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Fishing Report
ARCHIVE - 2003

Frank Caunday with a 37 pound slug caught on May 11, 2002


2003 Past Scores
2003 Whoppers
2003 Past Daily Summary

Fri., 11/14 - 10 anglers, 100 rockfish, 15 lingcod to 25 lbs.
Sorry for lack of updates; had hand surgery and not up to typing!!!
Wed., 10/15 - 16 anglers, 140 rockfish, 3 lings to 12#
Tue., 10/14 - 11 anglers, 105 rockfish, 0 lings (but 13 shakers)
Mon., 10/13 - 26 anglers, 139 rockfish, 3 lingcod
Sun., 10/12 - 35 anglers, 220 rockfish, 11 lingcod
Sat., 10/11 - 25 anglers, 250 rockfish, 1 lingcod
Fri., 10/10 - Cancelled due to high wind and swells
Thu., 10/9 - Cancelled due to high wind and swells
Cabezone and seatrout fishery closed for rest of year effective midnight 10/8
Wed., 10/8 - 15 anglers, 144 rockfish, 3 lings, 6 cabs
Tue., 10/7 - 14 anglers, 138 rockfish, 4 lings to 10#, 2 cabs to 6#
Mon., 10/6 - Day off
Sun., 10/5 - 26 anglers, 6 lings to 11#, 2 cabs to 5#
Sat., 10/4 - 13 anglers, 127 rockfish, 2 lings, 1 cab
Fri., 10/3 - 23 anglers, limits, 5 lings to 9#, 7 cabs to 10# (big swell)
Thu., 10/2 - Day off
Wed., 10/1 - 22 anglers, 204 rockfish, 44 lings (limits) to 22#, 16 cabs to 12#
Tue., 9/30 - 16 anglers, 158 rockfish, 14 lings to 11#, 2 cabs to 12#
Mon., 9/29 - 21 anglers, 149 rockfish, 15 lings to 20#, 4 cabs to 8#
Sun., 9/28 - 17 anglers, 144 rockfish, 31 lings to 18#
Sat., 9/27 - 21 anglers, 206 rockfish, 42 lings (limits) to 18#, 4 cabs to 7#
Fri., 9/26 - 14 anglers, 102 rockfish, 18 lings to 12#, 5 cabs to 10#
Thu., 9/25 - 20 anglers, 124 rockfish, 14 lings to 20#, 12 cabs to 9#, 12# 'but
Wed., 9/24 - 19 anglers, 172 rockfish, 37 lings to 22#, 6 cabs to 7#
Tue., 9/23 - 11 anglers, 105 rockfish, 15 lings to 19#, 5 cabs to 8#
Mon., 9/22 - 7 anglers, 6 salmon to 20 lbs.
Sun., 9/21 - 24 anglers, 238 rockfish, 36 lings to 22#, 2 cabs to 5#
Sat., 9/20 - 33 anglers, 251 rockfish, 5 lings to 10#, 9 cabs to 8#
Fri., 9/19 - 9 anglers, battered and bruised and no tuna
Thu., 9/18 - 11 anglers, 108 rockfish, 16 lings to 18#, 2 cabs to 8#
Wed., 9/17 - 34 anglers, 323 rockfish, 29 lings to 21#, 17 cabs to 12#, 8# halibut
Tue., 9/16 - Day off
Mon., 9/15 - 18 anglers, 180 rockfish, 5 lings
Sun., 9/14 - 10 anglers, 96 rockfish, 4 lings to 14#, 4 cabs
Sat., 9/13 - 24 anglers, 228 rockfish, 14 lings to 15#, 12 cabs to 13#
Fri., 9/12 - 5 anglers, 50 rockfish, 4 lings to 12#
Wed., 9/10 - 11 anglers, 106 rockfish, 21 lings to 28#, 4 cabs to 9#
Tue., 9/9 - 16 anglers, 141 rockfish, 22 lings to 22#, 19 cabs to 14#, 10# halibut
Mon., 9/8 - 7 "Fishing Fools", 1 salmon to 12 lbs. (lost 2)
Sun., 9/7 - 18 anglers, 177 rockfish, 27 lings to 18#, 3 cabs to 8#, 20# halibut
Sat., 9/6 - 18 anglers, 167 rockfish, 22 lings to 22#, 13 cabs to 12#
Fri., 9/5 - 19 anglers, 156 rockfish, 8 lings to 12#, 5 cabs to 10#
Thu., 9/4 - 14 anglers, 15 albacore to 30 lbs.
Wed., 9/3 - 10 anglers, 82 rockfish, 3 lings to 10#, 2 cabs to 6#
Tue., 9/2 - 26 anglers, 254 rockfish, 7 lings to 12#, 1 cab to 6#
Mon., 9/1 - 25 anglers, 219 rockfish, 10 lings to 20#, 3 cabs to 8#
Sun., 8/31 - 31 anglers, 225 rockfish, 26 lings to 19#, 23 cabs to 12#
Sat., 8/30 - 20 anglers, 168 rockfish, 28 lings to 21#, 18 cabs to 11#, 1 halibut 22#
Fri., 8/29 - 15 anglers, 144 rockfish, 9 lings to 20#, 6 cabs to 7#
Thu., 8/28 - 10 anglers, 97 rockfish, 3 lings to 12#, 3 cabs to 6#
Wed., 8/27 - 15 anglers, 142 rockcod, 9 lings to 14#, 8 cabs to 9#
Tue., 8/26 - 24 anglers, 238 rockcod, 5 lings to 15#, 2 cabs to 9#
Mon., 8/25 - 6 Fishing Fools, 1 albacore to 18 lbs.
Sun., 8/24 - 13 anglers, 93 rockcod, 15 lings to 10#, 2 cabs to 7#
Sat., 8/23 - 21 anglers, 33 lings to 18#, 8 cabs to 8#, 18 halibut to 28#
Fri., 8/22 - 31 anglers, 303 rockcod, 27 lings to 20#, 7 cabs to 8#
Thu., 8/21 - 3 anglers, 9 albacore to 36 lbs., 1 bluefin to 28 lbs.
Wed., 8/20 - 34 anglers, 267 rockcod, 2 lingcod, 6 cabs
Tue., 8/19 - 20 anglers, 174 rockcod, 3 lingcod, 6 cabs
Mon., 8/18 - 4 Fishing Fools, 4 salmon to 28 lbs.
Sun., 8/17 - 16 anglers, 153 rockcod, 27 lings to 16#, 7 cabezon to 8#
Sat., 8/16 - 25 anglers, 0 salmon
Fri., 8/15 - 36 anglers, 349 rockcod, 27 lings to 19#, 11 cabs to 8#, 1 halibut to 16#
Thu., 8/14 - 20 anglers, 11 salmon to 37 lbs.
Wed., 8/13 - 33 anglers, 264 rockcod, 17 lings to 19#, 8 cabs to 10#
Tue., 8/12 - 19 anglers, 185 rockcod, 6 lingcod, 5 cabezon
Mon., 8/11 - 18 angers, 113 rockcod, 4 lings to 18#, 5 cabs
Sun., 8/10 - 22 anglers, 2 salmon to 12 lbs.
Sat., 8/9 - 13 anglers, 128 rockcod, 2 lings to 16#, 2 cabs
Fri., 8/8 - 29 anglers, 283 rockcod, 27 lings to 20#, 7 cabs to 10#
Thu., 8/7 - 20 anglers, 1 salmon to 15 lbs.
Wed., 8/6 - 29 anglers, 272 rockcod, 37 lings to 18#, 13 cabs to 11#, 1 halibut to 18-1/2#
Tue., 8/5 - 12 anglers, 14 salmon to 32 lbs.
Mon., 8/4 - 7 anglers, 3 albacore to 25 lbs.
Sun., 8/3 - 39 anglers, 168 rockcod, 12 lings to 16#, 26 cabs to 10#, 3 halibut to 22#
Sat., 8/2 - 18 anglers, 162 rockcod, 24 lings to 18#, 11 cabs to 9#
Fri., 8/1 - 15 anglers, 1 salmon to 20 lbs.
Thu., 7/31 - 23 anglers, 218 rockcod, 27 lings to 15#, 12 cabs to 10#, 2 halibut to 19#
Wed., 7/30 - 27 anglers, 249 rockcod, 19 lings to 18#, 21 cabs to 12#
Tue., 7/29 - 32 anglers, 296 rockcod, 16 lings to 19#, 24 cabs to 12#
Mon., 7/28 - 18 anglers, 166 rockcod, 9 lings to 15#, 16 cabs to 12#, 1 halibut to 18#
Sun., 7/27 - 24 anglers, 221 rockcod, 17 ling to 15#, 19 cabs to 10#
Sat., 7/26 - 17 anglers, 15 salmon to 30 lbs.
Fri., 7/25 - 8 anglers, 16 salmon (limits) to 27 lbs.
Thu., 7/24 - 21 anglers, 150 rockcod, 2 lings to 12#, 11 cabezon
Wed., 7/23 - 41 anglers, 108 rockcod, 8 lings to 12#, 15 cabs to 9#
Tue., 7/22 - 24 anglers, 19 salmon to 37 lbs.(LOTS of fish lost)
Mon., 7/21 - 8 anglers, 16 salmon (limits) to 23 lbs.
Sun., 7/20 - 18 anglers, 3 lings to 12#, 5 cabs to 14#, 104 rockcod
Sat., 7/19 - 11 anglers, 22 salmon (limits) to 18 lbs.
Fri., 7/18 - 17 anglers, 34 salmon (limits) to 19 lbs.
Thu., 7/17 - 13 anglers, 7 lings to 12#, 1 cab to 5#, 129 rockcod
Wed., 7/16 - 10 anglers, 7 lings to 24#, 5 cabs to 9#, 95 rockcod
Tue., 7/15 - 30 anglers, 3 lings to 14#, 3 cabs, 164 rockcod
Mon., 7/14 - 6 anglers, 12 salmon (limits) to 15 lbs.
Sun., 7/13 - 37 anglers, 14 lings to 15#, 4 cabs to 6#, 244 rockcod
Sat., 7/12 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits) to 38 lbs.
Fri., 7/11 - 20 anglers, 14 lings to 17#, 16 cabs to 8#, 168 rockcod
Thu., 7/10 - 34 anglers, 18 lings to 23#, 6 cabs to 7#, 139 rockcod
Wed., 7/9 - 33 anglers, 24 lings to 16#, 31 cabs to 9#, 217 rockcod, 1 - 10# halibut
Tue., 7/8 - 10 anglers, 5 lingcod 10#, 7 cabs to 7#, 70 rockcod
Mon., 7/7 - 7 Fishing Fools with nothing to show for their efforts!
Sun., 7/6 - 24 anglers, 2 salmon to 8 lbs.
Sat., 7/5 - 7 lingcod anglers, 14 lingcod (limits) to 17 lbs.
Fri., 7/4 - 36 anglers, 22 lings to 16#, 47 cabs to 11#, 246 rockcod
Thu., 7/3 - 21 PAL kids, 7 lings to 15#, 20 cabs to 12#, 190 rockcod
Wed., 7/2 - 34 anglers, 15 lings to 16#, 53 cabs to 10#, 173 rockcod
Tue., 7/1 - 30 anglers, 18 lings to 11#, 36 cabs to 12#, 10# halibut, 243 rockcod
Mon., June 30 - 21 anglers, 6 salmon to 26 lbs.
Sun., June 29 - 25 anglers, 22 salmon to 27 lbs.
Sat., June 28 - 19 anglers, 38 salmon (limits) to 16 lbs.
Fri., June 27 - 26 anglers, 52 salmon (limits) to 22 lbs.
Thu., June 26 - 12 anglers, 24 salmon (limits) to 18 lbs.
Wed., June 25 - 10 anglers, 19 salmon to 18 lbs. (just one shy of limits)
Tue., June 24 - Cancelled today but it's a go for tomorrow!
Mon., June 23 - Gave it a try; still too nasty
Sun., June 22 - Cancelled again
Sat., June 21 - Still too much wind; trip cancelled
Fri., June 20 - Too much wind, too much swell too close together
Thu., June 19 - Cancelled again
Wed., June 18 - Cancelled; forecast unchanged
Tue., June 17 - Cancelled due to offshore weather
Mon., June 16 - Cancelled due to offshore weather
Sun., June 15 - Cancelled due to offshore weather
Sat., June 14 - Went out, too nasty, came back
Fri., June 13 - 17 anglers, 24 salmon to 18 lbs.
Thu., June 12 - 14 anglers, 7 salmon to 7 lbs. (tons of shakers)
Wed., June 11 - 14 anglers, 14 salmon to 22 lbs.
Tue., June 10 - 21 anglers, 2 salmon to 5 lbs.
Mon., June 9 - 6 anglers, 8 salmon to 22 lbs.
Sun., June 8 - 23 anglers, 17 salmon to 20 lbs.
Sat., June 7 - ?? anglers, 7 salmon to 20 lbs.
Fri., June 6 - 19 anglers, 18 salmon to 16 lbs.
Thu., June 5 - 23 anglers, 17 salmon to 22 lbs.
Wed., June 4 - 16 anglers, 11 salmon to 17 lbs.
Tue., June 3 - 14 anglers, 14 salmon to 30 lbs.
Mon., June 2 - Cancelled but looking good for rest of the week
Sun., June 1 - 10 anglers, 20 salmon (limits) to 34.6 lbs.
Sat., May 31 - Too rough for our group; "boomerang" morning
Fri., May 30 - 12 anglers, 16 salmon to 16 lbs.
Thu., May 29 - 12 anglers, skunked (nothing to bring home)
Wed., May 28 - 25 anglers, 9 salmon to 30 lbs.
Tue., May 27 - 15 anglers, 6 salmon to 23 lbs.
Mon., May 26 - 20 anglers, 10 salmon to 15 lbs.
Sun., May 25 - 23 anglers, 21 salmon to 27 lbs.
Sat., May 24 - 23 anglers, 15 salmon to 17 lbs.
Fri., May 23 - 20 anglers, 25 salmon to 27 lbs.
Wed., May 21 - 23 anglers, 9 salmon to 18 lbs. (lost lots)
Tue., May 20 - 12 anglers, 24 salmon (limits) to 30 lbs.
Mon., May 19 - Hope for tomorrow!
Sun., May 18 - Still too nasty
Sat., May 17 - Wind howling!
Fri., May 16 - Too much wind and swell; cancelled in morning
Thu., May 15 - 21 anglers, 25 salmon to 20 lbs. (& lost at least that many!)
Wed., May 14 - 16 anglers, 32 salmon (limits!) to 16 lbs.
Tue., May 13 - 25 anglers, 25 salmon to 29 lbs.
Mon., May 12 - 6 anglers, 12 salmon (limits) to 12 lbs.
Sun., May 11 - 15 anglers, 30 salmon (limits) to 31 lbs.
Sat., May 10 - 17 anglers, 22 salmon to 17 lbs.
Fri., May 9 - Still too much wind
Thu., May 8 - Too much wind; cancelled in morning
Wed., May 7 - 25 anglers, 3 salmon to 12 lbs.
Tue., May 6 - 18 anglers, 25 salmon to 22 lbs.
Mon., May 5 - Went out; came right back; too much wind
Sun., May 4 - 20 anglers, 10 salmon to 23 lbs.
Sat., May 3 - 18 anglers, 36 salmon (limits!) to 18 lbs.
Fri., May 2 - 10 anglers, 20 salmon (limits!) to 25 lbs.
Thu., May 1 - 24 anglers, 48 salmon (limits!) to 24 lbs.
Wed., April 30 - 24 anglers, 33 salmon to 22 lbs.
Tue., April 29 - 15 anglers, 30 salmon (limits by 10:30!) to 16 lbs.
Mon., April 28 - Cancelled; uncooperative ocean
Sun., April 27 - 14 relaxed anglers, 13 salmon to 15 lbs.
Sat., April 26 - 22 anglers, 25 salmon to 16 lbs.
Fri., April 25 - 19 anglers, 22 salmon to 32 lbs.
Wed., April 23 - 26 anglers, 52 salmon (limits) to 20 lbs.
Tue., April 22 - 20 anglers, 16 salmon to 22 lbs. (lots of shakers)
Mon., April 21 - 12 anglers, 11 salmon to 13 lbs.
Sun., April 20 - 22 anglers, 18 salmon to 22 lbs.
Sat., April 19 - 21 anglers, 10 salmon to 17 lbs.
Fri., April 18 - Cancelled; rotten ocean conditions
Thu., April 17 - 21 anglers, 15 salmon to 32 lbs.
Wed., April 16 - 19 anglers, 19 salmon to 26 lbs.
Tue., April 15 - 15 anglers, 30 salmon (limits!) to 35 lbs.
Mon., April 14 - 7 anglers, 14 salmon (limits!) to 15 lbs.
Sun., April 13 - cancelled due to rough seas
Sat., April 12 - cancelled due to REALLY rough seas!!
Fri., April 11 - 17 anglers, 5 salmon to 20 lbs.
Thu., April 10 - Day off
Wed., April 9 - 17 anglers, 34 salmon (limits!) to 35 lbs.
Tue., April 8 - 21 anglers, 17 salmon to 22 lbs. (lost LOTS!)
Mon., April 7 - 15 anglers, 17 salmon to 25 lbs. (lost 10)
Sun., April 6 - 19 anglers, 15 salmon to 20 lbs. (lost 15+ too)
Sat., April 5 - 24 anglers, got 1, lost 2, shook 1, came back--BAD weather
Fri., April 4 - Day off
Thu., April 3 - Day off
Wed., April 2 - Day off
Tues. April 1 - 13 anglers, 26 salmon (limits!) to 29 lbs.
Mon. March 31 - 6 "Fishing Fools", 4 salmon to 16 lbs.
Sun. March 30 - 23 anglers, 8 salmon to 16 lbs.
Sat. March 29 - 24 anglers, 35 salmon to 25 lbs.

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WHOPPERS (20 lbs. and over in bold):
Fri., Nov. 14 - 25 lb. lingcod
Sat., Nov. 8 - Clint Baker of Hayward - 18 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Wed., Nov. 5 - Paul Gale of Florida - 12 lb. lingcod
Tue., Nov. 4 - Doug Gober of RWC - 28 lb. lingcod - Bolsa Point
Sun., Nov. 2 - Amber Paul of Walnut Creek - 21 lb. lingcod
Thu., Oct. 16 - Kevin Jones of Oakland - 12 lb. lingcod
Thu., Oct. 16 - Alan Huey of San Francisco - 13 lb. halibut
Wed., Oct. 15 - Mike Casentini of So.S.F. - 12 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Tue., Oct. 14 - William Schufelbing of S.J. - 10 lb. vermillion - San Gregorio
Mon., Oct. 13 - Richard Grimes of S.F. - 10 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Sun., Oct. 12 - Tony Yee of S.J. - 14 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sat., Oct. 11 - Paul Louie of Foster City - 9 lb. vermillion - Pescadero
Tue., Oct. 7 - Matt Barton of Stockton - 10 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Sun., Oct. 5 - Bill Turnbull of Placerville - 13 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Sat., Oct. 4 - Bob Stowell of Felton - 8 lb. lingcod
Fri., Oct. 3 - Ali Byrd of Daly City - 10 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Wed., Oct. 1 - Bernie Lucero of Milpitas - 22 lb. lingcod - Bean Hollow
Mon., Sep. 29 - Harley Uttke - 20 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sun., Sep. 28 - Dave Murphy of Antioch - 18 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Sat., Sep. 27 - Gina Piazza of Sonoma - 18 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Thu., Sep. 25 - Kyle Sheppard of San Jose - 20 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Wed., Sep. 24 - Lou Hacker of San Mateo - 22 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Tue., Sep. 23 - Nassisi Andolfo of San Mateo - 19 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Mon., Sep. 22 - Paul Von Kemp of Palo Alto - 20 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Sun., Sep. 21 - Pat Gardner of San Jose - 22 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Thu., Sep. 18 - Lee Butler of Santa Cruz - 18 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Wed., Sep. 17 - Steve Barton of Stockton - 21 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sun., Sep. 14 - Ramiro Serrano of San Jose - 14 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Sat., Sep. 13 - Wally Lee of San Mateo - 15 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Fri., Sep. 12 - Terry McKinney of Tracy - 12 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Thu., Sep. 11 - Jon Curtis of San Francisco - 12 lb. lingcod
Wed., Sep. 10 - Lou Hacker of Foster City - 28 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Tue., Sep. 9 - 22 lb. lingcod
Tue., Sep. 9 - 14 lb. cabezon
Sun., Sep. 7 - Anthony Buendia of San Jose - 20 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Sat., Sep. 6 - Ted Feverbach of Mt. View - 22 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Thu., Sep. 4 - Don Spitzer of Petaluma - 30 lb. albacore - 21 miles s.w.
Mon., Sep. 1 - Jay Vazquez of San Jose - 20 lb. lingcod - San Gregorio
Sun., Aug. 31 - Belinda Wong of S.F. - 19 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sat., Aug. 30 - Lee Paston of Menlo Park - 22 lb. halibut - Pigeon Point
Sat., Aug. 30 - Harry Boos of Sunnyvale - 21 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Wed., Aug. 27 - Carlos Amarillas of S.J. - 14 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Tue., Aug. 26 - 15 lb. lingcod
Mon., Aug. 25 - Archie Frick of Cupertino - 18 lb. albacore - 21 miles west
Sun., Aug. 24 - 10 lb. lingcod
Sat., Aug. 23 - Nick Dennis of San Leandro - 26 lb. halibut - New Years Island
Sat., Aug. 23 - Scott Breidenbach of RWD City - 25-3/4 lb. halibut - New Years
Fri., Aug. 22 - Philip B. of Oakland - 20 lb. lingcod - Pigeon Point
Thu., Aug. 21 - Joseph Gallegos, Jr. of San Ramon - 36 lb. albacore - 601
Thu., Aug. 21 - Jim Klinger of Antioch - 28 lb. bluefin - 601
Mon., Aug. 18 - Arno Ragghianti of Los Altos - 28 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Sun., Aug. 17 - 16 lb. lingcod
Fri., Aug. 15 - 19 lb. lingcod
Thu., Aug. 14 - 37 lb. salmon - Who caught it??? If you know, tell me!
Wed., Aug. 13 - 19 lb. lingcod
Mon., Aug. 11 - 18 lb. lingcod
Sun., Aug. 10 - 12 lb. salmon
Sat., Aug. 9 - 16 lb. lingcod
Fri., Aug. 8 - 20 lb. lingcod
Thu., Aug. 7 - 15 lb. salmon
Wed., Aug. 6 - 18-1/2 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Tue., Aug. 5 - Harley Uttke of Milpitas - 32 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Mon., Aug. 4 - Arno Ragghianti of Los Altos - 25 lb. albacore - 16 miles S.W.
Sun., Aug. 3 - Darren Grove of Fairfax - 22 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Sat., Aug. 2 - Jeff Lee of Foster City - 18 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Fri., Aug. 1 - Joe Schmitz of Fremont - 20 lb. salmon - Duxbury
Thu., July 31 - Ernie Fries of Fremont - 19 lb. halibut - Bean Hollow
Thu., July 31 - Eddie Rose of Manteca - 18 lb. halibut - Bean Hollow
Wed., July 30 - Andrew Dilling of Menlo Park - 19 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Tue., July 29 - Ken Law of Concord - 18 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Mon., July 28 - Virgil Manda of Daly City - 18 lb. halibut - Pescadero
Sun., July 27 - Lu Postan of Menlo Park - 15 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Sat., July 26 - Dale Nelson of Merced - 30 lb. salmon
Fri., July 25 - Giselle Aikenhead of Dublin - 27 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Thu., July 24 - Albaro J. of San Mateo - 12 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Wed., July 23 - Jim Dubois of Mariposa - 12 lb. lingcod - Montara
Tue., July 22 - Abraham Lev of Sunnyvale - 37 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Mon., July 21 - Kim Lorz of Los Altos - 23 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Sun., July 20 - Carlos Jimenez of Daly City - 14 lb. cabezon - Pigeon Point
Sat., July 19 - Dennis Dailey of S.F. - 18 lb. salmon - 14 miles west
Fri., July 18 - Steven Nelson of Los Banos - 19 lb. salmon - 15 miles west
Thu., July 17 - Franklin Wu of San Mateo - 12 lb. lingcod - Montara
Wed., July 16 - Lewis Ng of Emeryville - 24 lb. lingcod - Montara
Tue., July 15 - Ken Dilling of Menlo Park - 14 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Mon., July 14 - Arno Ragghianti of Los Altos - 15 salmon - SE of Farallons
Sun., July 13 - Larry Fayer of Placerville - 15 lb. lingcod - Montara
Sat., July 12 - George Howrind of Alameda - 38 lb. salmon - SE of Farallons
Fri., July 11 - Nhan Nguyen of Fremont - 17 lb. lingcod - Montara
Thu., July 10 - Dean Nahuyama of San Lorenzo - 23 lb. lingcod - Bean Hollow
Wed., July 9 - Kahn Ngo of Milpitas - 16 lb. lingcod - Bean Hollow
Tue., July 8 - 10 lb. lingcod
Sat., July 5 - Giselle Aikenhead of Dublin - 17 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Fri., July 4 - Ralph Santini of San Mateo - 16 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Thu., July 3 - 15 lb. lingcod
Wed., July 2 - Tom Aurand of Daly City, 16 lb. lingcod - Pescadero
Tue., July 1 - Thomas Sweeting of Daly City - 12 lb. cabezon - Pescadero
Mon., June 30 - Thomas Williamson of Sacramento - 26 lb. salmon - W Buoy
Sun., June 29 - Ed Golts of San Bruno - 27 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Sat., June 28 - Ruben Ureoste of Yuba City - 16 lb. salmon - W Buoy
Fri., June 27 - Stan Wong of San Jose - 22 lb. salmon - 22 miles west
Thu., June 26 - Doug Traul of Castro Valley - 18 lb. salmon - W Buoy
Wed., June 25 - Gene Coombs of San Mateo - 18 lb. salmon - 14 miles west
Fri., June 13 - 18 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Wed., June 11 - E. W-Bower of Moss Beach - 22 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Mon., June 9 - Fishing Fool - 22 lb. salmon -
Sun., June 8 - Nicky Blount of Stockton - 20 lb. salmon
Sat., June 7 - Amla of S.S.F. - 20 lb. salmon
Fri., June 6 - Jason George of Fairfield - 16 lb. salmon
Thu., June 5 - Jordan Mojica of San Bruno - 22 lb. salmon - 16 miles west
Wed., June 4 - Gene Coombs of San Mateo - 17 lb. salmon - 18 miles west
Tue., June 3 - Robert Hom of Millbrae - 30 lb. salmon - 18 miles west
Sun., June 1 - Bill of Orinda - 34.6 lb. salmon - 18 miles west
Fri., May 30 - Chip Sharpe of Antioch - 16 lb. salmon - W Buoy
Wed., May 28 - Ken Kelly of Cupertino - 30 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Wed., May 28 - Bob Balk of Escalon - 29 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Tue., May 27 - Gary Jones of San Mateo - 23 lb. salmon - N Buoy
Mon., May 26 - Jeff Abruzzini of Modesto - 15 lb. salmon - 18 miles west
Sun., May 25 - Tommy Wong of So.S.F. - 27 lb. salmon - 20 miles west
Sat., May 24 - Mike Heffeunan of Modesto - 17 lb. salmon - 19 miles west
Fri., May 23 - John Hovak of S.F. - 27 lb. salmon - 22 miles west
Wed., May 21 - Fred Leahy of San Jose - 18 lb. salmon - 19 miles west
Tue., May 20 - Ken Wada of San Jose - 30 lb. salmon - 18 miles west
Thu., May 15 - Jim Jones of HI - 20 lb. salmon - No. Deep Reef
Wed., May 14 - Julian Zaragoza of S.J., 16 lb. salmon - No. Deep Reef
Tue., May 13 - ??? - 29 lb. salmon
Mon., May 12 - Kim Lorz of Los Altos - 12 lb. salmon - Upper Deep Reef
Sun., May 11 - Ben Nachbaur of RWC - 31 lb. salmon - 22 miles west
Sun., May 11 - Earl Abel of Mt. View - 26 lb. salmon - 22 miles west
Sat., May 10 - Carolyn Silverman of Campbell - 17 lb. salmon - Farallons
Tue., May 6 - Pat Gardner of San Jose - 22 lb. salmon - 16 miles west
Sun., May 4 - Greg Stimmel of San Jose - 23 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Sat., May 3 - Doug Strach of Stockton, 18 lb. salmon - 23 miles west
Fri., May 2 - Bill Hollowell of San Mateo, 25 lb. salmon - 19 miles west
Thu., May 1 - Tosh Ogata of Buena Park, 24 lb. salmon - S. of Farallons
Wed., April 30 - Damon Ramade of S.Jose, 22 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
Tue., April 29 - Stephanie Raun of Tahoe, 16 lb. salmon - 14 miles west
Sun., April 27 - 15 lb. salmon
Sat., April 26 - Jim Woodworth, Foster City - 16 lb. salmon - 19 miles west
Fri., April 25 - James Hernandez of IL - 32 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
Wed., April 23 - Hoist Will of San Carlos - 20 lb. salmon - 22 miles west
Tue., April 22 - Semih Aubayral of S.F. - 22 lb. salmon - 22 miles west
Mon., April 21 - Eileen Grabinsky, Burlingame - 13# salmon - 22 miles west
Sun., April 20 - Steve Franko of Pacifica - 22 lb. salmon - 12 miles west
Sat., April 19 - Ed Lanuzo of Milpitas - 14 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Thu., April 17 - Rusty Rinehart, Los Gatos - 32 lb salmon - west of HMB
Wed., April 16 - Mark Kwikowski of Stockton 26 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Tue., April 15 - Tom Westphal of Mt. View - 35 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Tue., April 15 - Ron Mancuso of S.J. - 34 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Mon., April 14 - Archie Frick of Cupertino - 15 lb. salmon - Deep Reef
Fri., April 11 - Jessie Wong of San Jose - 20 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Wed., April 9 - Luther "Hollywood" Brock of S.J. - 34 lb. salmon - P.Pt
Wed., April 9 - Jim Poulos of S.F. - 32 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Tue., April 8 - Kei Nakazow of Fremont - 22 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Mon., April 7 - Al Sanborn of Alta - 25 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Sun., April 6 - 20 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Tues. April 1 - Mike Castentini of So.S.F. - 29 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point Tues. April 1 - Warren Petree of Mt. View - 28 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point Sun. March 30 - 16 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point
Sat. March 29 - Julian Zaragoza of S.J. - 25 lb. salmon - Pigeon Point

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November 7: Sorry for the lack of updates. Between lack of time and hand surgery I just haven't been up to par. But fishing is still consistantly good to excellent. Pretty much limits of rockfish, and I heard about a couple of whopper lingcod caught this week, too, up to 28-1/2 lbs. (congrats, Doug!). The weather is coming into play, but overall not as bad on the ocean as most people think. Don't trust the weatherman -- remember, they're reporting on conditions on land, not on the ocean. And a little rain doesn't cancel trips; the fish don't care, they're already wet! The rockfishing season is open through Thursday, November 20. I have been told it will be officially closed early again this year as of 12:01 a.m. Friday, November 21. But...it will reopen for the 2004 season as of January 1st.

Sat., Oct. 4 through Mon., Oct. 13 - As the scores above show, we're still catching decent numbers of fish. Only problem has been the weather. It's been rotten. Big swell, as much as 15 feet some days (the days we cancelled!), with gale force winds at times. All this churning of the ocean has really put a hamper on the quality of the rockfish and the numbers of lingcod. So it's been mostly schoolfish this past week or so, and just a few lingcod here and there. On a good note, the swells finally died yesterday and it looks like we have a couple of good days coming our way.

Fri., Oct. 3 - The ocean kicked up it's heals just a bit today, making for a little tougher conditions and lower lingcod and cabezon scores. Still had limits of rockfish, but made up of more blacks and blues than the browns and reds we have been seeing recently.

Wed., Oct. 1 - Not a bad way to start out a new month -- limits of rockfish with LOTS of big browns and reds, 16 cabezon with a hefty 12 pounder leading the charge, and limits of lingcod -- 44 lingcod up to 22 pounds. We've had to cross off our trip for tomorrow on Thursday so Bob can go to another DFG meeting that's being held in Redding, but the Queen will be back to action on Friday.

Sun., Sept. 28 - Capt. Randy kept the beat going without a hitch, catching just a couple of fish shy of limits of lingcod again and just a few fish shy of limits of rockfish.

Sat., Sept. 27 - Our Hayward Commercial Door group had another fantastic trip, which we have come to expect nothing less for this group. They are a great group of guys (one of many we carry throughout the year) and their talent matches their personality. Another trip with limits of rockfish of almost exclusively jumbo reds and browns, limits of lingcod and a couple of cabezon, which gave the guys, who are the originators of the Queen of Hearts cabezoneee song, just another reason to sing.

Thu., Sept. 25 - Cracks me up -- Bob said we had a pretty tough day today. Sure can't tell by the score! Our 20 anglers ended the day with 124 rockfish, 14 lingcod to 20 pounds, 12 cabezon to 9 pounds plus a 12 pound halibut. That's slow? I think we're just spoiled! Bad news to report: Enjoy cabezon while you can. DFG is shutting down the recreational cabezon fishery early again this year. It's now official: the recreational season for cabezon, greenling (also known as seatrout, NOT lingcod) and sheephead (caught in So. Cal.) will close as of October 8. Check out DFG's news release at: http://www.dfg.ca.gov/news/news03/03094.html. There's also some rumbling about closing down the fishery for the five "nearshore" rockfish (kelp, grass, black-and-yellow, china and gopher rockfish) by early November. Bob will be heading to the DFG meeting in Redding next week to get the rundown (or, maybe more appropriate, the runaround).

Wed., Sept. 24 - 37 lingcod, just one short of limits of lings for our 19 anglers. Bob was more than willing to put in a little extra time to catch that last ling, but someone onboard had a flight to catch so we had to leave that last lingcod for another day. Limits of rockfish including nice brownies and reds were caught, too, even though we came home a few rockfish shy as some of the smaller rockfish made for great lingcod bait. I'll say it again, it's lingcod time in the shallows!

Opening Day Tues., Sept. 23 - Shallow water rockfishing remains excellent. Limits of rockfish daily along with real good numbers of lingcod, nearly a fish and a half ling per rod average this past week. With the lings biting this good, Bob's been concentrating on them more than the cabezon, so if noticed that we haven't been catching as many cabezon recently, now you know why. So, if you've been waiting to catch lingcod, now's the time to come on out. The lings are waiting!

Mon., Sept. 22 - Our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools group found salmon pay-dirt again today, landing 6 salmon for their group of 7, just one fish short of a fish per rod. Considering how slow the salmon fishing has been the past several weeks, that's a great score. There was a spurt of salmon that were caught during the week last week, too, but it's an up and down bite, unfortunately more down days than up. It's just that time of the year where there are usually fewer salmon to be had, but the ones that are caught are generally pretty darn nice.

Sun., Sept. 21 - The lingcod were absolutely ferocious today. Bob said there were just attacking anything that was dropped in front of them. Most of our anglers today were new to the shallow water rockfishing scene, but they caught on fast. They'd hook the schoolfish up high and then drop them down to the bottom where the lingcod would grab on. Bob doesn't think a single ling was caught on a bar. Oh, yeah, limits of rockfish, too. Hot, sunny day on the ocean with no wind and just a long lump of a swell.

Fri., Sept. 19 - One of our hearty souls today described it best in an e-mail he sent to me after the trip: "The weather gods were not smiling...and Neptune seemed a little mad." He said they had a good time anyway. Thank goodness we have customers like him who understand that fishing is not always catching. Today was only the second open-load albacore trip we've run this year, and will probably be our last. Our schedule just hasn't allowed us to go at the drop of a hat like you need to do for tuna, and trying to schedule a trip in advance you've got to take what the ocean gives. All it gave us today was a lot of bruises and a very long, long boatride with nothing to show for it. It was flat-out nasty offshore, but Bob stuck with it and went as far as 50 miles from the harbor, but there just wasn't any water warmer than 58 degrees to be found, too cold for tuna to hang out.

Wed., Sept. 17 - The rockfishing continues to be excellent. Not just limits of rockfish today, but some guys literally had limits of nice big reds (vermillions). One guy was lucky enough to land two reds over 10 pounds each mixed in with the six or seven others he landed. Add in the 29 lingcod and 17 cabezon and it makes for some hefty sacks of fish. There was a big close swell but the wind didn't kick up until the way home.

Tue., Sept. 16 - Day off

Thu., Sept. 11 through Mon., Sept. 15 - Sorry, didn't get the rundown while Bob was away, but the scores tell the story, anyway. Limits of rockfish daily along with a smattering of lingcod.

Wed., Sept. 10 - Bob's still in Seattle through Friday, so we were honored to have Jim Lambert captain the Queen today. Jim usually runs the boat for us a few times a year, and he has a great personality and knows his stuff when it comes to fishing, too. The proofs in the pudding: groundfish limits today for everyone onboard plus just shy of limits of lings: 21 lingcod up to 28 pounds. I believe that's the biggest lingcod we've seen this year. The lucky angler who landed it, Lou Hacker, who has been fishing out of Half Moon Bay for dozens of years, said it's the biggest lingcod he's ever landed. Jim said the weatherman was wrong again today: really no wind to speak of and just a little lump of a swell.

Tue., Sept. 9 - Much better weather today even though the forecast wasn't much different. And much better fishing. Matter of fact, Randy said it's some of the best fishing he's seen in quite a while. We love shallow water rockfishing, and days like today help prove why: 10 fish limits of rockfish for all 16 people onboard including 19 cabezon and 22 lingcod. The cabezon and lingcod just keep getting bigger and bigger, with a 14 lb. cabezon and 22 lb. lingcod taking the honors today. And just to sweeten the pot a little more, they threw a 10 pound halibut in the mix. The weather forecast still looks rotten, but hopefully the forecasters will be wrong again just like they were today.

Mon., Sept. 8 - Randy's at the helm today and tomorrow while Bob's at another PFMC meeting this week in Seattle fighting for our rockfishing rights. We should know by the end of the week what the rockfishing regulations for 2004 will be. Our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools group braved some pretty rotten weather today and made their way up to Duxbury to see if they could find any salmon. Randy said they caught one and lost two, but the weather was absolutely rotten. Thank goodness we're scheduled for SWLT rockfishing for the rest of the week so we don't have to venture offshore.

Sun., Sept. 7 - Another excellent shallow water rockfishing day with "groundfish" limits for everyone onboard. Most of the guys today were first-timers, but they laid the lingcod away, landing 27 lings for their group of 18 up to 18 pounds. While I was getting a report from Capt. Bob by cell phone mid-morning, I heard all kinds of hooping and hollering in the background when one of the guys landed a 20 pound halibut. Sounded like they were having a great time to go along with some great fishing. Capt. Bob said he's seeing a lot of BIG hitchhiker lingcod, several over 20 pounds with some over 30 pounds, so it looks like the big lings are moving into the shallows. Most are letting go before they make it to the gaff, but they're out there waiting to be caught!

Sat., Sept. 6 - Just another killer day. Limits of groundfish including 13 cabezon with another 12 pound monster to add to 22 lingcod up to a whopping 22 pounds. Hot "bait" is still white plastics or whole squid.

Fri., Sept. 5 - One by one by one, that's the way the quality rockfish having been coming over the rail this week. There's been a southwest swell that's kept the ling and cab scores low since early in the week, but the rockfish quality has been excellent.

Sherry! Thu., Sept. 4 - We set off at 5:00 a.m. to the tuna grounds, and by 2:00 in the afternoon, all we had to show for our efforts was two albacore. Finally we got a couple of decent stops, the fish came under the boat and we were able to land some fish on Fishtraps and Salas bars. It was the usual tuna pandamonium for a brief stent, but all it took was one fish to come off the hook and down they went. Took our score up to 15 fish real quick, though, one over a fish per rod, sending everyone home with some fresh albacore. Scores ranged from 11 to 20 fish per boat from Half Moon Bay today, so we were right in the middle of the road. Our next albacore trip will be on Friday, September 19.

Mon., Sept. 1 - Capt. Bob describes it as a slow pick, one at a time, but with a great outcome by the end of the day. He said there were a whole lot of big browns and nice reds. Now that everyone's back to school and summer has come to a close, our weekdays have a whole bunch more room than the last couple of months, so those of you who can go fishing on weekdays, now's a great time. Good weather, great fishing and light loads.

Sun., August 31 - Another day with big numbers of lingcod and cabezon to top off some good rockfishing.

Sat., August 30 - The group from Hayward Commercial Door showed again that they know their stuff not only when it comes to doors, but to fishing, too! This is a great group, headed by the owners of the company, Ernie and Eric, who have put together one of the "cream of the crop" type of groups that know what to do and do it time and time again when they come onboard the Queen of Hearts. Today was no exception with limits of rockfish, about a fish and a half per rod on the lingcod, and almost a cabezon per rod, too.

Wed., August 27 - The typical SWLT limits again today, and the big blacks were biting really good. Capt. Bob said there were lots of big brownies again, too. The swell is still hanging around, but there was no wind. The forecast is still unchanged; it's been calling for wind as much as 25 knots, but we haven't seen it along the coastline thankfully.

Tue., August 26 - Another SWLT rockcod day with "groundfish limits," which means 10 fish per person of rockcod, seatrout and cabezon. There was a pretty big swell but luckily no breeze, but just enough to make it tough to try to get to the lings hanging tight in the rocks. Sounds like more of the same through the end of the week.

Mon., August 25 - The Fishing Fools left the dock with high hopes in search for some albacore since the few salmon being caught are still just about as far away as the tuna, but unfortunately the fish didn't start biting today until long after we were already on our way home. Archie was the chosen angler who got to pull on the one albacore that was hooked, and it sounds like it gave the usual tuna tussle, never giving up from the moment it was hooked until it met with the gaff. The fish didn't start to really bite until after 3:00, and the boats that could stay out ending up with pretty decent scores.

Sun., August 24 - Our Handyman Connection group showed that you don't have to cast to catch lingcod. Not a single person casting, and a lot of first timers, and they ended up with a little better than a ling per rod, a few cabezon, and just a little shy of limits of rockcod. With the salmon fishing still pretty darn slow, you can't beat rockfishing.

Sat., August 23 - With the fish biting as well as they did yesterday, we knew we should have a pretty good day today. Well, it wasn't pretty good, it was absolutely excellent! Capt. Bob landed on some spots today where they'd not only hook three or four lingcod at a time, but they'd also hang a halibut or two on the same exact spot. The group today was a special 20 person charter/SWLT tournament, and they laid them away. 33 lingcod and 18 big halibut made for a trip that all onboard will remember forever. That's just as good as it gets.

Fri., August 22 - Wow, what a day. Big, bomber brownies (aka bolinas rockcod). Bob said they seriously don't get any bigger, most ranging from five to seven pounds. Those will fill your sack out real fast! And as if that wasn't good enough, 27 lingcod were bagged as well, with the biggest hitting the 20 pound mark. High hopes for Baja Bev's tournament tomorrow.

Thu., August 21 - I keep telling the head of today's group that they must be living right, because they haven't missed on a single trip they've chartered this year. And today was no different. First time out tuna fishing, and not only do they catch three fish per rod, but Jim, the head of the group, catches a bluefin his first time up! Then there's Dee, who Capt. Bob said manhandled her fish just like a pro. And not to be outdone, Joseph, third man in their three person charter, caught the biggest fish, an impressive 36 lb. albacore. This group has caught limits of lingcod one trip, limits of salmon two trips, and now this! One of their secrets is to be flexible and go for what's hot, not what's not. Most of the action today was at the 601 area, with the last fish hooked only 21 miles from the harbor.

Wed., August 20 - Decent day but a little on the tough side. Just no drift to speak of. Those who knew how caught their limit easily, and those learning had to try a little harder. The nice part about rockfishing is even on day a little on the slow side there's still plenty of fish to be had.

Tue., August 19 - Our San Mateo Police Activity League kids fished their little hearts out, and were rewarded with just a few fish shy of limits, along with a couple of lings and cabs. The day started out pretty slow, but the kids kept at it and ended up with a pretty decent day. Thanks go out to Ralph and Paul for all their hard work again this summer. And another big thanks to the Friends of Rollo Foundation for their support sponsoring four trips for the kids onboard the Queen of Hearts this summer. Keep the San Mateo Police Activity League and Friends of Rollo in your memory banks. Next time you go to one of the local boat shows, show your support to these two great groups that do so much to share the joy of fishing with so many kids that would otherwise never have the chance. Every raffle ticket sold and donation received is just one step closer to getting more kids on the water with a fishing pole in their hands.

Mon., August 18 - Our Fishing Fools group was down to less than a handful of anglers, four to be exact, but each one of them when home with a big salmon today. Four salmon for four anglers to 28 pounds. Had another couple of fish on the hook, too, that found their way back to freedom. Duxbury's still the only game in town, even though it's spuratic.

Sun., August 17 - After yesterday's less than stellar catch, our charter today wisely changed their trip to a SWLT rockfishing trip. Good decision. They were rewarded with limits of rockfish including lot of big reds (vermillions), and they also landed 27 lingcod for their group of 16 fishermen. And, get this, not a single one of them were casters! They were just dropping straight down, bouncing off the bottom, and knocking the heck out of the lings. Hot ticket has been whole squid and charteuse (bright lime green) three ounce scampis.

Sat., August 16 - Our charter tried the mooching route today. All year long people have asked us why we don't switch to mooching. Well, here's why: we didn't catch a single fish. Didn't even have a single bite. Not so much as a scratched bait (except for the occasional nibble by kingfish). Trollers weren't red hot, either, by any means, but there were a few fish caught here and there trolling.

Fri., August 15 - Sorry for the delayed reports for the last week, but I was on a busman's holiday onboard the Royal Polaris out of San Diego having fun being a customer myself. While Bob and I were away, Randy's been at the helm keeping everything going onboard without a hitch. Today, Capt. Randy pulled out all the stops, and had a heck of a good day, ending up with limits of rockcod, 27 lingcod to 19 pounds, 11 cabezon to 8 pounds and a 16 pound halibut.

Thu., August 14 - Nothing but sluggos! Every fish that was landed was over 20 pounds, and the biggest to hit the decks was a 37 pound bruiser. It's getting to that point in the salmon season that we see the bigger, but fewer, fish, and that's was the case today, with 11 salmon landed for 20 anglers. That's the chance you take to catch the big ones.

Thu., August 5 through Wed., August 13 - Don't have the details for each day since I was out in the middle of the ocean myself and out of contact, but it sounds like rockfishing was red hot and salmon was not. Great scores on lingcod, cabezon and rockcod, but only a couple of salmon to be had. Rockfishing should stay this way through the fall until the weather picks up again, and salmon fishing will have its good spurts and its bad spurts. What's lacked in the quantity of salmon should be made up in the quality, as those big fish we've been catching all year are only getting bigger.

Wed., August 6 - I'm jealous again. When I checked in with Capt. Bob by cell phone a couple of times today all I kept hearing was laughing, shouts of joy, and in general the sounds of people just having way too much fun. And here I am, stuck in the office. Drats! Sounds like they had a heck of a good day on the water today. Gorgeous weather and great fishing. One cell phone call had to be cut short because Bob said there were lingcod hanging all around the boat. Another halibut was landed today, too, a nice 18-1/2 pounder. SWLT rockfishing just doesn't get much better than it is right now, but luckily it's pretty consistent, too, so fishing should remain excellent for quite a while.

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Tue., August 5 - The salmon cooperated at Duxbury today, and we were able to put 14 salmon in the box for our 12 anglers. If we had made the most of our opportunities, good chance we could have had limits. A couple of fish walked hastily into the prop, bad drags on reels (not ours!), and just plain inattention were partly to blame. Still an excellent day, though. Almost every fish was 20 pounds and over, with the biggest weighing in at an impressive 32 pounds.

Mon., August 4 - With the albacore closer to home than the salmon, our Fishing Fools charter decided to give the albacore a try, and ended up landing three tuna for their group of seven anglers, just enough fish for each person to bring a little fresh tuna home for dinner.

Sun., August 3 - Capt. Bob was back at the helm after finishing up at the Fish & Game Commission. And with good news: the recreational allocation of cabezon that was taken away from us last year which resulted in an early closure to the cabezon season was given back! Chalk one up for our side! Fishing today was a little on the slow side for the rockcod, but we did have good numbers of lings and cabezon, as well as three halibut, which helped fill out the sacks.

Sat., August 2 - With the great rockfishing we've had this week and the slow salmon fishing yesterday, our group today decided to go the rockcod route. And, of course, being the great group of fishermen they are, they laid them away. Limits of rockcod and a whole bunch of lings and cabezon. We'd expect nothing less from this group. Maybe the salmon will cooperate next time.

Fri., August 1 - We'd been hearing reports from the boats running salmon that the fishing had slowed to a crawl, but we had hope and gave it our best shot. There weren't many opportunities, and unfortunately out of the five fish that were hooked only one was landed. The one fish, though, was a good 20 pounder. Don't count salmon fishing out for the count yet. The season is still open until the beginning of November and there will be spurts of good fishing; you've just gotta hope you're there when the fish are.

Mon., July 28 through Thursday, July 31 - Capt. Randy's been kicking the *!#?@ out of the fish! Randy's been at the helm just doing an absolutely excellent job while Bob took a well-deserved four day vacation and then went straight down to Long Beach for an important Fish & Game meeting about our future recreational cabezon allocation. The rockcod fishing sounds like it's been red hot, with limits of rockfish every day and great scores of cabezon and lingcod. Randy and Bob have had a private battle going for the past couple of years during the SWLT rockcod season to see who can find more halibut for our customers, and Randy helped out his numbers this week adding three halibut under his belt. Just a little extra incentive for Bob when he gets back, as if he needs it!

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Sun., July 27 - Today's Hayward Commercial Door charter was a shoe-in for a great trip. These guys are fisherman and they always lay them away. Plus they also have a great time, joking and fishing, even if the fish don't cooperate. Just a real fun trip we always look forward to. And the fish did cooperate, giving up limits for everyone onboard as well as 17 lingcod and 19 cabezone.

Sat., July 26 - After yesterday's trip, we had high hopes for our Carpenters Local 405 charter, but the fish just weren't as hungry as they were yesterday. We still had a good trip, landing 15 fish for 17 guys, just a tad under a fish per rod. What we lacked in quantity we made up with quality, though, with the big fish weighing in at 30 pounds.

Fri., July 25 - Jim, the chartermaster of today's trip, must be living right, because he's had three great trips in a row. First trip was limits of lingcod and the second was wide open limits of salmon. Today tops off his third trip this season with limits of all bomber salmon. Capt. Bob says out of the 16 fish landed, all but maybe four were over 12 pounds, with 11 year old "Killer" Giselle landing the big fish again this trip, a 27 pounder. Today wasn't a wide open bite, just a slow pick all day long, but it produced all the fish we needed for our 8 man charter. I'm going to be away from the computer and phone until Thursday, July 31, so no update until I get back. This is the time of year that fishing is pretty consistent and the weather is decent, so don't worry -- just go fishing!

Thu., July 24 - The San Mateo Police Activity League hosted another trip with a group of 21 kids and chaparones. As usual, the kids layed them away, landing a mess of rockcod, a pair of lingcod, and adding 11 cabezon to the final. Capt. Randy was at the helm again, with deckhand Paul by his side, making sure all had a fun and safe trip.

Tue., July 22 - Another great day of salmon fishing with lots of, to quote Capt. Bob, "P.O.O.P." ("plenty of opportunties provided"). If only a third of the fish that were lost had been landed, we would have easily doubled our score, but today the fish won more of the battles than the fishermen. The big fish just keep coming, with big fish honors today going to Abraham Lev with a 37 pounder. Dang, what a fish! The water temperature jumped all the way up to 58 degrees today and the weather was absolutely flat, glassy calm. Good news for our rockcod trip tomorrow. I expect to see some real good scores, Wednesday guys!

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Mon., July 21 - The salmon are still chomping out at N Buoy. Our every-other-Monday Fishing Fool charter caught their limits by just a little after 10:00 a.m. and headed back to the barn with smiles all around. Big welcome back to Paul Spinale, who returned to the Queen of Hearts this morning as one of our deckhands. Paul has worked with the Queen of Hearts the last couple of summers between attending college, and it's great to have him back onboard with all his skill and enthusiasm. Not a bad way to start your summer, Paul, with early limits!

Sun., July 20 - If you listened to the weather forecast earlier in the week, you'd never think we'd be fishing today. The way the forecasts are right now, you're better off just closing your eyes, forgetting about the forecast and just showing up and going fishing. That's what happened today, and we were rewarded with the usual shallow water catch of assorted rockfish, some lingcod and a few cabezone.

Sat., July 19 - Wide open salmon fishing! Bob said he dropped right on top of the fish first thing in the morning and they had limits by 9:00. Finished out the day for our 9 man private charter using barbless circle hooks catching a few rockfish and lingcod to round out the trip. Have to save those big lingcod killer bars our group brought with them for the next rockfishing trip since we can't use barbed hooks once there are salmon onboard (F&G reg).

Fri., July 18 - Our German Shorthair Club charter picked the right day this year. Capt. Randy took good care of them, putting the group in the fish early, and limits for all were onboard before noon. Special congrats to Steven who caught the jackpot winner of the day, a 19 pound whopper. Way to go, Steven!

Thur., July 17 - Our San Mateo Police Activity League group slayed the fish like usual. 11 year old Franklin Wu of San Mateo caught a big halibut on last year's trip that ended up being the big fish of the day, and this year he told Capt. Bob he wanted to catch a lingcod. Bob told him that if just kept trying, he would catch one, and that's just what he did -- biggest fish again, a 12 pound lingcod! Capt. Bob says you're quite a fisherman!

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Wed., July 16 - Much better! Same forecast as yesterday, but much better weather. Just no way to tell until the morning. Limits of rockcod for everyone on board today with a slow but steady pick at Montara, and the biggest lingcod of the season so far was also landed, a 24 pounder.

Tue., July 15 - What a rotten weather day! Flat out nasty. Gorgeous on land, terrible on the ocean. Sure wish we could make it better, but sometimes we just have to pay to play, and today was one of those days. Still caught plenty of fish along with a few lingcod and cabezone.

Monday, July 14 - We were hoping the salmon from Saturday's trip would still be waiting for our Fishing Fools group this morning. When Capt. Randy got to the fishing grounds, it didn't look good, but he waited it out a little; the tide changed, the bait came up and so did the salmon. Our group made quick work of boating their 12 fish for limits. No monsters like on Saturday, but jackpot fish was still a respectable 15 pounds.

Sunday, July 13 - Too many big coolers!! Please, please, please, keep the ice chests SMALL that you bring onboard. There's plenty of room for our customers to fish at the rail, but there's only so much room for ice chests. Remember, all you need is food and drink for 8 hours, not provisions for a week! I heard there were so many big coolers today they were stacked three high in the morning! Once we got all the ice chests stowed and stashed and got down to fishing, we had a good day with a good assortment of rockfish, 4 cabezone and 15 lingcod.

Saturday, July 12 - I was really worried about today. Today's group hadn't had the best luck the past few trips, the salmon fishing recently had been on the slow side, and the weather offshore has been up and down, sometimes literally. But they don't call Capt. Bob "Houdini" for nothing! I could hear the excitement through the static when he called as soon as he was in cell phone range reporting in with limits, 26 salmon for 13 anglers, up to a 38 pound monster. He said there was another fish that weighed in over 30 pounds, several more over 20 pounds, with an excellent grade of salmon overall. Lots of real big fish were hooked and never made it to the net, too.

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Friday, July 11 - Today was one of those rare rockfishing days when Capt. Bob turned north instead of south and headed to Montara, something he does only when conditions are right. One by one by one, the fish kept coming over the rail, a slow pick in the morning with a little better bite in the afternoon when the wind picked up. Quite a few brownies (bolinas) and reds helped fill the sacks, along with 14 lingcod and 16 cabezone for our group of 20 anglers. The first starry flounder of our shallow water season was also landed, a real biggie going about 5 or 6 pounds.

Thursday, July 10 - The biggest lingcod so far this month was landed today, tipping the scales at a hefty 23 pounds. Fishing was a little on the slow side, but we still had 18 lingcod and 6 cabezone along with a little better than half limits on the rockfish. The slow fishing was probably due to the fact that the water cooled down 3-1/2 degrees overnight, quite a fast, big drop as far as ocean temperature go, so it seems it gave the fish lockjaw and sent them shivering for cover. Those who knew how still caught their limits by day's end, and those learning learned a little more.

Wednesday, July 9 - Another excellent SWLT rockfishing day, with 31 cabezone and 24 lingcod adding to today's score of rockfish. We found another hungry halibut, too, to add to the mix. Good old black and purple was hot again, be it bar or plastic. Anywhere from two to six ounces bars and one to three ounce plastic leadheads. They fished anywhere from 60 feet to as little as 20 feet of water. Weather went the gammet, from sunny and calm in the morning to windy, overcast and foggy in the afternoon.

Tuesday, July 8 - Today our private charter of 10 guys fished between Pescadero and Pigeon Point and caught the usual Half Moon Bay smorgasbord of rockfish as well as a few lings and cabezon.

Monday, July 7 - Our six man Fishing Fool charter was in search of the elusive salmon, and trolled all the beach area south of the harbor down towards Pescadero to see what they could find. Lots of bait and bird life, just no salmon. There are still salmon within reach when the weather is not too rough just north of us, and it sounds like some salmon are also being caught again below us, so we expect better scores once the ocean calms down just a tad offshore.

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Sunday, July 6 - There had been a few salmon caught around the Pacifica Pier area, and, with the sloppy weather offshore, Capt. Randy headed to the Pier see what he could find. Fishing was slow, with only two fish caught for their efforts. There's lots of bait and birds, just not too many salmon.

Saturday, July 5: Our private seven person charter wanted lingcod, and lingcod is what they found! Not too many days where we can boast limits of lingcod, but today we can! Congratulations to 8 year old Giselle who caught the big ling of the day and was the proud recipient of the trophy. That's the way to show the grown ups how to catch fish! The group also caught a handful of rockcod to add to their take.

Friday, July 4: Happy 4th of July! Another great shallow water light tackle rockfishing day with 22 lingcod and 47 cabezone topping off the day's catch. Boy, it's great to be rockfishing again!

Thursday, July 3: Today was our first of six summertime charters this year with the San Mateo Police Activity League. This organization brings out groups of kids every summer to let them experience how fun the ocean and SWLT rockfishing can be. Most of these kids would never have an opportunity like this without the PALs, and we're proud to have them join us onboard the Queen of Hearts. This year a non-profit organization based in Southern California near and dear to our hearts called "The Friends of Rollo" is sponsoring four of the PALs trips. Friends of Rollo has sponsored hundreds of trips sending kids fishing in California and we thank them for their support and generosity. Now, down to fishing: Sounds like the kids knocked them dead today. Limits of rockfish including 20 cabezone up to 12 pounds and 7 lingcod up to 17 pounds. Sounds like they had a great day, hopefully with good memories and stories to tell for years to come. That's what it's all about.

Wednesday, July 2: The day the "cabs" came home: 53 cabezone up to 10 pounds! Without a doubt, Capt. Bob's one of the best at finding the cabezone spots. Not a bad lingcod score either: 15 lingcod up to 16 pounds. Congrats, Tom, and sorry, Richard. Tom just beat Richard out at the last minute for the big ling, but I know Tom put his order in for a big ling a long time ago! Heard the hot bar color again so far is purple and black, but you can never go wrong with chrome, either. Bob also suggests to bring out some super fly rigs to hook more school fish which we need to catch a little more with the new regulations. And how shallow are we fishing? Well, during one cell phone call with Bob today I heard him tell the gang to wind 'em up cause he was right next to a rock. He was only in 20 feet of water!

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Tuesday, July 1: Great opening day!! 30 anglers basked in the sunshine along the San Mateo coastline and landed 243 rockcod, 18 lingcod to 11 lbs., 36 cabezone to 12 pound, 7 seatrout and one 10 pound halibut. Bob says there were lots of vermillions as big as 9 pounds. Couldn't ask for much better of a day! I'm pressed for time, so I give more details tomorrow.

Monday, June 30 - We had a great group, but the salmon just wouldn't cooperate. Only ended up with 6 fish in the box, and it looks like the salmon are on the move again.

Sunday, June 29 - Conditions changing. Still a decent day with 22 salmon up to 27 pounds, but Capt. Bob says it's looking different on the salmon grounds.

Sat., June 28 - Limits again!

Fri., June 27 - Looks like the weather we had last week is paying off this week in salmon. Limits again! Not too bad -- 52 keepers by just a little after noon and even more action with shakers and silvers. I checked in with Bob by cell phone mid-morning and it sounds like they landed almost half their fish in just a little over an hour! Too much fun! Congrats to Stan for showing he can keep up with his wife when it comes to catching whoppers, too!

Thu., June 26 - Another great day on the ocean. Absolutely flat glassy calm ocean with just a hint of a swell. Limits of keepers, lots of shakers and lots of action releasing silvers, too. Bob didn't think the fish would be where they were yesterday, and he was right, cause the fish took a hike out to W Buoy. Our trips tomorrow and Saturday are full, but we still have room for 2 people for Sunday. First come, first serve!

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Wed., June 25 - The weather finally calmed down and the fish have moved in. The fish are closer to us in Half Moon Bay than they've been in quite a while, only 12 to 14 miles dead west of the harbor (so if you hear "South of the Farallon Islands" you know how far south!). We had a whole bunch of action with just one fish shy of limits landed and lots and lots of shakers. Weather was fantastic, full running speed kind of weather. Looks good for us through the weekend. If we're lucky, we may finally be over the hump where weather won't be an issue for a while. We have lots of room still open tomorrow on Thursday. Our charter on Saturday has room for 2 people, and we still have 4 openings on Sunday. Good fishing, good weather and open spots on the weekend! Take advantage of it now!

Tue., June 24 - The trip is on for tomorrow! We didn't go out today, but Bob was down painting the back doors on the boat and said it was absolutely gorgeous at the harbor by early this afternoon. The winds and swell are both supposed to die down starting tonight, so it looks like the break we've been waiting for is finally going to happen. If you want to join us in the morning tomorrow, we have plenty of room, so just check in at the shop around 5:00 to grab yourself a ticket.

Mon., June 23 - There's hope on the horizon! Looks like the weather is finally going to calm down this week. Just not yet, though. We gave it a try this morning with our every-other-Monday Fishing Fools charter. We thought we could make it out along the beach and check out what might have been blown in salmon-wise, but Bob said we didn't get very far before they turned tail. Looks like we should be in good shape by Thursday, possibly even as early as Wednesday.

Sun., June 22- Cancelled again.

Sat., June 21 - Forecast still rotten. Swells are right on top of one another (every six seconds!). In other words, cancel. It will change. It just has to change. Please make it change! Unfortunately at this point, though, it looks like it's going to be this way at least into early next week, but we still just have to take it day by day.

Fri., June 20 - Same story, different day. Too much wind with too much swell too close together. Cancelled.

Thu., June 19 - Pulled the plug on Tuesday morning for our Sirs charter scheduled for today. Just doesn't look like it's ready to calm down yet.

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Wed., June 18 - No change in the forecast; trip cancelled.

Tue., June 17 - Still waiting for better weather; trip cancelled.

Mon., June 16 - No trip today. Ocean still pounding.

Sun., June 15 - Forecast looks terrible. We'll take it day by day, waiting until the afternoon forecast to decide whether we think it's worth a try to make it out for the next day. Not today.

Sat., June 14 - It was so nice yesterday. How could it change so fast? Well, it just does. Flat out nasty. The weather along the beach was okay, but unfortunately that's not where the fish are hanging out. We headed out, hit an invisible brick wall, and turned tail back to the harbor. Looks like it's going to blow for a while. Just too much wind with too high of seas too close together. On the good side, this could cause some upwelling, churning up the goodies the salmon like to feed on and bringing them closer to home. Nothing to do but wait it out.

Fri., June 13 - Today was just a darn good day. The salmon cooperated, the weather was real decent, and the guys even saw their first blue whale of the year. So much for Friday the 13th superstition. Bob went back to the area he tried after he left the shakers yesterday and today the salmon were there. There was a mixture of fish, but he said most were keepers, with the biggest fish going 18 pounds. And did you hear the news about the torpedo found in the harbor? Yep, it was a real, live torpedo that was discovered right near the fuel dock of all places. Bob says he's had to have docked the boat at least 500 times right over the top of it! They figure it was dumped there decades ago and was found this week when one of the divers in the harbor took a dip looking for a money clip that someone lost overboard. Never heard if he found the money clip!

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Thu., June 12 - It was jellyfish earlier this week; today it was shakers. Tons of them. Absolutely wide open shakers. Shakers are salmon less than 20", the legal minimum, which we have to release by "shaking" them off the hooks as carefully as possible, hence the name "shakers". It's good to have action, but when you drop 2-1/2 lbs. of lead with each hookup, it gets to be mighty frustrating, not to mention expensive. There were some decent fish hooked but "self-released" before they made it to the boat. Bob moved the guys out of the shakers but unfortunately they were the only game in town today above the N Buoy area where we were fishing.

Wed., June 11 - Back in the ballpark with a fish per rod landed and at least that many that got away, ending up with 14 salmon landed for 14 anglers up to 22 pounds. We were fishing above the N Buoy area, were it sounds like most of the Bay Area fleet was hanging out.

Tue., June 10 - Jellyfish, jellyfish everywhere. Inside, outside, here, there, everywhere. What's wrong with jellyfish? Well, it makes it pretty darn impossible to catch salmon, and that's just about what we had today, only landing two small komakazee salmon. Sounds like there's less jelly further west back out around the Farallons, so we'll head that direction tomorrow and see what we find.

Mon., June 9 - Our private "Fishing Fools" 6-man charter put four fish in the box first thing in the morning, so Capt. Bob just picked and scratched at the same area all day, up and down, back and forth, while the rest of the fleet scattered looking for the hot bite. It ended up being a slow day for most of the fleet, but we ended up with one of the better "fish per rod" scores to be had for the day, with our six gentlemen landing eight salmon (1.33 fish per rod for you math statisticians). We had a mixture of big and not so big fish, ranging from just legal up to 22 pounds.

Sun., June 8 - Capt. Randy was at the helm again today, and from what I heard it sounds like he was the hero finding the fish for the fleet and ended up with one of the best scores of the day with just a little under a fish per rod.

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Sat., June 7 - Randy was at the wheel while Bob and I went to Southern Cal to attend the Royal Polaris 100 pound club dinner. Very classy event, exactly what you'd expect to be associated with Frank and the Royal Polaris. Since I was out of town I don't have the details about our trip today, but it sounds like there was pretty decent action, just not as good of landing as we'd like.

Fri., June 6 - The day started off with a bang. Bob reported in early in the day that they already had about 15 in the box and had lost close to that many, and Randy shouted out "fish on, port side" as we were talking on the phone. Right after that, though, the bite slowed to a crawl and it was time to wait for the afternoon bite. Unfortunately, the jellyfish moved in and took over the area we were fishing, so we were only able to catch a few more and that was that. Absolutely gorgeous day on the ocean again; Bob said it's been more or less flat glassy calm the last three days. Looks like more of the same through the weekend.

Thu., June 5 - Much more enjoyable day for the crew today. By the second hour of fishing, we already had eight fish in the box and had lost at least four more. It was a slow but steady bite all day. Didn't end up with the magical fish per rod score, but still decent with 17 fish up to 22 pounds.

Wed., June 4 - Boy were we snakebitten in the morning. Couldn't catch a fish to save our lives. Not even so much as scratched baits. Meanwhile we were right next to the fleet with fish being landed all around us. Made for a very frustrated captain for too many hours and Bob doesn't have enough hair to pull any more out! Finally around 1:00, a triple header, then a couple more, and another one here, one there, ending our day with 11 fish in the box.

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Tue., June 3 - The big fish just keep coming, with another 30 pounder taking the top spot today. Ended up landing a fish per rod, 14 fish for 14 anglers, "in the ballpark" as the skippers say, and loosing several others which unfortunately has just become par for the course. The weather was still real bouncy, one of those that kinda kicks you in the "back end". The swell is coming down, slowly but surely, and is supposed to be a little better each day as the week goes on.

Mon., June 2 - The forecast called for gale winds today so we gave in and cancelled, but the forecast also looks like the weather is going to get much better very rapidly, so we have high hopes for this week. ROCKCOD COUNTDOWN: Only 28 more days! (But salmon fisherman, don't fret, though, we'll still be offering salmon trips after the rockcod season opens.)

Sun., June 1 - Good way to start off a new month: LIMITS! And up to 34.6 pounds! Capt. Bob found a spot that looked fishy about 18 miles from the harbor, well short of where the fleet has been all week, so he gave it a try and fishy it was. Our 10 man charter made quick work of putting 20 fish in the boat with style, landing another big 34-1/2 pound bomber, and heading back to the harbor before noon. Three days ago skunkaroo, and now limits with a monster. Yep, if you haven't figured it out yet, I'll just keep trying: salmon fishing is different every day, so never worry about what happens the day before or the day after, just hope for the best the day you get to go. Sometimes you get great weather, sometimes you get great fishing, sometimes you get both and sometimes you get neither. There's no guarantees when it comes to fishing.

Sat., May 31 - We headed out towards the fishing grounds but ended up turning back as it was just too rough for our group of mostly "wide-eyed" first-timers and kids. There are now 25 more "believers" of how different it can be on land than on the ocean! Most of the boats did keep going and ended up catching fish, but we'll give it a try again tomorrow.

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Fri., May 30 - What a difference a day makes! Capt. Bob called in early in the morning and said they already had 300% more fish in the box than yesterday (meaning 3 fish in the box), and they caught the 4th fish during our brief conversation and then hooked the 5th. Time to hang up! They ended the day with 16 fish in the box for our 12 group charter up to 16 pounds. No monster fish caught today, but after the last couple of days, we'll take this score any day! Boy, even I'm getting spoiled with all the 20 and 30 pound fish that have been coming in this season!

Thu., May 29 - They call it "skunked" when you don't come home with fish 'cause it just stinks, and today it stunk. Our first skunk of the season. We did feed three salmon to the sealions, and two other fish have some sore lips, and we had a legal size salmon make it over the rail but it turned out to be a silver so we had to throw it back. That's the way it goes salmon fishing sometimes, unfortunately, but there's always tomorrow, thank goodness.

Wed., May 28 - The good news: almost half the fish on the boat were over 20 pounds, with the two biggest fish coming in at 29 and 30 pounds. The not so good news: we only landed 9 fish. The good ol' sea lions, or "ocean rats" as Bob called them, stole some from us, but it just seems the fish are off the bite. But, boy, oh boy, the ones that are being caught are bombers! On a different note, it's almost time to start the countdown to the long-awaited opening of the rockfishing season. Just a little over a month away now. We will be running three rockfishing trips the first week of the season, on July 1, 2 and 4, and we still have room each day. The shallow water rockfishing is a heck of a lot of fun, so plan on coming out once the season opens!

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Tue., May 27 - Sometimes you've just got to be in the right place at the right time. Despite Capt. Bob's best efforts, it just didn't happen today. There were two spots of fish to head to, both just as far away, just on different courses about 10 miles apart. So Bob went to the spot where he heard a boat was already hooking fish first thing in the morning. By the time he got there, the bite stopped. Then he heard news that they were hooking fish out at the other spot, so they picked up the lines and headed that direction. Same story, the bite stopped by the time they made it out there. It was a slow day for most boats regardless, but no one can say Bob didn't try.

Mon., May 26 - Capt. Bob decided it was time to see if he could find some fish hiding around the Deep Reef area. They had a quick snap right off the bat and made the most of their opportunities, but then it was just a scratch bite for the rest of the day. Bob said we had a great group of guys but it was just a slow day of fishing. He didn't find anything exciting enough to keep him in the area for tomorrow.

Sun., May 25 - We missed the morning bite, and by the time we got to the "hot spot," we only had two fish in the boat. But we did some quick catching up, and ended up landing 21 salmon with another 29 pound monster taking top spot.

Sat., May 24 - Sometimes you're the hot boat, and sometimes you're just one of the crowd. Today we were just one of the crowd with a score of 15 salmon to 17 pounds.

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Fri., May 23 - To our delight, we had good ocean travelling weather today, much better than what was forecasted. There was some bouncy weather out at the fishing grounds but still better conditions than we had all week. On the fishing front, today the "silvers" attacked some boats, and we were one of them. We can't keep silver salmon in our area (only king aka chinook), and we ended up releasing more silver salmon today than the 25 kings we ended up landing. Another day of limit fishing, just not limit catching. The forecast for the weekend calls for improving conditions, so hopefully we'll be in good shape through the holiday.

Thu., May 22 - Too much wind again with the swells too close together. Trip cancelled.

Wed., May 21 - The first hour we saw lots and lots of action but unfortunately not much landing. At one point we had five fish all at once but lost them all; then we had four fish on and lost those; and then we had three fish on, and finally landed one. That's how the morning went. Hot morning bite with lots of lost opportunities for every reason in the book. We easily had more than enough hookups to have at least a fish per rod score, but it just didn't happen, as we ended up with 9 salmon in the box up to a respectable 18 pounds. As far as the weather, it was flat out rotten. The forecast for yesterday was the same as it was for today and the same as it is for tomorrow, but the actual weather today was nowhere near yesterday's weather. A foot or two bigger swell closer together with more wind is what we got today, just enough to make "fishable" into "miserable". Sometimes we have to pay to play and today was one of those days.

Tue., May 20 - The word every salmon fisherman loves to hear: limits! Yep, back fishing again, about 18 to 20 miles from the harbor, and the fish were waiting for us. Capt. Bob picked up the lines when the last fish for limits came over the rail right around 12:30 today. Another 30 pounder took the top spot, and Bob said they didn't have a single shaker (fish under the 20" minimum), with most fish running 12 pounds plus. Just as we expected, we have "fishable" ocean weather conditions: far from flat calm but good enough to go fishing and catch fish. The current forecast is the same all the way through Saturday, with Sunday looking a little better with a little less wind.

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Mon., May 19 - There's hope for tomorrow! The swell is coming down and the winds are starting to shift to the afternoon, so the trip is on. All the commercial boats are fueling up and packing their holds with ice, so preparations are underway for everyone to get back on the water tomorrow and find out where the salmon are hanging out.

Sat. and Sun., May 17 and 18 - What a gorgeous weekend -- on land that is!! But not the case on the ocean. They say April showers bring May flowers, but they forgot to mention the winds of May! We were blown out (literally!) this weekend, but it does look like things will be calming down this next week enough that we will be able to get back out fishing.

Fri., May 16 - The swell was steeper and closer together this morning and the wind was increasing, so we woke up those with reservations and told them to go back to sleep -- trip cancelled. We've already cancelled our charter for Saturday as the wind is supposed to peak during the day and we're keeping on eye on Sunday. Hopefully the ocean will calm down enough for us to throw some more fish over the rail soon!

Thu., May 15 - Even in spite of the wind, the dropsies (lost as many as we landed) and a very hungry huge sealion (that made a meal of another dozen of our salmon), we ended up having a pretty decent day with 25 salmon landed for 21 anglers. The wind definitely is blowing, with pretty tough going in the morning. Capt. Bob was on the edge of calling it quits early on, but they stuck with it and he said it actually got better as the day went on. He says there's a lot more wind along the coast than there was where he was fishing. We're planning on waiting until the morning to see what the wind decides to do for Friday's trip, and we will call those with reservations (or who leave messages on our recorder tonight) by around 3:30 a.m. Friday morning to give them the plan for the day.

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Wed., May 14 - About 11 miles from the harbor Capt. Bob saw what he wanted on the meter. They put their lines in the water and it was immediate fish on! Little over an hour later, they netted the last fish they needed for limits for everyone on board, and were back at the dock just a little after 11:00. Still no wind to speak of on the ocean.

Tue., May 13 - Capt. Bob reported that the weather was gorgeous and the fishing was good with a fish per rod landed, 25 salmon for 25 people, plus a lot of missed opportunities. The big fish keep coming, with today's whopper weighing in at 29 pounds. The winds are predicted to come up as the week progresses, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Mon., May 12 - Bob, along with every boat in the Bay Area fleet, ran to yesterday's hot spot. But the spot wasn't so hot today. Found a couple of fish there but nothing worth waiting around for. So off it was to greener pastures, which Bob found on the north end of the Deep Reef out by the old Weather Buoy area, where our Fishing Fool group made quick work of landing limits.

Sun., May 11 - Randy was at the helm today and Gary ran the deck, and they found the fish biting back where we were at earlier in the week, about 22 miles west of the harbor. Heard it was wide open fishing. Randy showed why he's our number one man behind Bob and put limits in the box, 30 salmon for our 15 anglers up to another monster 31 pounder.

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Sat., May 10 - Today just shows why we can't cancel in advance based on the weather forecasts, 'cause we made it out and had a great day of fishing, landing 22 salmon for 17 anglers.

Fri., May 9 - No trip today as the weather is still just a little too rough on the ocean. It is supposed to come down this weekend but we just don't know if it will be sooner or or if it will be later. Morning by morning decision still.

Thur., May 8 - The weather on the ocean decided not to cooperate this morning, so we had to pull the plug and cancel today's trip. We'll have to see what the afternoon forecast says for tomorrow.

Wed., May 7 - Bob said the bait and fish were under the boat, but too far under, and never came up. We landed three stragglers and that was it. One was 12 lbs., one was 10 lbs. and one just barely made the 20 inch mark. The wind started to come up and we headed downhill to see what we could find, to no avail. Sounds like the fish are on the move again, and so will we!

Tues., May 6 - Didn't get a chance to find out the details about today. Bob was out of cell phone range all day, so all I know is we had a good day with the final score coming in at 25 salmon for 18 people.

Mon., May 5 - The wind decided to blow this morning. We went out, put the lines in the water and then turned tail and called it quits. Just too rough. Forecast for Tuesday sounds better, but it looks like this week is back to one of those where we'll have to wait until each morning to see what Mother Nature brings.

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Sun., May 4 - Salmon fishing can be like turning off and on light switch. Well, today the switch was turned off. The salmon wiggled their little tails and moved, so the fleet scattered in search of a decent school. We found a couple of promising spots, once hooking three salmon as soon as the baits hit the water, but they just never panned out into the hot bite we wanted. With the commercial fleet now joining in on the action, there are more boats covering more territory and hopefully we'll turn that light switch back on next time out.

Sat., May 3 - If this was bowling then we'd have ourselves a "turkey," meaning three winners in a row. Yep, limits again. We had a great group of guys put together by their leader, Doug, who ended up showing his compadres why he was the man in charge by landing the biggest fish of the trip. Don't have the exact size yet, but heard it was a nice one, probably over the 20 pound mark. And thanks, Doug, for the compliments you sent about our crew after the trip. Now you know why we call them the "A" Team! They're definitely hard to beat!

Fri., May 2 - Keep 'em coming! Limits again! It didn't take long after putting the baits in the water and we had a couple of fish on. They knew they were in the right area, and then Capt. Bob said he saw a couple of humpback whales blowing ahead of him, gorging themselves on krill. Good place to find salmon. And find them they did, putting 10 limits in the boat by 10:45, the big fish coming in at 25 pounds. Bill, avid fisherman and proud owner of the fish, told Bob it's the biggest he's caught so far this year. I'm envious. I'd sure love to catch a 20+ pound salmon myself! Every time fishing is good I end up with a net in my hand instead of a fishing pole! I don't ever remember a season since we've owned the Queen of Hearts where so many big fish were being caught this early in the season. Like I said, keep 'em coming!

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Thur., May 1 - You want 'em, we got 'em -- limits! I called Capt. Bob mid-morning on the cell phone and could tell they were busy. Turned out they had four or five fish hanging and were halfway to limits. They put the final fish in the box a little after 12:30 and headed to the barn. Bob said they started the day with a school of smaller fish, then he made a move and found what he called the "big piggies". And what about the weather? "Flat out gorgeous" was his reply. How will it be tomorrow? Who knows! We're just simply going to have to wait until the sun comes up and see what Mother Nature brings. The swell forecast doesn't look bad, only 5 to 7 feet, but we'll have to wait and see how much wind we get, as well as when and where it hits, if it does. We have lots of room still left for tomorrow (Friday), so if you want to give it a try, just come on down. P.S. The minimum salmon size is reduced from 24" to 20" as of today through the rest of the season.

Wed., April 30 - When you have a day like yesterday you hope to go back to that spot and start where you left off. Well, there were still fish to be caught there, but it wasn't the hot bite we were hoping for. So we went to another hot bite that was taking place a little further out, and unfortunately we just caught the tail end of it. There was one spurt where 11 fish were put in the box, then it was back to one here, one there. Ended the day with the dropsies, hooking 4 but losing 3, hooking 2 and losing 1, and then a seal lion moved in and took the next three. Good time to call it quits! So ended another great day of fishing with 33 fish in the box, the biggest fish tipping the scales at 22 pounds.

On a kinda personal note, I had two phone calls today I have to share. One asked if the limit was one fish because that what it looked like we were catching. No, the limit is two. Our scores often don't reflect the daily action. There have been a lot of fish hooked that have fought their way to freedom, and additionally, we have been carrying a lot of people who have never salmon fished before. The only way to learn how to catch salmon is to actually go fishing, and anyone who knows how knows that you don't always land every fish you hook, especially when you're just learning. The other call asked if we were mooching. No, we are not, and the same goes for every boat out of Half Moon Bay and pretty much the rest of the Bay Area fleet. Without a doubt, trolling has been more effective hands down than mooching this season, just as it was last season. Sure, we like mooching, too, but we like catching fish on a consistent basis better!

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Tues., April 29 - Capt. Bob called in on the cell phone early this morning completely out of breath. Gasping for air, he was able to spit out the letters "WFO". That stands for "Wide F... Open." Yee ha, baby! Sounds like they had a half hour of absolute nonstop action and were quickly on their way to limits. Bob said it started out with a bang with five fish on at once, then three more, then it absolutely exploded. They had three nets scooping fish as fast as they could, put the final fish in the box a little before 10:30 a.m. and were on their way back home. Average fish was a solid 9 to 10 pounds. Bob said the ocean was fine, just a little breeze and swell that was no problem as he was able to run full speed to and from the fishing grounds. Looks like some of the nicest weather we've seen in a while is on it's way to us for the next few days. It's about time!

Mon., April 28 - The swell picked up along with the wind and knocked us off the water today. On the good side, though, looks like we have some absolutely flat seas coming our way beginning on Wednesday.

Sun., April 27 - What a great trip! We had a private charter of 14 guys that were a real delight to have onboard. They ate, they drank, they caught fish and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. Randy and Gary took good care of the guys, making sure no bait was left unattended. Ended the day just a couple fish shy of a fish per rod, but the fish were just a bonus, anyway, to a great day on the ocean.

Sat., April 26 - Salmon fishing is a learning experience at times, and that's the kind of day we had today. As lessons were learned, we put 10 fish in the box in the morning. By early afternoon the lessons started kicking in, and we ended the day with a total of 25 fish landed, and quite a few that were lost to swim another day. Made some converts of a couple of guys who ventured up the coast from points south to the technique of trolling for salmon. They said it was the most action they had had the past couple of years compared to the mooching trips they've been on down south.

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Fri., April 25 - Did we go fishing today? YES! Our hearty group ended the day with 22 fish in the box up to another huge salmon weighing in at 32 pounds and lost at least two to three times that many, so we should have easily had limits. Weather definitely wet and sloppy, but the fish did their part. Everything looks like a go for Saturday's trip, so if you have a reservation definitely plan on meeting us as scheduled in the morning.

Thu., April 24 - If we could have delayed our trip today for an hour or two we would have been fishing today, but unfortunately the brunt of the front hit right at our departure time and forced us to cancel our trip. By 9:00 a.m. the seas calmed down and it turned out to be a nice day. Curses! Heard that some of the Bay boats made it out and were fishing 31 miles south of Seal Rocks, in other words outside Half Moon Bay. We plan on showing up in the morning tomorrow and see if Mother Nature will let us go fishing. Sometimes it's just a matter of timing the trips between the fronts.

Wed., April 23 - Limits for 26 people, 52 salmon to 20 lbs., by noon! Boats with the light loads had limits, too, even sooner. The ocean is absolutely flat and the fish are biting. What a combination! Randy and Bob both reported in that it was a typical krill bite, bursts of five, six, seven fish on at once, then nothing, nothing, nothing, until boom, another burst. Bob also said several fish over 20 pounds were hooked but never made it to the net. And congrats to our "Book Bucks" student who outfished his Dad! Glad you had a good time. For those coming fishing tomorrow, sounds like we're in good shape weather-wise for tomorrow's trip. All we can do this time of the year is take it one day at a time.

Tue., April 22 - Capt. Bob says someone must have put a sign on the bottom of the boat saying "Shakers Bite Here" cause we had more than our share of them today (shakers are salmon less than the minimum size limit of 24" and have to be released). He said we were right in the middle of the fleet where most boats ended up with limits, but we ended up with just a few shy of a fish per rod, landing 16 keepers. Big fish was still a very respectable 22 pounds. The size of the fish so far this season is just phenominal.

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Mon., April 21 - Yes, we did go fishing today (the fish don't care about rain -- they're already wet!). The weather was actually good at times, in between the rain squalls that is. The fish were on the move again, and we ran after them when we could between squalls. Had a little "sea lion interaction" today, so the final score was: Queen of Hearts - 11, sea lion - 8 (plus many salmon that got away to live another day). Capt. Bob hopes the sea lion has indigestion tonight! And remember, Bev, straight bait, straight bait!!

Sun., April 20 - Tangle city. Just killed our chances. Get the tangles taken care of, the fish were there. Tangles aren't created by themselves, they're created by man! Listen to the crew's advice, and if it doesn't make sense, ask! Weather was actually pretty decent, and so was the fishing with just about a fish per rod.

Sat., April 19 - The fish were chomping if you were in the right place today. Unfortunately we weren't. We decided to head to the bite down south to try to give our group a little better ride, but that prevented us from going north where the hot bite was today. Our group toughed it out although Capt. Bob gave them the option of calling it quits early on.

Fri., April 18 - The sun is shining, the rain has stopped, let's go fishing, right? Wrong! As gorgeous as it is on land it's rotten on the ocean today. Too much wind with too big of a swell. Hard to believe for most people, but, believe us, because the only way we pay the bills is to have the boat run. If we could be fishing, we would be! Looks like we'll have to make a day by day decision for the next several days. Sure hope the weather gives us a break, cause the fishing has been great.

Thur., April 17 - Capt. Bob decided to try the school of fish that was about 22 miles west of the harbor out in the deep water, about 70 fathoms (420 feet-ish). Had a good bite first thing in the morning, with a real good grade of fish. Lost as many as we landed (still a lot due to bad drags or thumbing the spool). Then the wind came up and the fishing slowed down. Most boats reported in with right around a fish per rod, give or take a few. Most of the fish we did land, though, were still real nice, in the mid to high teens up to 32 lbs.

Wed., April 16 - Back down to the big fish towards Pigeon Point, but it was a much slower bite. We had a lot of south wind in the morning which tappered off as the day went on, but the best bite was also in the morning. Biggest fish was only (ha! ha! -- only!!) 26 pounds, with a good 15 pound average. 14 fish filled one fish box, which is still absolutely amazing.

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Tom Westphal with a 35 pound king caught on April 15 Tues., April 15 - LIMITS BY 1:30 "WITH LOTS OF BIG PIGS" as Capt. Bob says. He was so excited and out of breath I could hardly get a report out of him. The day started off much slower, with a couple of fish in the box by 9:00. Bob started out in the same area he was yesterday, but said the "fishy" conditions had changed. So he decided to head south, back towards the Pigeon Point direction we were at last week. There they found the fish, and the more fish they hooked, the bigger they got and the faster they came in. Bob says they fish are so big they can't even get them all in the fish boxes and have to lay them on the deck. A good half the fish are 20 pounds or bigger! It just don't get better than this, folks!! Total count is 30 fish (limits) for 15 people to a whopping 35 pounds, with several fish in close competition. Once again, Bob wants to stress the importance of having your equipment in top shape; he said several fish were lost again to faulty reels. Make sure you have fresh line and a tuned reel. Forecast for the rest of the week sounds pretty consistent although unsettled. But I can say that based on what we see right now, we WILL NOT be cancelling any trips in advance this week. Slight chance of rain off and on, so bring raingear or poncho if you're coming out this week.

Mon., April 14 - LIMITS BY 8:30 A.M.!! Finally able to fish close to home, Capt. Bob found the fish chomping out at the Deep Reef. You could hear the smile on his face over the cell phone. Our Fishing Fool group made quick work of putting 14 fish up to 15 pounds in the boat for their group of seven and made it back to the dock by around 10:00 a.m. The ocean was almost flat, even though the rain came down pretty steady for a while. Just goes to show how you can't judge the weather until you're there.

Mon., April 14 - LIMITS BY 8:30 A.M.!! Finally able to fish close to home, Capt. Bob found the fish chomping out at the Deep Reef. You could hear the smile on his face over the cell phone. Our Fishing Fool group made quick work of putting 14 fish up to 15 pounds in the boat for their group of seven and made it back to the dock by around 10:00 a.m. The ocean was almost flat, even though the rain came down pretty steady for a while. Just goes to show how you can't judge the weather until you're there.

Sun., April 13 - Cancelled on Saturday afternoon. The forecast came down quite a bit but it still didn't sound very nice, so we pulled the plug early. Sounds much better for Monday; we'll see in the morning.

Sat., April 12 - The storm they forecasted finally started to hit the coastline in the middle of the night Friday, so we cancelled right after hearing the 3:00 a.m. forecast. Too bad, too, cause we really think the fish are waiting for us close to home now that the area outside the harbor is now open. Oh, well, just have to wait until the weather breaks a bit.

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Fri., April 11 - Bob knows right were the fish are, and maybe the fish know, too, because they're a few miles north of the Pigeon Point line which isn't open territory until tomorrow. Bob hunted and was able to find five fish that made it in the box, with highliner Jessie not only catching the biggest fish but also showing up her husband by catching her limit. Weather was absolutely gorgeous, so much so that even though the forecast for Saturday sounds bad, we'll have to wait until the morning to make the call for Saturday's trip.

Wed., April 9 - By 9:30 in the morning, over 20 fish were already in the box. Then the dropsies started up again, and even though the fish cooperated and kept a solid bite going, it took another 3 hours to put the final fish in the boat. And, boy, oh boy, what a catch! A solid 15 lb. average; absolutely plugged the boxes! Capt. Bob request: If you bring your own rod and reel, make sure it's in top condition! Replace the drag washers and the old line, and lube (not goop) the reel. You only get so many chances with salmon, so don't blow them by not spending a few extra dollars to have your gear do it's part!

Tues., April 8 - Another good day of salmon fishing, just not as good a day of landing as we would have liked. Sure not due to lack of action or experience! Even those experienced anglers (Richard! Jim!) lost four or five fish each before the fish made it to the net. Capt. Bob says we probably had more fish on the hook today than any other day so far this season. Oh well, they'll be bigger next time! And the rarity of the day goes to Jim from Sacramento who landed, believe or not, a 26" steelhead! Absolutely gorgeous fish I'm told, but unfortunately we can't keep them, so back it went. Bob says he's seen a few caught along the coastline before, but this is the first one he's ever seen so far offshore.

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Monday, April 7 - The krill bite continues, making for what Capt. Bob says are bright red, extremely tasty fillets of salmon. Still losing too many fish, but that's unfortunately part of the game when the fish are feeding on krill. The fish are just extra feisty, jumping, twisting, turning and doing whatever they can to try to gain their freedom. Some do, but thank goodness, we still get our share, thanks to the expertise of our crew; that's why we call them the "A" Team. Weather was nice, just a light northwest breeze all morning, with the ride home a little on the wet side thanks to the afternoon winds.

Sunday, April 6 - What a difference from yesterday! Weather laid down and fish were coming back over the rails. Landed 15 salmon to 20 pounds for our 19 guy charter and lost at least that many -- blame it on the keg of Sierra Nevada! Conditions look great for the next several days.

Saturday, April 5 - Rotten weather. Got down to Pigeon Point, landed one salmon, lost two others and shook one that didn't make the 24" minimum. Then Capt. Bob made the call to cancel the day early due to the terrible weather that didn't want to get better and came back in with hopes for better conditions tomorrow.

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Tuesday, April 1 - Limits! The Queen has the honor to be able to claim to be the first Bay Area partyboat of the season to catch limits today. Absolutely wide open bite. Had the "A" Team of Capt. Bob and Randy running all around with several multiple hookups during the day. Weather a bit sloppy but who cares with fishing this good!

Saturday, March 29 - WHAT A WAY TO OPEN THE SEASON! Gorgeous weather and great fishing! Half Moon Bay is the opening weekend hot spot once again this year, and the Queen of Hearts is proud to be the opening day top scoring boat with 35 salmon to a whopping 25 pounds. We had three other fish that topped the 20 pound mark, with a good grade of fish overall, averaging a good 10 to 12 pounds. Both fish boxes were plugged! And the weather?!?! My goodness, it just doesn't get any nicer than it was this weekend. I've got to cut my report short because I broke my thumb skiing on Sunday and it will take me a while to get up to speed typing with one hand! Sunday was slower, but there are fish to be caught, so come on out!

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