few fish shy of a fish per rod, landing 19 salmon for 23 people to 18 pounds. There was a lot of action, with a whole bunch of shakers (fish under the 24 inch minimum) first thing in the morning.

Saturday, April 3 - YAHOO!! LIMITS! 52 salmon for 26 anglers up to 26 pounds! It doesn't get any better than that for opening day. We were trolling just a few miles south of Pigeon Point and the fishing was fantastic. Only moments after putting the lines in the water, it was "fish on"! One on, two on, three on! We had a real good grade of fish, with a whole bunch of fish in the teens. From what I've heard, Half Moon Bay was the hot spot again for opening day, with pretty much everyone out of the harbor returning to the dock with early limits. Congrats to Bill Evans for being the official first person to land a salmon onboard the Queen of Hearts for the 2004 season and Frank Caunday for catching the 26 pound whopper of the day. The boat is filling quick for the week now, so if you want to join in on the action, make sure to make your reservation sooner than later or you'll miss out on some awesome fishing!

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